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“Former Vice President of Officiating in the National Football League. Current Rules Analyst at FOX Sports. Referee of Twitters 18th officiating crew”

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Yet another example. These guys are really good.

I know baseball umpires take a lot of flak especially when it comes to balls and strikes. But, in my mind they make so many great calls on bang bang plays that I consider them as good or better than any of the other professional officials. They are really good.

Watching the Mannings on ESPN 2 for the first time this year. I’ll see what they say about the calls.

Shanahan got some real Bad advice from someone in the coaches booth. He’s not going to be very happy about that. There was no reason to throw the challenge flag.

You have to charge the 49ers with a time out in this situation. There is no allowance for him to get his time out back. So you might as well challenge which he does which will cost him a time out and challenge. He could have just accepted the time out and save the challenge.

Such a crazy play in San Francisco. The touching of the kick does not change it from being a kick. The receiver did not possess the kick in the field of play. His 2nd foot came down in the end zone. That means the kick put the ball in the Endzone and thus it’s a touch back.

Good use of replay in Baltimore. Ruling on the field was a catch and down but it was a catch and fumble. While the ball was loose a Baltimore player touch the ball while he was out of bounds. That makes it a fumble out of bounds and the ball belongs to The Bengals.

It’s a shame that only 6% of the country saw the great Kyle Pitts catch while the defender grabbed and held his arm down. Incredible!

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