Kay Kay
..it’s soooo lit..I love Jamaica 😩
Karen Turner Karen Turner
Yes, my people! #Mandeville #Jamaica
Hotterny-at-Law Hotterny-at-Law
Mandeville, Jamaica currently winning Christmas. 🎄🎄🎄
Spider-Diciclomina Spider-Diciclomina
Así que el agua de jamaica con alcohol es un buen combo
Im so ready for this jamaica trip omg yall don’t understand.
StarBwoyWorks の曲が 現場でよくかかるのは JAMAICAのNEWに音が近いから セレクター的にも セグメント組みやすいからだろーね センスフルなStarBwoyWorks BIG UP
Symone Styles 💋 Symone Styles 💋
Jamaica me please.
me watching the tl complain abt la fully knowing i live in jamaica where NO ONE comes and nothing happens but anyway you cant always have what you want
Prepara esta deliciosa botana de JAMAICA ENCHILADA
Sankofa A & F Sankofa A & F
Quote from page 3 of my book New Thought, New Words. Available at @uctruthjamaica bookstore, Unit 18, Seymour Park, 2 Seymour Ave (Kingston, Jamaica) #NewThoughtNewWords
Published By : @Sankofa A & F
jamaimaiiiii jamaimaiiiii
papa carwash lang🍒
Published By : @jamaimaiiiii Published By : @jamaimaiiiii
Fabian Thomas Fabian Thomas
Quote from page 3 of my book New Thought, New Words. Available at @uctruthjamaica bookstore, Unit 18, Seymour Park, 2 Seymour Ave (Kingston, Jamaica) #NewThoughtNewWords
Published By : @Fabian Thomas
On Dec 13, Defense Minister Kono held a meeting with the Most Hon. Andrew M. HOLNESS, Prime Minister and Defence Minister of Jamaica. #JMOD/#JSDF will seek a chance to have exchange of opinions with #Jamaica.
Published By : @Japan Ministry of Defense/Self-Defense Forces Published By : @Japan Ministry of Defense/Self-Defense Forces
Jeanette Taylor Jeanette Taylor
E-tickets arrived! Can only mean one thing..... 6 weeks to go, Jamaica here we come #tui 🏖☀️#wintersun
Elenn👅 Elenn👅
Cresite que iba a seguir estando con vos,pero no te equivocaste! Jajaja nos vemos en Jamaica mi vidix 😘😉
エクストリーム・ジャマイカ 3g (extreem・Jamaica)。
KB . KB .
2020 travel plans. Bahamas cruise in February, Houston in April and Jamaica in September 🥳 let’s see if I can manage to keep it at these 3 places 😂
jamaimaiiiii jamaimaiiiii
thousand years!!😍
Last night in Jamaica 💛
Published By : @#RIPAC Nov.30th 🎉
jamaimaiiiii jamaimaiiiii
byebye iphone 8plus😙
jamaimaiiiii jamaimaiiiii
iphone 11 is waving at me😝
Rasta・・・ラスタ・・・ ジャマイカ独自の思想・運動であるラスタファリの略o
JR Linton JR Linton
Wi-Fi UK continues it’s Christmas campaign at Pier 1, Montego Bay, Jamaica 🇯🇲 #jrlinton #wifiuk #meshwifi #montegobay #jamaica
Cyn 🥑 Cyn 🥑
Mezcal + Jamaica = Happy cyn ❤️
Pior Fui eu Que Vim Do Baile Da Jamaica Até Aqui Andando 😂😂😂😂
🥋 🥋
🚶🏻‍♂️ da nova Holanda até madureira 🚶🏻‍♂️ kkkkkkkkk
. .
Jamaica Sunday and ion pack not a thing 😂
jamaimaiiiii jamaimaiiiii
saket ulo ko😢
Rehearsal for Jamaica Live. Doing a few recaps.... Thanks to Lloyd Parkes and We the People and these beautiful Queens for doing a splendid job. Katryna and Paige. Dem bad🙏🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾 @ Kingston, Jamaica
◟̽◞̽ sofia ◟̽◞̽ sofia
dancehall es música de Jamaica o estoy flashando?
AutoAdsJa AutoAdsJa
2012 Subaru Legacy For Sale in #Jamaica #usedcar #carforsale
I didn’t tell y’all, but I went to Jamaica.
Published By : @ricky’sPoetry 🔮
harry i adore you harry i adore you
I’m leaving for Jamaica tomorrow and I’m so thankful for fine line being out so I have something to do on this plane ride
Lanche do Jamaica é o melhor slc
i am dork lol....."nuff pretty girl inna jamaica"....she cute tho lol
Totally 200% against bleaching out the melanin 🤔 @ Kingston, Jamaica
SoundTableKnights SoundTableKnights
Tom Browne - Funkin' For Jamaica
Monse Monse
dari y tu que pendeja fuga a jamaica
Dexhile 🀄 Dexhile 🀄
Ahh Jamaica, where you can randomly hear someone singing "Gun man in she hole, she like that" at 1am and it can be VERY literal.
mySoulRebel dot com mySoulRebel dot com
Cops find stolen gun in Grants Pen rubbish
mySoulRebel dot com mySoulRebel dot com
‘Frog’ Holmes faces Pompey tonight
開催まで残り2週間になりましたSWEET JAMAICA! この日からJAH WORKSの一員として同じバイクリクルーであるムンショー君と共に活動さしてもらいます。 この日は僕らにとって大切な日になるので是非遊びに来てください!! 気合いバッチリで行きます💥💥💥 メールチケット🎫 jahworksticket@gmail.com
Published By : @DJ ACE
A Luxury Travel Blog A Luxury Travel Blog
5 family friendly villas in #Jamaica #luxurytravel
Published By : @A Luxury Travel Blog
Louis March Louis March
Jamaica - Country For Sale (Official Lyric Video) | Buju Banton | Reggae Music 2019 via @YouTube @ddonkor1 @alldaysfa
ʝαу. ʝαу.
Barcelona, greece, cuba, jamaica, italy, turks and caicos, and brazil are all at the top of my list of places to go one day😊
Rookies Sports Lodge Rookies Sports Lodge
Now available: @madriverbrews Jamaica Red Ale, @eelriverbrewing Hazy by Nature Down With IPA!
Ana B. Ana B.
Was in Jamaica and all I wanted was a root beer and they didn’t have any ANYWHERE! I cried and bought a Pepsi then cried even more when the Pepsi tasted foreign asf 😂
🤰🏽*Pregnancy thread: What was the most silliest thing you cried over? I’ll go first: I woke up from my nap and someone ate my in&out burger I didn’t finish. I hella cried 😭😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
orelha orelha
Vai tomar no cu, impossível o Jamaica não ficar famoso, só esse som da Kanye já era pra ele ter estourado
jam jam
my bro did not just say kids in the kitchen listen to dancehall.... ok! jamaica reference we love that!

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