stocksfordayz stocksfordayz
Utah State had the worst showing I’ve seen EVER. What a terrible team. Couldn’t even dribble let alone run or walk with the ball. #NCAATournament
Michelle Gardner Michelle Gardner
In other men's BB No. 12 Oregon 72, No. 5 Wisconsin 54 No. 9 Washington 78, No. 8 Utah State 61 So with ASU winning the play-in game, all three teams from the much-maligned @pac12 won a postseason game.
Luiza Arutjunian Luiza Arutjunian
Hmm Utah State and Nevada lost in the first round.. if only SDSU had a chance 😭
Social Sports Austin Social Sports Austin
Upset alert!! Washington defeats number 8 Utah State!
NCAA March Madness NCAA March Madness
Howl on, Huskies! 🐺 (9) Washington’s dance continues after the W over (8) Utah State! #MarchMadness
Published By : @Social Sports Austin
No. 9 Washington beats No. 8 Utah State, 78-61. Assuming #UNC wins tonight, the Huskies will be up next.
leftdell leftdell
Is Utah State pasta? Because Washington just ate them up! 🍝
Mr. Kay121972 Mr. Kay121972
Congrats to my dear friend @soulsistacaro - Her #Washington #Huskies advance after defeating Utah State! #MarchMadness
Cedi OsMadness Cedi OsMadness
NEW SOLE LEADER!!!! @CamRam26 is now in first with his pick of Washington over No. 8 Utah State.
March Madliness March Madliness
A minor upset as Washington was only picked by 42%, although just 2 had Utah State in the Sweet 16.
You Bunch Of Marks You Bunch Of Marks
Utah Sports Fan Utah Sports Fan
Washington locks down Utah State, 78-61 in first NCAA tourney appearance sine 2011
Final 9️⃣ Washington 78 8️⃣ Utah State 61 Huskies run free in the last 10 min. They'll get UNC probably.
Brad D. Cummings Brad D. Cummings
"Heels will have a difficult time with Utah St." - All the experts 78-61 final Washington over Utah State. #MarchMadness
Brad D. Cummings Brad D. Cummings
"Utah State will be a challenge for the Heels!" That same Utah State is down 12 at the half and having a hard time scoring against Washington. #GoHeels
The (9) Washington Huskies are moving on after beating the (8) Utah State Aggies, 78-61.
Published By : @TSN
The U Fan Cast The U Fan Cast
So Utah State, the MWC champs, loses by 17 to Washington, the Pac-12 champs (the same margin as Utah's worst loss). So much for that argument. It's almost as if UW was more talented & athletic, as if they came from a power conference.
Zachary Herman Zachary Herman
Dammit, Utah State
Bad Idea Jeans Bad Idea Jeans
4 real underperformances during #MarchMadness2019: #Cincinnati laying an egg in the 1st round as usual and Marquette getting roadhoused by Murray State are the first two. But @MountainWest says "Hold my Beer" with #Nevada AND #Utah State. Both teams truly dreadful as favorites.
Lukas Harkins Lukas Harkins
Washington shoots 10-for-17 from 3-point range en route to a dominating victory over Utah State. The Huskies responded extremely well when their lead was cut to two in the second half. #MarchMadnessInGifs
Published By : @Lukas Harkins
Tiara Tiara
You know you live in Utah when everyone you’re competing against picked Utah State to win over Washington 😂😂😂 you all deserved that L🚮
TG Designs TG Designs
Great win by Washington. Had people I knew picking Utah State, this seemed to quiet their doubters.
Chris Angkico Chris Angkico
Dawgs win over Utah State in the first round of the tourney, here's my instant reaction
The Daily Sports The Daily Sports
John John
Utah State, sweet call John
FINAL STATS: Four players scored in double-figures, led by Noah Dickerson's double-double, and UW forced 21 Utah State turnovers, as the Huskies beat the Aggies 78-61 for their first NCAA Tournament win in 8 years. #Dawgman
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Carl Carl
College basketball final Washington 78 Utah State 61
Jay Horrey Jay Horrey
12 people that picked Utah State are now on the outside looking in on Knockout.
Aaron Christensen Aaron Christensen
Disappointing showing from Utah State. #MarchMadness
Washington hits 6-7 free throws in the final few minutes & defeat the Utah State Aggies 78-61 behind Noah Dickerson’s 20 points, 12 rebounds, Jaylen Nowell added 19 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists & Naziah Carter with a huge 13 points off the bench. #TougherTogether #MarchMadness
Cody Bashore Cody Bashore
Disappointing result for Utah State as a mid-major conference improves to 3-1 in the NCAA tournament so far.
Dickerson, Nowell lead No. 9 Washington past No. 8 Utah State
dyehardsports dyehardsports
Welp, my Hot Coach Bracket is busted. Thanks Utah State it was fun.
Sports Radio WNML Sports Radio WNML
Final in Game 3 in Columbus: 9-seed Washington 78 8-seed Utah State 61 1-UNC vs. 16-Iona is next #MarchMadness
Madness The Bot Madness The Bot
Final Score: University of Washington: 78 Utah State University: 61 #collegehoops #ncaaMBB #MarchMadness
King Ignacio King Ignacio
And Utah State is out. Dance or die.
KUTV 2News KUTV 2News
#8 Utah State falls to #9 Washington in first round of NCAA Tournament.
Published By : @KUTV 2News
Basebalake Basebalake
UW's defense was so good that Utah State's leading scorer was a Make-A-Wish kid
Utah State are some frauds...couldn’t even wirm the ball inside the the three point line all second half
#9 Washington's defense makes this one a lopsided "upset" over #8 Utah State. Lower seeds are now 1-2 for today in Columbus. #MarchMadness
Published By : @Zach Sefcovic
Jhammons Jhammons
My surprise of the night is Washington Huskies. Many had Utah state. But this is just mind boggling. They did everything right. Shot the 3. Rebound. They could give North Carolina fits with that zone. #washington #MarchMadness
The Huskies are headed to the Round of 32 after beating Utah State, 78-61. #MarchMadness // #TougherTogether
Published By : @Washington Men's Basketball
FanDuel Sportsbook FanDuel Sportsbook
#8 Utah State came in as a 3.5-point favorite riding a 10-game winning streak, but #9 Washington forced them into 21 turnovers and got the outright win 💰
Published By : @FanDuel Sportsbook
Justin H Justin H
It’s okay Utah State party bus. 32 hours will fly by
Published By : @Justin H
Gentry Moyes Gentry Moyes
Nnoooooo! I trusted you Utah... sad face. Washington vs. Utah State - Game Summary
Picks&Parlays Picks&Parlays
No. 9 Washington is continuing its dance after holding off No. 8 Utah State, 78-61 #MarchMadness
Published By : @Picks&Parlays
Utah State comitted 21 turnovers and made one field goal in the final 9:30...... ONE #NCAATourney
mark mark
utah state is trash and sam merrill is a fraud.
Jonny Linehan Jonny Linehan
Utah State are legit but you’re not gonna win many games when you have more turnovers (21) than field goals made (19)...
Luís Avelãs Luís Avelãs
Chegou ao fim a aventura notável de Utah State esta época na NCAA. Diante de Washington, um exibição pouco conseguida ditou uma derrota (61-78) justa. @nemi1599 e @DiogoBrito24 bem se esforçaram, mas em vão.
Andrew Harley Andrew Harley
My rec team shot better than Utah state just did
SoDo Mojo SoDo Mojo
But... The Huskies zone can't stop Utah State. Terrible matchup for them. They said so on TV. #bowdown #TougherTogether #UWHuskies
Published By : @SoDo Mojo
Utah State brought a gascan. Washington brought a match🔥
Daly Dose Of Hoops Daly Dose Of Hoops
Your final in the first of the night session: Washington 78, Utah State 61. The Huskies will get the North Carolina/Iona winner on Sunday, and we’re about 30 minutes away from showtime as the Washington band plays Celebration (really well, too, might I add). #ICMBB

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