NBA DFS Strategy - Fri 12/6 -
Deux 🦋 Deux 🦋
I know if I get the ball first I can beat 10% of the NBA in one on one
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Andre Iguodala couldn’t believe officials missed LeBron James’ travel
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David Fizdale calls Knicks’ effort in latest loss ‘sickening’
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Butler, Heat await Beal, Wizards
Huge pickup
Season-high 28 PTS. Career-high 8 3PM. @BenMcLemore catches fire from beyond the arc, sparking the @HoustonRockets road win! #OneMission
🚨Easy wins🚨 Our NBA picks last night covered by: 10, 11, and 29.5 (!!) points 💰💰💰 12/6 picks are live for members at Less than $1/day to subscribe #GamblingTwitter #nba #bet
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Kevin Love (enfermedad) inseguro de jugar el viernes. #BeTheFight #NBA #NBAFantasy
Billie Jeane Billie Jeane
“And I get into the NBA, just like that.” 😂
NBAには、日本プロ野球の「ベストナイン」みたいに「1st Team」という賞が存在する。また、新人のみ「Rookie 1st Team」というものも存在する。八村塁はこのままいけば、Rookie 1stは確実。ここ2試合のスタッツ見る限り、新人王まで有り得るぞ?
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#NBA Picks for 12/6/19: 1. #Heat (-9.5) vs. #Wizards Probability of Cover: 64.0% #Sportsbetting #FreePicks
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Before you set those #NBA #DFS lineups in tonight's ten game slate, be sure to check out @FantasyAlarm and @smitchell17 Value Vault for Friday. Sean offers three guys on each site to help you fit the perfect players on your roster to win READ HERE:
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Babalwa Nyembezi 🎈 Babalwa Nyembezi 🎈
“hottest duo in the NBA right now” 🔥❤️
Joe Tienzo Joe Tienzo
Hey @NBA can you create a streaming service with the entire archive of NBA games - regular season & playoffs - similar to WWE Network? I’d like to watch NBA classics & random games of star players I never got to see
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Analysis: The Lakers are rolling, but don’t forget the Bucks
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Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Lakers Preview
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Shots finally fall for Denver as Nuggets demolish Knicks in New York
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#Nuggets at #Celtics 8 pm ET, ESPN @adamamin (pbp), @Rjeff24 (analyst) & @CassidyHubbarth (reporter) from Boston #NBA
arieseseses arieseseses
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha buti may nba na ko
sam esfandiari sam esfandiari
I think the coolest thing about NBA is it’s truly gone global with the superstar talent. All the international stars now are born post ‘92 dream team. I suspect going forward we’ll see even more
sam esfandiari sam esfandiari
Giannis turns 25 today, which is a nice reminder he hasn’t reached his peak. Scary
Ryan Ryan
Refer to tweet from a while back about NBA players being soft.
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Kyle Lowry reacted like he got mauled by a bear @MickstapeShow
Estoy vendiendo mi colección de cards #NBA porque necesito dinero. Me preguntan precio y le hago un buen descuento (de 8.25 a 6.25). Pues aún me ha intentado rebajar 20 céntimos más cuando le he dado el precio con el envío. #Cutre #EmergenciaSocial
Flints Flints
By now one would expect the @NigBarAssoc to speak out against this ridiculous act by the #DSS. But no. NBA is silent. #FreeSoworeNow #SayNoToImpunity
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Dana White teases Floyd Mayweather fight for 2020: ‘We have a deal’
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China Fallout? Injuries? What’s Behind NBA’s ‘Shocking’ Drop in TV Numbers?
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How Mike Conley is ‘changing and molding a little bit’ as he and Utah Jazz struggle
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NBA Odds: Suddenly explosive Orlando Magic a good road favorite at Cleveland
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Brooklyn Nets: Spencer Dinwiddie stepping up in the absence of key players
Guilherme Sacco Guilherme Sacco
Você quer saber por que essa imagem tão linda surgiu? É só assistir a mim e @leonardosasso_ falando de Pascal Siakam, o homem que é tudo que Porzingis sonhou em ser, e os jogadores que mais evoluíram na NBA. Tá aqui, ó:
Guilherme Sacco Guilherme Sacco
NBA no Divã Out of Context
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#NBA #Cavs - Kevin Love (illness) uncertain Friday.
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Kevin Love (illness) uncertain Friday.
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Top 3 photos in NBA history
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9 years ago today 📸
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誰かが僕との試合で 最高のゲームをしたら、 2度とはさせないようにする -マイケル・ジョーダン-(元ブルズ#23) #NBA名言
Will Voigt Will Voigt
Great teaching points on @NBATV from @NBA legend Kevin McHale. Emphasizes the importance of 1 on 1. I have always felt this. Bigs are often late bloomers because they don’t get enough game reps coming up. 1 on 1 live is the best way to develop a post game.
Luka Bassin Luka Bassin
Great 🎥 from @NBATV: Kevin McHale talks some "nuggets" about POST UP game, UP&UNDER moves, fakes… Words from the legend!
They’re a step above the rest, but even they have flaws right? ⁦@HTOWN4LIFE40⁩ takes a look at each contenders in the ⁦@NBA⁩ biggest flaw. #NBATwitter
He will run his era of basketball
Join us in wishing @Giannis_An34 of the @Bucks a HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY! #NBABDAY #FearTheDeer
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Rui Hachimura scores 27, Bradley Beal adds 26, Wizards upset 76ers 119-113
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Wizards rookie Rui Hachimura growing with each game in NBA
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The NBA in Tiers: The Favorites, Pretenders, and Hopeless So Far
Falk Falk
@bucspu31 - this is why I said to google it - China is mentioned in numerous stories
Quand je vous dis que la défense NBA c'est du n'importe quoi
Basket-Infos Basket-Infos
Dallas Mavericks 2020 : meilleure attaque de l’Histoire de la NBA. -
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Abigail Ratchford Abigail Ratchford
I never really address this stuff but its annoying af at this point. I never had anything to do with Klay Thompson. He used to hang with some of my friends, and I know his brother . End of story. NBA memes stop reposting a 2 year old headline.
Caribesoy1 Caribesoy1
Básquetbol NBA hoy. Recomendados del día con mucha Opción y las cuotas más altas. San Antonio vs Sacramento San Antonio ganador (-4.5); 2.00 Buck vs Clippers Buck ganador (-4.5); 2.05 Suerte.👍
Haley O'Shaughnessy Haley O'Shaughnessy
i wrote about wondering if we’ll ever be satisfied with james harden
Corey Corey
NBA youngboy,lil TJ, Travis Scott
👨🏾‍🔬 👨🏾‍🔬
Lil Yachty
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NBA: Wizards snap Sixers’ 4-game winning streak
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Wizards vs. Heat preview: Washington briefly flies down south to Miami
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Lowe: Ten NBA things I like and don’t like, including the Rondo-LeBron combo
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12/5 Recap: 1-2 NFL: Cowboys -3 ❎ NBA: Knicks +10 ❎ NHL: Stars ML 💰
Ricky G Ricky G
My last point on the state of the NBA , you can tell me all the reasons you want but the fact is it’s bad Reasons/ Results , what business are we in?

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