i need to go now to school and i‘m writing now a english test, so please wish me good luck @taylornation13 🥺❤️
mikala mikala
i just want to know how liam payne was literally the best songwriter in 1d, writing songs like home, history and little black dress to go and write lyrics like “i hope you’re hips don’t lie unless they’re lying with me, right in my bed”
"I was not living, I was just writing about it" ok but i felt that- how dare no one be in love with me as i am with them like the audacity #Romance
Newest episode of Watchmen makes me not want to watch the rest of the series. The writing got even worse than it already was, and there's very little respect for the original comic.
Holly J Holly J
I wrote 100k words of a new WIP and won a fun short story contest. I also revised A LOT and just tried my best with writing. But here's hoping 2020 is not only better but more productive!
Jessica Froberg Jessica Froberg
What are the writing related things you did in 2019 that you're proud of? #writingcommunity
‎ً ‎ً
u ever just want to give up and take a zero halfway through writing a paper bc you're writing such BS that even you don't understand what you're trying to say
d e m a d e m a
i feel like... yoongi has a way of translating negative thoughts/feelings into masterpieces. it’s really hard to reach the conclusion of a bad thought/feeling, to acknowledge it and summarize it, let alone writing it down so beautifully like that. what a genius #SUGAsInterlude
I don’t know #WhatsHiddenInTheFinePrint . It’s written by some drunk guy who makes a living writing manuals for IT equipment. You can’t understand sh&t.
Brand Growth Hack Brand Growth Hack
The Matt Sweetwood Show • Learn How to Have a BIG Life #writing
yo yo
#ThankYouYOONGI foor writing such a masterpiece
Laetirature Laetirature
Un café nonchalant qui frôle ce matin la correctionnelle, baignant dans une insouciance intégrale, allant même jusqu'à friser la désinvolture suprême. Un laisser-aller déstabilisant qui impressionne. #cafedumatin #mots #ecrire #writing #words #Laetirature
Kittlerbot Kittlerbot
For mechanized writing to be optimized one can no longer be concerned only with registering the theory.
peter tingle peter tingle
got back some old assignments and really value my prof’s appreciation of my “emo writing”
Published By : @peter tingle
S A T U R N G I R L 🪐 S A T U R N G I R L 🪐
Why am I tweeting when I should be writing a paper
Ryan Seamons Ryan Seamons
Well thought out explaination about why this ad caused such a stir. Well worth the read for anyone in business. Moral of the story is the writing continues to be one of the most critical skills you can develop.
Amy Hoy Amy Hoy
can we talk about actually why the peloton ad is so bad? the answer isn’t sexism, or that it’s hard to convey an inner journey in an ad the problem is copywriting THREAD
Published By : @Ryan Seamons
now_platypus now_platypus
Just for the record, #theundergroundrailroad breaks my heart more every chapter I read. Perfect writing, a clinical report of my country’s worse behavior
Ana Carolina Queiroz Ana Carolina Queiroz
* Group project * Me: Oh this is going to be chill, it's just a one-unit course project about education Also me: OKAY EVERYONE WE ARE WRITING A RESOLUTION TO STUDENT SENATE TO IMPROVE IN-CLASS EXAM DESIGN
Andy Muir Andy Muir
Ash is landing on me as I sit in George St. Hard to see but smears has n my finger and thumb while I make notes #writing #fires
Published By : @Andy Muir
❣️ ❣️
ok back to writing
Odile Odile
Current mental state: going absolutely feral to Rhapsody in Blue on the couch with my sisters while writing a paper about John Dies at the End at one am
Writing this to all my rural NSW & SE Qld people living this nightmare of fire hell brought on by #ClimateEmergency that our current Gov refuses to acknowledge. You're my mob. I'm with you. This is devastating. Stay strong. Proud to be one of you. #nswfires #qldfires #auspol
30 boxes with cards. I won’t do this again. That’s what I learned. What’s the point writing a snip it , that’s going to be thrown a second later? I might type something, or write one descriptive word. It is my last day with them tomorrow. My only wish, is that they feel loved
Published By : @💨Seabreeze 🌊🌊🌊
Rob Bignell, Editor Rob Bignell, Editor
Con Sweeney Con Sweeney
.@EricaObey is recording She-Empress of Mu, the follow-up to The Mountweazel Murder, featuring Mary Watson and Doyle, her mystery-writing AI bot. It won't air on The Strange Recital until Dec 22, but in the meantime, check out some other episodes at  b
Jelena Borojevic Jelena Borojevic
If you'd like to keep track of my podcast you can do so on my website, my YouTube channel, or on one of the many podcast hosts such as PodBean, Anchor, Spotify, etc. #writing #editing #books
#SUGAsInterlude Yet another beautiful creation that Yoon worked on making and I love it .... it's over so fast :') I am so so proud of him, coming around, writing, producing and taking part in songs with other big names @BTS_twt
Elliot Elliot
*writing a tweet* dang this tweets lookin bad. real bad. time to backspace it
Shelly Shelly
I spent a whole day writing my essay I left it last minute af but I finishedd
ke̶ith||-//🎄 ke̶ith||-//🎄
first Man is so beautiful, I thought too much about my dad and the lot as I love him. thanks for writing this song 😭❤ #Romance @Camila_Cabello
Published By : @ke̶ith||-//🎄
I would have accepted this & smiled if I was a waitress. I do not expect everyone to give me money for smiling and writing down their order. That’s my job and it’s my employer’s job to make sure I’m sufficiently paid for that every day. I’m not the only one trying to survive
hey! this is still trash! everyone should know that u don’t go out to eat if u can’t afford to tip....NO MATTER THE REASON 🙂🙃
Published By : @comprende mis white lines
GenderIT.org GenderIT.org
Great input and reflective writing by Fabiola Ingabire 🤗 MFiAfrica was incredible!!!
eclair time eclair time
Idk why I'm suddenly really emotional after writing all that jeez what is wrong with me lmao
i love everything about love and the idea of love. like writing your s/o little reminders that you love them and just love letters. the holding hands and the soft kisses and just everything about it. i just love it :(
writing an essay for my bfa application more like top ten ways to say "please let me in"
tee tee
especially when it comes to writing, his way with words is so impactful and i want to be able to make people feel like that one day too, yknow
tee tee
okay but as someone who still struggles to connect emotion with words, it’s so inspiring to watch yoongi master it beautifully and seamlessly; it makes me want to become better in my own way
#ScreenplayADay CHALLENGE starts TOMORROW, DEC. 6th! The CHALLENGE: Read 30 Great Screenplays in 30 days! We'll post a new screenplay at 8:00 AM PT for the next 30 days @ScreenwritingMagazine & Twitter @writingmag Share with your #screenwriting and #writing friends!
Published By : @Screenwriting Magazine
ScreenwritingU.com ScreenwritingU.com
#ScreenplayADay CHALLENGE starts TOMORROW, DEC. 6th! The CHALLENGE: Read 30 Great Screenplays in 30 days! We'll post a new screenplay at 8:00 AM PT for the next 30 days @ScreenwritingMagazine & Twitter @writingmag Share with your #screenwriting and #writing friends!
Published By : @ScreenwritingU.com
alo🥀 alo🥀
the sweet irony of writing in your journal for the first time in two months about how lately things have been good mental health wise and then proceeding to have one of the most intense breakdowns 💕
ade 🌙 ade 🌙
Really tired of writing essays
rockedfaces rockedfaces
It's possible that I've unconsciously trained myself to only actually do any writing after like 9:30 pm. This is suboptimal.
Aaliyah Aaliyah
Dom is not taking a break hes just going mia cause if he was taking a break he wouldnt be writing the album and we're just forcing ourselves to think hes taking a break because we really want him to take a break but in reality hes never gonna let himself take a break. 😔✋🏾
Life is about writing a story draft. And editing that draft over and over and over again. You are afterall the editor of your life. #alzathots
Mukha raw akong hungover. Sinabi ko nalang i'm drunk on academic writing 🥴
A bad guy must break every one. That's why writing female characters is so much fun. They're not GUYS at all. LouYanong ForCareFree
the thinkpieces yall r writing abt the way yoongi delivers himself thru music or the way yoongi is ... i love 2 see it
The Peter Thiel Question: “What very important truth do very few people agree with on?” My answer: Writing online is massively under-rated. One of the world’s biggest arbitrage opportunities.
Just wrote acts 2 & 3 of my #lgbtq #horror pilot! Not to jinx myself, but damn this writing is going great! zero pressure and I'm just having lots of evil, bloody fun. bwahahahaha!! #amwriting
Jeremiah Ainebyona Jeremiah Ainebyona
But bloggers really be out there writing anything they feel like 😂
Oh ffs it’s so unprofessional who the fuvk is writing those kind of articles seriously that’s annoying.
Published By : @nadia ◟̽◞̽ 57

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