About Us

We are votaries of sports!

Our team consists of three developers and seven different content providers, all of whom are sports lovers. We are aiming to offer you a lot of new features in our road map for the system which is still at beta level.

As eDayFm, we are grouping the daily sport activities for you. In addition to our pages that will provide a warm correspondence environment, we support your sharing of the teams you support, and we would like to state that we offer you the most flexible usage scenario to express yourself freely.

We don't want any illegal content to be in our portal. Please note that we prohibit the sharing of bets and similar issues. Please notify us through our contact page for content violation about our rules. Content will be removed as soon as possible.

The eDayFm uses the legal API competence offered by big social media systems. Please note that, we do not have a copyright claim for any data in our content, but the data owners may request this right.

Please note that eDayFm does not have any organic ties with Google, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, StubHub or other systems and visit our policy page to learn more about the terms of use when using eDayFm capabilities.