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“Former Vice President of Officiating in the National Football League. Current Rules Analyst at FOX Sports. Referee of Twitters 18th officiating crew”

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All kidding aside, I do feel bad about what I said two weeks ago. Shouldn’t have addressed it the way I did.

I am in the studio today covering NCAA games. The first one is Nebraska at Iowa and I’m sure the people in Iowa are excited about that. The second game at 1:30 Pacific is the big rivalry game Stanford and Cal. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. No can I say that.

Troy is right. It was defensive interference,but in real time,it looks a lot closer. Had it been called there would’ve been offsetting fouls and Dallas would’ve had another fourth and one decision

It is legal to hand the ball forward behind the line of scrimmage to an eligible player even if you hand it forward between his legs. Crazy play!

Attempting to tweet today using my cell phone. Please forgive pronunciation and capitalization errors. Hope you’re enjoying the game.

Dalton was actually down short of the line to gain since he gave himself up by diving forward.He is down as soon as a body part other than the hand or foot touches the ground. it would’ve been fourth and one instead of first and 10 if challenged.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m in the studios getting ready for the match-up with Washinton visiting the Cowboys. Should be a fun day. I wish you nothing but the best. Be safe, be smart, and eat a lot of food.

Illegal formation on Detroit negates a touchdown? Clearly a foul as the wide receiver covered up the tight end.

Really a close play in SF. Receiver had one foot and a hand down but the hand does not count. You have to two feet down or another body part other than the hand or foot. It was too closer to change.

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