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Life is a collection of obstacles and the success or failure of navigating them.

Trusting others will meet expectations can be extremely difficult but try to find a way to give others the chance to amaze or disappoint us. Micromanaging can hold us back from being our best selves. If we have such little faith in others, maybe larger issues should be addressed?

If you give all you have to an experience, no matter what the result, the takeaway is rarely regret.

Approach the world with less judgment and more curiosity. Less fear, more empathy. Less hate, more love.

Value yourself, and you will greater appreciate the value of your time.

Don’t try to do everything everyday. Try everyday to give your everything to every thing you can do.

Focus more on what you love, not what you think people will love you for.

Hard work and persistence are necessary in achieving any goal, but there’s always much more to crossing the finish line. When delegating, working with or for people, be kind. Stay humble, driven, and open minded. Urge yourself to give more credit than you take. Never lose who U R

In looking at things we do, don’t overlook the intentions behind the action. Why we do something is tremendously important. The deed can be “good” but if the intention is “bad”, we need to ask more questions of ourselves.

In times of discomfort and sensitivity, look inward. Ask the tough questions, start open dialogue with those you honestly trust not just those who tell you what you want to hear. Working towards a resolve can only happen when the problem and it’s root are truthfully exposed.

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