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I’m excited about @gatesfoundation’s new podcast. The opportunities to reduce inequity are out there, and @JenHatmaker does a wonderful job of showcasing innovative solutions to pressing global issues.

With the right mindset, progress is possible.

I recently had the chance to test drive—or test ride, I guess—one of @wayve_ai’s autonomous vehicles. It was a pretty wild ride:

I had the honor of working with Gordon Moore in his capacities as a technologist, businessman, and philanthropist. The life he led and legacy he leaves behind will continue to inspire me and millions of others:

Superintelligent AIs are in our future. Compared to a computer, our brains operate at a snail’s pace. An electrical signal in the brain moves at ___________ the speed of the signal in a silicon chip. Check your answer here:

More than a century before computers were even invented, Ada Lovelace became the world’s first computer programmer.

#WorldTBDay reminds us that tuberculosis is not a relic of the past. Each year, more than 1.6 million people die from the disease. Fortunately, there are many innovations in the TB R&D pipeline which could transform how we detect, treat, and prevent it.

My conversation with @kevin_scott is a great primer on what Microsoft is doing with its emerging AI technology.

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