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“Let's make a difference in someone's life today. #Truth #Standtghtr #Prime5 #InmyPrime @welloffforever #CoachPrime #WellOffForever”

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Lunch after Workouts with our Young men. I love them to life as long as they work hard. 🤷🏾😂😂😂😂#Truth @tcchfootball ahart49

Whatever it is that you're waiting on i came 2 tell u you've got 2 go get it. UPS & Fed ex ain't coming! What u gonna do?! Back in the day our parents went to the electric company & paid the bill to make sure they got it. You've got 2get up,go get it & make it happen! #Truth

This Game has been so good to me! So many times I wanted to tell her I love her but I knew she didn’t occupy the ability to LOVE me back. She’s been so good to me but I know there will come a time where she leaves &…

God uses People to bless People! #Thinkaboutthat #Truth

Are u asking GOD to bless u,multiply u & enlarge your territory but u don't want to deal with people? Every blessing u will obtain will come thru somebody straight from God. God uses people as his delivery service so if u don’t get along with others u have a REAL PROBLEM. #Truth

Let’s stop babying these kids and tell them the TRUTH, show them the TRUTH and be the TRUTH to them regardless of how they feel. #COACHPRIME #21Reasons ahart49 @janjakejosh

Not Today tomorrow or the Next day! #Truth @bishopojahwar

Not today Devil ! I may have a bad Moment but not a bad day. I may have a minute of confusion but not a bad day. I may have a hour of drama but not a bad day. I may have opposition trying me thru & thru but I refuse to have a bad day! Today will be Productive & Peaceful #Truth

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