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FA Cup: Vote for goal of fourth round round
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Tony Gomez Tony Gomez
My goal is to join 100T 🥵
You are never too old to set another goal👌
AC Milan News Bot AC Milan News Bot
【無料視聴可能!】ミラン対トリノの日程・放送予定・無料視聴方法/コッパ・イタリア準々決勝 -
Mutonde💗 Mutonde💗
Update: Goal has been achieved!😭😭😭😭 I GOT MY LEARNERS!!🥺😭❤🙏🏽
Mutonde💗 Mutonde💗
I'm achieving one of my goals tomorrow!!! Speaking it into existence with everything in me!😩🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽
정수정 정수정
“Because our goal is to become the best dance groups in Asia, I believe that diversity helps us accomplish that.”-Luna f (x)
Aaron Smith, REALTOR Aaron Smith, REALTOR
Incomplete Washington Monument in Wood Engraving from 1882 | A great example of Cheops Law in semi-modern life Ghosts of DC
i'll go find someone who can help me buy it if i reach the goal but i don't know who 😋😋
Hajir🇸🇪 Hajir🇸🇪
Oh dear. This guy is watching them play in a tournament and after a goal they apparently has the best academy.
‎ً ‎ً
Arsenals academy is the best in England, no doubt.
Guy Faulconbridge Guy Faulconbridge
Sainsbury's targets 2040 for net zero emissions, criticizes UK goal
Honestly knowing me ..... I know imma piss someone off so my only goal is to run it up enough to put some people on, leavesomething behind... we always know how this movie ends though. And I just wanna be alone when it’s that time to transition
THIS WEEK IN 2019 - Leicester City Iconic Premier League goal: 🆚️ Liverpool 🏟 Anfield 📆 30/01/2019 ⚽️ Harry Maguire #lcfc
TeddyLicios TeddyLicios
Ala Sepina... Diorang dah broke up doe. Messa sad weiii... Idola/Relationship goal kot🙁🙁🥺🥺😭😭 @Srfnaxmi
#AWATNINews [HIBURAN] ‘Eriq kuat jealous, tak faham status Mitilda sebagai artis’ Ku sangka panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengahari — hati Duerra Mitilda, 10, kini sepenuhnya milik pelakon cilik Nik Adam Mika, 9.
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Hopefully everything goes smoothly for this goal
tedstudy tedstudy
목표는 당신이 믿는 것을 믿는 사람들과 비즈니스를 하는 것입니다. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe. #TED
Success Shashtra Success Shashtra
Set a goal. Make a plan. Stay focused. Work hard. Succeed. Stay humble.
The goal is to serve.
I mean... if my goal is just to graduate, and zhenan was fully supportive of that goal, I think she’d just tell me to do the m-cresol work
#U20世界選手権 vsセルビア 1点目 GOAL 三浦 陵介 ASSIST 安藤 優作 ・①不意打ちで ・②逆サイドパス ・③ワンタイム ・得点しやすいパターン🤔 ・“移動距離の長いパス” ・不意打ちでパスすれば ・ゴールはガラ空きに👍 #アイスホッケー日本代表
Shmayden Shmayden
My main goal for tomorrow is to eat one whole bag of twiglets without dying and reach peak Britishness
As long as my future kids love me like Boosies love him then I will feel like I achieved a major goal.
Jonny Acheson Jonny Acheson
The best piece of advice I ever got was ‘Keep your goal in mind and everyday just push it forwards, somedays it will move a little and somedays it will move a lot.’ #parkinsons
Janell Rhiannon 🤎 Janell Rhiannon 🤎
3 chapters narrated and 2 to go. Goal is 5 at a time ... edit... release
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AshLenz AshLenz
If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. #TuesASHLANCEalways
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averra averra
2020 goal is to raise awareness for Huntington’s Disease through my feature film & donate to the research. I want to see hope on the faces of the families that are affected 🙏🏽
JellyElley💘 JellyElley💘
okay, the goal for tmr is to go to all my classes, clean my house and stream on time 😂😅
Paul Hackett Paul Hackett
As the HA sector pushes for higher standards of energy efficiency to achieve our 2050 #NetZeroCarbon goal, this is one of a number of challenges we need to overcome. #ClimateEmergency #Sustainability #ukhousing #ukconstruction
Lumka Stuurman Lumka Stuurman
Sometimes the goal of coaching isn’t just to solve a problem but to help the client grow, develop, and even transform. How to start an online coaching business series : Day 2-5
Joby Justin Joby Justin
Not The Best match to end the first month of this year with. Yet we fought till the last minute refusing to give up. & Finally balwantsingh17 paajiz goal during the last minute made an amazing turn getting us 3…
Alex Dukalskis Alex Dukalskis
Thread w/ context by @SheenaGreitens on how @icao led by @icaoFangLIU seems like it’s (maybe?) in the process of scoring an own goal by aggressively policing mentions of Taiwan on Twitter.
Sheena Greitens Sheena Greitens
The Int’l Civil Aviation Org has been blocking ppl on Twitter for asking abt Taiwan coordination re: #coronavirus. Their blocking has probably drawn more attn to the issue, not less.
My goal is to get a shiny gmax snorlax I need it
Lisah~~ Lisah~~
skins glowing...the goal is to ignore it. loool
Dennis Baldwin Dennis Baldwin
Christ how long you got, Lampard Gerrard Vardy Aguero Anyone without a goal in 7 games Everyone loves playing against #NUFC
Second Tier Podcast Second Tier Podcast
Which player ALWAYS seemed to score against your club?
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Lionel Messi Lionel Messi
Barcelona Tarik Ulur Transfer Carles Perez Ke AS Roma (via )
baileyspringer baileyspringer
I think we accomplished that goal #RIPKobeBryant
Jackson Baird Jackson Baird
Will be drinking a zillion beers at the bar tonight for this
Toku Toku
My main goal in Japan is to buy the fmab ost and some city pop albums
Knowl Knowl
I disagree with the comments that we look better with 2 up top. We look more of a goal threat in some games with 2, but we lose the control we have that having 4 in midfield gives us. Therefore, its a trade off, less control of the game for slightly more goal threat.
Goal Italia Goal Italia
Ronaldo non ha digerito la sconfitta di Napoli: sguardi di fuoco negli spogliatoi 😡
jackie jackie
I think if I workout every time I get really bad anxiety, I’ll be able to meet my weight goal by the end of spring lol
ꦥꦸꦠꦿꦶ ꦥꦸꦠꦿꦶ
Next squad goal nih bisa dicoba
San Jose Sharks San Jose Sharks
Patrick Marleau is now tied for 25th all-time in goals thanks to his 69th career multi-goal game. #SJSharks
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Emily Slater Emily Slater
Finally home after 2 weeks in Spain for Q-School 🇪🇸 @LETgolf @LaMangaClub. Despite not achieving my end goal, I learnt so much from both stages & am excited to get to work on the improvements 🏌🏼‍♀️❤️Looking forward to my rookie year as a professional playing on the @LETAccess ✈️⛳️
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Idelto Idelto
"Do CoinJoin Mixes Really Require Equal Transaction Amounts for Privacy? Part Two: Knapsack" Although Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper suggests that privacy was a design goal of the Bitcoin protocol, blockchain analysis can often b... (Idelto - )
Angelica Mate 알렉스 Angelica Mate 알렉스
Mapapasana all ka talaga. Next goal, kapag di talaga nabitbit dito sa Pinas si Yoona, ako na ang pupunta sa SG/BKK. It's a goal so di natin alam kung kailan mangyayari. Pang matagalan sya.
𝗷𝗸 ♡ 𝗷𝗸 ♡
เอาตรงๆ ตอนเจอหน้าลุงกับป้ามาคือจะร้องไห้จริง แบบวิ่งเข้าไปกอดแบบน้ำตาคลออ่ะ ดีใจมากจริงๆๆๆ คือเป็น goal life มากเลยนะว่าอยากให้ลุงกับป้ามาถ่ายรูปด้วยวันรปญ อยากให้ลุงถือใบปรญอ่ะ โคตรที่สุดของชีวิต
Riki Thompson Riki Thompson
"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will." — Chuck Palahniuk
Mrs. Kenny Mrs. Kenny
Imagine the typo possibilities.
Goal Goal
Eddie Nketiah has scored four goals from just nine shots on target for Arsenal in all competitions. Clinical 🎯
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iaelibelly🤘🏽 iaelibelly🤘🏽
Compete w/ yo neighbors for what when we ALL have (or should have) the same goal.. is ETERNAL LIFE and ITS FREE AND ITS PLENTY of room in Heaven for all of us🤷‍♀️🤘🏼

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