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“stand up comic. I wrestle to pay the bills. Oh & former WWE World Heavyweight Champion (again)”

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great day at the office

great day at the office

Bumped into the ex, on my jog

Bumped into the ex, on my jog

About. F’n. Time. 
1-0 #RawUnderground

About. F’n. Time. 1-0 #RawUnderground

Politicians lying was not invented in 2015! If we cannot agree on this starting point, we cannot have a debate. Which I think is the plan. Sad.

boy, the 2 party system sure is lucky us informed voters don’t bother to read anything but the *click bait* headline... they would be in trouble

If you thought election night was exciting, just wait until this years election week and election month. We will long for the days of civility & hanging chads

Haha How did portnoy not do a stuffed crust pizza review, when he interviewed trump???

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