Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eDayFm?
eDayFm is a website that has social media content related with daily sports activities.

How can I write comment for a match?
You should login to the eDayFm with your social media account. After login process, you can navigate the match detail page, click the "Comment" tab and write whatever you want.

Is eDayFm respects user privacy?
Of course eDayFm respects user privacy and never uses their private informations.

How can I report a problem?
In our contact page, you can find a way to reach us ;) or you can use our Report #TAG page

What is website roadmap?
Private user pages, custom share alghoritms, talk groups and more features will developed for our system. Just keep in touch!

The website has mobile applications?
No. We haven't currently developed mobile apps. But our website has responsive layout. This feature located in our roadmap with high priority.

The website publishes other social media platforms data. Is there any restriction about it?
No. We currently use the platforms legal APIs for getting relevant data. The APIs provides public content which means, the content can viewed by everyone. But nonetheless, we respect user privacy and anyone can delete a post or user account or forbid a tag in our system.