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“for appearances please call Morgan with Charlie West Management 702 374 3735”

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Please don't forget tomorrow August 6th Thursday I will be at Jose Canseco Showtime car wash in Las Vegas signing autographs from 1 to 3 for the vandemark family all proceeds will go to the vandemark family please come by and support them family in need thank you

Don't forget also this Thursday from 1 to 3 I'm also signing autographs for a family in need the vandemark family so come out there and donate some money for great calls and I will sign your autograph see you then

I will be there tomorrow Wednesday at 11:30 till 12:30 at Jose Canseco Showtime Carwash you all know where it's at come check it out I'll be signing autographs

Got a call back from the manager Frank's Auto Repair auto shop and of course now it's Miss Canseco this Miss Canseco that your car will be ready to pick up so stay tuned when I'm there in front of the shop I will go on Instagram live hopefully it'll take another hour

Mechanics and auto shops are notorious for extorting money from people be careful with the upsell that's a form of extortion

I hate companies who are constantly trying to take advantage of the public and extort money from them

I will be on Instagram live in about an hour I will show you how Frank's Automotive from Las Vegas tried to extort money from me be careful with mechanics they're known for constantly extorting money from people

This Thursday from 1to 3pm I will donate my time and sign autographs for a family in need...all proceeds will go to the family...please come by..

Hi, I'd really appreciate it if you would share or donate to my GoFundMe.

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