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“This is my official twitter i like bananas. theyre yellow.”

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Morikawa shoots a 64 to get to -9. He was my pick for this week, but I laid off at last second due to injury concerns.

On Draftkings, one of the oddest props. Morikawa to miss the cult at +350. it took a long time to figure but the problem is last week I declared my pick as Morrikowa. Boy, would my face be red. evidently some inside knowledge on injuries.

Schaufelle top 20 (100 on FanDuel) 400 units

Brooks Koepka to make top 20(-130) {available at Fanduel} for 8,000 units.

Bankroll takes a hit and falls from 22.2k units. Current Bankroll: 17,800 units.

Lose 4000 units, 400 juice, in a great great game.

missed shot by the Suns then Milwaukee gets the ball and scores. Bucks up by 2.

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