cule10 cule10
Big big Thank you to all @bengalurufc fans for supporting @MumbaiCityFC us in away game😂😂 Come on csk nd csk did😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Rcb lost against Csk 😏 #RCB #CSK 🤣 @IndinNederlands @WCBMumbai💙
Meena Jayan Meena Jayan
#आज_धर्मेन्द्र_कुमार मीना (RPF COMMANDO गांव भोजवाडा का रहने वाला हमारे बीच में नहीं रहा , भाई सियालदाह में पोस्टेड था जो रोड एक्सिडेंट में ड्यूटी के दौरान rcb के । भगवान उनकी आत्माओं को शान्ति प्रदान करें I miss you brother
Published By : @Meena Jayan Published By : @Meena Jayan
Anto Anto
#ShimronHetmyer may have made #ViratKohli regret and realise why #RCB released him from their franchise.🙂 #INDvWI #Hetmyer
콩브페르 콩브페르
Adheera 🔪 Adheera 🔪
தொரத்திடானா RCB இங்க வாங்க... நம்ம கிட்ட Team இருக்கு...
Published By : @Adheera 🔪
Kohli watching Hetmyer's innings today #INDvWI #RCB
Published By : @YoGeSh ˢᵒᵒʳᵃʳᵃⁱ ᵖᵒᵗᵗʳᵘ 😎
Dhruv Jha Dhruv Jha
Dube fanbois hiding Rcbians can hype anyone ,would have even hyped devbrata das if he were to play for rcb
Jermi Jermi
Looking like rcb team without 5frontline blowers #starniadugu
RCB saved #ShimronHetmyer career by releasing him #INDvsWI
#RCB_14 #RCB_14
Greenwood scored more goals than martial?? 😂😂😂 #MUFC
RCB is not going win ipl 20 nor india going to win icc trophies under virat's captaincy 😶 #INDvsWI.
sanjeev sanjeev
#starnakelu rcb bitmele yalla players yake full form ge bartare heli #StarSportsKannada
Nawlesh Kumar Nawlesh Kumar
Had shown glimpses of his talent in his last IPL game,can't understand why RCB released him. #Hetmyer
Adithya Kr Adithya Kr
RCB fans need not worry,even if he was in rcb he's not gonna play like this because that's the nature of @RCBTweets and one cannot change it!
. .
Then Corey Anderson,pawan negi death bowlers for Rcb Now Jadhav, dubey new death bowlers for india Next level captaincy from kohli #INDvWI
Fulwade Ashish🇮🇳 Fulwade Ashish🇮🇳
2020 spoiler: RCB IPL nahi jeetne waali. btw hetmyer doing so well there today. #hetmyer #INDvWI
vinod yalburgi vinod yalburgi
#StarSportsKannada #starnakelu RCB team Hetmyer na bittu matte IPL 2020 auction nalli togoluva idea thumba risky alwaa sir???
Sam ! ! Sam ! !
2020 spoiler: RCB IPL nahi jeetne waali. btw hetmyer doing so well there today. #INDvWI
Ovi Ovi
RCB fans when they come to know there's no RTM option to use it on Hetmyer this auction : #INDvWI
Published By : @Ovi
Ryan Bonifant Ryan Bonifant
Just realized that I do not have any Granblue art or figures. That will change easily in 2020.
Sir rcb havaru hetymer Na vapas thagothara #starnakelu
Sivaram Sivaram
Kohli and RCB management after Hetmyer's knock : "Enna Shimron idhellam?"😅 #Hetmyer #INDvWI #RCB
Published By : @Sivaram
Harsha Harsha
How should a player get back to his form ? 1) Find a place in RCB for IPL. 2) Enjoy one full season of partying and also some practice matches for RCB. 3) Get removed by team management for next season. Voila, player is back to the form of his life 👏🏻 #INDvWI #Hetmyer
Mark White Mark White
Imagine England had Wan Bissaka at RCB in Russia, instead of Walker. Unreal defender
Good Old Jasse Good Old Jasse
#INDvWI Virat is certainly not the best captain. Certainly. Rcb k ye hal isi karan h. Such a horrible tactical decision maker.
vinod yalburgi vinod yalburgi
#starnakelu Viji Sir, RCB matte INDIA teamnalli Karnataka players shortage ide ansutte alwaa,??? Manish pandey ge ivattadru avakasha sikka bahudittu??? Chahal bittu costly mistake madidra Captain Kohli???
Jammy Jammy
Imagine MI buying Hetmyer ..... RCB fans will bury themselves alive after months of hesson marketing😂 #INDvWI
Rcb vadileskunna prati player form loki vastaru
#SreeForTheWin🏏 #SreeForTheWin🏏
kohli and rcb getting hetmyer back now😭😂
Sumanth Sumanth
Ee hetmyer gadu rcb ki antha daridramga aadedu ipudenti ila aadtunadu. Next year ipl ki eedini konavallu full benefit avutaru
33 Innings without a ton And Shimron Hetmyer smacks brilliant century few days ahead of IPL AUCTION, released by RCB He also didn't have a single fifty in his last 20 innings before 1st T20I. #INDvWI\
Hetmyer Superb Knock 💥👌 Can RCB Buy Him Again 😅
Sai Krishna Sai Krishna
Rcb did a mistake by leaving shimron hetmeyer
RCB, as usual, will be like, "Hate-my-error" #INDvWI
Gautian #HMP Gautian #HMP
RCB still can use RTM on Hetmyer
Manish 🏏 Manish 🏏
Prediction : Hetmyer will go to CSK
Darshan Senthil Darshan Senthil
As much as I hate how well Hetmyer is doing now, let's not forget he was doing just as well right before RCB bought him. So, even if he goes to DC or KXIP or wherever, hopefully he'll still do bad. Barring that one time where he obliterates Rashid Khan, ofc.
பிரகாஷ் பிரகாஷ்
Sai Krishna Sai Krishna
Why did Royal challengers Bangalore left him he is a champion rcb have made a blunder #INDvWI
Does the RCB Think tank ever really think? Why would you release Hetmyer, only perhaps to relish his explosive batting sitting on the opposite side!!! #EpicFails #IPLAuction
Victor Victor
Sir RCB team li hetmayer na bittirodu problem agbodeno but team alli obradru Wi player irbeku alwa sir #starnakelu
Well Played Hetmyer, 139 (106) Showing world what can a left out RCB Player can do #INDvWI
I am never gonna troll RCB seeing Hetmyer innings 😂😫🙏 #INDvWI
Chetan G.Mankale Chetan G.Mankale
What an innings by @SHetmyer. Just like before rcb will be ruing letting go promising players.
अmit अmit
Kohli released Hetmyer from #RCB for this season #IPL !! In return Hetmyer-139 of 106😶 #INDvWI #INDvWI
RCB bought Hetmyer for 4.20 crores last year and released him without giving him a proper run. What are the odds of RCB buying him back for a higher price? #INDvWI #IPLAuction
Vineeth Vineeth
RCB vadileyadam vadu baaga aadadam quite common 🤗😂 #INDvsWI
Elite Banker💰 Elite Banker💰
Could have avoided all this by Kohli whispering to Hetmyer " RCB targeting you" when he came to the crease.
Nikhil gujarathi Nikhil gujarathi
Maybe Hetmyer was not given food and money while he was in #RCB . That innings is terrific!!!!! #INDvsWI
のりごん のりごん
ボリーのRCBもよくわかんなかったんだよな。 明らかに右足側のキック消されてバタついてるシーン多かったし。
O👩‍⚕️ O👩‍⚕️
How come I tolerate RCB and its banter year after year I don't know

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