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“Mr. 40/40 | 2x World Series Champion | 6x All-Star | Bookings:contact Mike at 571 215 1147”

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Aaron judge I will be at Travis Scott's celebrity softball game in Houston on February 16 hitting some long Homer's come check it out...

Aaron judge I am getting ready for you let's see if you can hit a baseball as far as I can hit a softball I doubt that very much let me know when you're ready we'll do the competition for charity

merry Christmas to everyone And a happy New Year Well almost everyone

Excited to be partnering with @FanFieldSports to release my exclusive NFT collection this spring. Iโ€™ll be working with their team to create a unique collection around some of my biggest career moments and favorite stories.

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart Dani G...SHE IS A RESOLUTION SPECIALIST FROM COX COMMUNICATIONS for correcting the issue I had . She was amazing and helped me when no one else would..thank you โค๏ธ

Now cox is calling me from corporate because I made some noise through social media finally got their attention...see what they have to say

Be careful when you deal with cox communications. They will destroy your credit even if there at fault and offer no help to correct it

Aaron judge 10 years 380 million

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