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Saw an amazing reading lesson today on this book. But what was the game changer was that (because of last year’s Armistice WW1 week) every child had the cultural capital to engage immediately with the content. They knew what trenches were like: they’d all stood in one!
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Jean Gossman Jean Gossman
#WW1 @TheWWImuseum @WW1CC
Stephen Barker Stephen Barker
Dazzle camouflage was introduced in #WW1 & later became a fashion craze, even appearing on swimsuits! Image courtesy of the Library of Congress © Artist’s Estate
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Iron Cross Magazine Iron Cross Magazine
Behold our absolutely stunning new cover #art by the great @Burns_Keith #ww1 #ww2 #history #art #illustration
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Iron Cross Magazine Iron Cross Magazine
Finally! The third issue of Iron Cross Magazine 🎉 available in retail from 18 December Just in time for #Christmas #WW2 #WW1 #History #ISSUETHREEISCOMING
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US National Archives US National Archives
Ready to come inside? Sharing a cuppa can also lift spirits and offer comfort during times of struggle. These American survivors of the #Otranto disaster in #WW1 were fed and housed in Scottish homes. 📷
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joan robertson joan robertson
Check out my book #WW1.centenary - 'World War One Naval Battles In South American Waters' - on #BookBuzzr -
ゆっくりww2すすめるの絶対的大正解だとは思うんですけど、一番の弊害はそれ目的で入るといまそれに当てはまる動画があがってこないということ、 ですがこれはww1がでれば解k
2001 2001
gibby started ww1
ママーーーーーーーーーー!!!!!! クリスマスプレゼントはゆっくりww1がいいよーーーーーーーーーー!!!!!!
ヲ ヲ
Wallyford Primary Wallyford Primary
Student and parent prepare their WW1 poetry in P7H.
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Fredd Says Fredd Says
Well, concrete ships and barges were built in WW1 and many in WW2, including oceangoing merchant vessels ...
The world has gone mad, what next? Concrete helicopters.?
Alex Alex
Have I missed something here? Why have Chelsea even mentioned #MCFC in relation to there own CAS hearing result? Correct me if I am wrong but weren't #CFC charged with a lot more offences? #FIFA #CAS If you aren't aware, City caused both WW1 and WW2..... #Blamedforeverything
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Christmas Nativity Scene Story of Baby Jesus Finger Puppet Set 20 pieces including stable carrying case Angel Mary Joseph 3 wise men shepherd sheep camel oxen donkey silent night Away in the Manger Educational Play Sunday School RTS ww1 wwd wwf #gshandmade
This Day in History This Day in History
WW1 - German army to direct operation….
Jeremy Hirschman Jeremy Hirschman
I play @CallofDuty like a WW1 general. Throw bodies at the objective till we win or I die.
babyboy.ww babyboy.ww
#SBWL chowing someone's daughter🙆🏾‍♂️
No Sé No Sé
Hace un mes que no voy a GatitoRanch a ver a mi GatitoBebé... Siento que voy a llorar de la felicidad 😅
National History Day National History Day
He graduated at the top of his high school class and aspired to become a physician. Learn more about the life, #WW1 service, and sacrifice of Second Lieutenant Richard Willard Moody from Minnesota teacher Chris Stewart: . #WWI
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Sean Wilson Sean Wilson
Discovery of WW1 German Battlecruiser SMS Scharnhorst in Falklands waters — MercoPress
Edenthorpe Hall Edenthorpe Hall
Well done Y6 for an excellent class assembly this afternoon 👏. You've loved learning about WW1 and it was great that you shared your knowledge with the rest of the school. Miss F. Have a lovely weekend. 😊 #WeareAstrea #Edenthorperocks
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Motley Magazine Motley Magazine
👔🎩 Muireann Treasa Guinee chronicles the rise of Prada, a household name in luxury fashion, from its beginnings in WW1 Milan to its current standing as a leading global player in the fashion industry. 👔🎩 #Fashion #Prada #Motley #Clothing
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Dracomedals Dracomedals
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装甲巡洋艦イェロギオフ・アヴェロフ ギリシャが海軍強化の一環としてWW1前に伊から購入した。 竣工直後に勃発したバルカン戦争を初め、希土戦争、WW2を戦い抜き、戦後もギリシャ海軍の中心的存在として使用されていた。 52年に除籍され、現在はアテネのトロカデロで記念艦として公開されている。
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Dracomedals Dracomedals
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Dracomedals Dracomedals
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KronRatty KronRatty
This kind of talk was around after WW1 & around WW2 with calls to exterminate the warmongering Hun by Jewish writers. A 1941 published book was critically acclaimed by many calling to exterminate all Germans. The Morgantheu Plan after WW2 said all Germans r bad & need neutering
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Adam Green 🌐 Adam Green 🌐
Germans have a inseparable criminal identity... Sounds like an anti german trope made up by Jewish supremacists.
鞍馬型巡洋戦艦 筑波型の改良型で、香取型に匹敵する攻撃力を持つ高速艦として建造された。同型艦2隻。 この2隻は性能比較艦として外観や仕様が異なる。 英のドレッドノート登場により旧式化していたが、当時の主力艦としてWW1やシベリア出兵に使用された。ワシントン条約に基づき24年に解体された。
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Cambourne V C Cambourne V C
Thank you to Harry (Y9) & Jas (Y10) who lay a poppy wreath on behalf of our school at Tyne Cot for the Cambridgeshire regiment. #WW1 #battlefieldtour #history #wewillrememberthem
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Thorpe Park Leeds Thorpe Park Leeds
Today we were delighted to watch @GrahamePauleen honour #Leeds hero William Parkin who saved at least 11 #Barnbowlasses following a munitions factory explosion on the site of @ThorpeParkLeeds during #WW1. See it on @looknorthBBC Tonight with @AmyGarciauk #BridgeNaming @scargroup
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ハーラル・フォールファグレ級海防戦艦 ノルウェーが沿岸警備の為建造した。同型艦2隻。 1898年に竣工後は沿岸警備に従事し、WW1後に士官候補生の練習艦となっている。 WW2では独に鹵獲され防空艦に改装された。 終戦後に返還されたがそのまま解体処分となった。
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Kaiser Wilhelm II Kaiser Wilhelm II
The Brits could’ve held onto their Empire if they never joined in WW1 against us.
ian hardy ian hardy
Prof Marina Moskowitz Prof Marina Moskowitz
More great WW1 knitting posters! #teachingtextiles
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Michael Kelly Michael Kelly
Close Encounters in War Journal has fascinating stories of forced displacement from WW1 to the Somali civil war, and its impact on identities.. l via @wordpressdotcom
In us history they had us watcha ww1 film and they graphically showed someone getting eaten by rats, bombed, shot, a horse getting shot to death, and someone accidentally breathe in poison gas and cough uo their insides.
ww1最も楽に稼げるアプリ、それは「ハニスク」 待ち受けでスライドするだけなんです。 ↓招待コード 【USJだいすき】 #フォローした人全員フォローする #雰囲気嫌いじゃないよって人RT
Prof Marina Moskowitz Prof Marina Moskowitz
Knitting needles as ‘Women’s Weapons’ on WW1 homefront! #teachingtextiles
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Micheal Micheal
Life with Sunni Islam is worse than WW1 @MBuhari please be kind to Shia Muslim Allah created us all
Akbar Zab Akbar Zab
S1E1: Muslims during WW1 - 1400 OMG [Podcast: ], [Media: ] @toledosociety
筑波型巡洋戦艦 日露戦争初戦で沈没した戦艦2隻の損失を補う為国内で急造されたが、間に合わず戦後に竣工した。 英のドレッドノート登場により旧式化していたが、WW1で哨戒や船団護衛等に使用された。 筑波は17年に横須賀で停泊中に爆沈したが、2番艦生駒はワシントン条約に基づき24年に解体された。
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Mark Collins Mark Collins
HMS Emperor of India, HMS Marlborough and HMS Benbow. Alma Claude Burlton Cull (1880-1931).
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“Woof-Woof” - Read to Rover is coming back to Glenarden Library tomorrow! Build your child's confidence as they read to specially trained therapy dogs. Please call the library at 301-772-5477 to register. #ReadtoRover #Glenarden
Published By : @Prince George's County Memorial Library System
sɐɯǝɥ sɐɯǝɥ
Even if Jack survived titanic he probably would have died in WW1 anyway
There were half the amount of Germans captured by the Japanese in ww1, 3,400, compared to us in Korea war, 7,600, 21 Americans stayed in Korea, 170 Germans stayed in Japan

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