Jazmine Linklater Jazmine Linklater
Here’s some reviews I enjoyed writing~ originally published last winter in @poetrywales but now online 👀 thanks for sharing 🙏🏼
Poetry Wales Poetry Wales
Read @jjhlinklater’s review of @msamykey’s ‘Isn’t forever’ and @AilbheDarcy’s WBOTY ‘Insistence’
Goldburn P. Maynard Jr. Goldburn P. Maynard Jr.
It's 65 degrees right now and I'm thanking my lucky stars for this year in SC. I'll take a mild winter however I can get it. . . . Well actually I don't want to get it because of climate change so I take that back 😂
Vickie Kinner Vickie Kinner
Its beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! The Scent of the Month, Pretty in Plaid is what we're warming today and it smells amazing! So what if I live in Socal and its 60°...and so what if my tree is not real??? It smells like a snowy, winter day with…
Published By : @Vickie Kinner
Fee Regan Fee Regan
Well my daughter has had a fantastic 16th birthday today so much so that she is still out enjoying herself, next of her birthday treats is winter wonderland on Saturday can’t wait as I’ve never been so will be both our birthday treats for this month
Esmie 📽️✍️ Mann Esmie 📽️✍️ Mann
When they carve my name in stone, I will catch the flames over the horizon and burn like the sun in your winter glossy eyes. If it's all I ever do, I would give my heart to you, faithfully, because there's no hope for me without your shades of blue. ❤️🎀
Published By : @Esmie 📽️✍️ Mann
Bristol Club Bristol Club
We can't wait to see our residents at our Winter Wonderland Party! Please RSVP by tomorrow! ❄️
Published By : @Bristol Club
Karoleq50 Karoleq50
Winter update will be released in few days. We need to add better cars, change some terrain etc. This is part 1, In part 2 we d'like to add skins for cars! Here's some screens. Game looks amazing in snow!❄️ #MafiaCityRBX #Roblox
Published By : @Karoleq50 Published By : @Karoleq50
Who else loves Winter Time Activities?? We have a ton of fun Winter Activities to do here in the Dells!!
Published By : @Baker's Sunset Bay Resort
LaCieNigga Blv 🌺 LaCieNigga Blv 🌺
It seems like the racists always show out during the winter months. I just wanna know why.
Jeff Schlicht Jeff Schlicht
Rain is over, for now, and a crisp cool air rests in Sedona. It’s beautiful outside. #weather #sedona #stream #winter.
Published By : @Jeff Schlicht Published By : @Jeff Schlicht Published By : @Jeff Schlicht Published By : @Jeff Schlicht
kayla kayla
I dont care that its winter, I'm still gunna get a @frappuccino. At least it's not -40. 💁‍♀️😜
Published By : @kayla
Brandon M. Scott Brandon M. Scott
As winter approaches, DPW is helping to ensure our children stay warm with their annual Mitten Tree. I was so excited to make my contribution this year at their opening ceremony this morning. @ Baltimore City Hall
Realschulstreber Realschulstreber
back to the basics manche fangen an sich wie Steinzeitmenschen zu ernähren und nennen es Paleo aber ich habe mir vorgenommen dien Winter in einem Uterus zu Überwintern weil so hat es ja angefangen.
Canada Canada
Guelph police urging drivers to correct some winter no-no’s #CanadaNews
authenticallyrebecca authenticallyrebecca
Gloomy nights like tonight make me long for the brighter winter days as the gale force winds and hammering rain is oh so grim! 🌬🌧 Dear Miss Mother Nature - please can we have blue skies and crisp, fresh, chilly…
jasmini 🌱 jasmini 🌱
Na da hat Sergej wenigstens n warmes Plätzchen im Winter #hartesdeutschland
Rom Rom
Winter Royale officially confirmed. Who’s trying to duo and get some cash? 🔥
Lawrence Magazine Lawrence Magazine
Our winter issue arrives in Lawrence on December 13—and here's the cover story, the county's young spelling stars, parents, librarians and teachers who support them in the Douglas County Spelling Bee. (Photograph by @JasonDaileyFoto)
Published By : @Lawrence Magazine
Did I just get the bass guitar spot in winter cause like there was no way I was making drum line
SAD4Schools SAD4Schools
Winter has arrived in the north country
Published By : @SAD4Schools
NO streams until after this coming Tuesday. Finalizing a lot of stuff for my simplistic Winter Finals and then I WILL BE ON BREAK and that will mean GAME TIME boys. I appreciate the continued support the entirety of this week and we'll be getting back to it after my Finals.
Ty Ty
Being warm in the winter change your whole vibe I swear.
My winter camping/adventuring kit is coming together... Got my @baffinworldwide boots finally, and my tent stuff. Just need a sleeping kit now and I should be good! #camping #hiking #winter #snowcamp
Published By : @Paul Hurtado🏕️
Cicada Cicada
Announcing my duo for Winter Royale #FreeCash
Published By : @Cicada
Hxlix Hxlix
I need a duo for Winter Royale. DM me if you want to duo. #Fortnite
Jason Sauer aka SOUR Jason Sauer aka SOUR
Why go home when you could come get a FREE Dilly Dilly (and high five) on me!? 5:30p at Friendly Confines, Winter Park = Our Last WJRR Football remote of the year!
zckkkkk zckkkkk
need a duo for Middle East winter royale. Speak fluent English. Have good achievements. DM me.
Bronzyy Bronzyy
Going to start to find a duo partner for Winter Royale preferably in @ClanTwizz :)
WeeVy WeeVy
Bon bah je serais pas là pour le Winter Royale 😭😭😭😭😖
Ethics&IntlAffairs Ethics&IntlAffairs
Our Winter 2019 issue will be out tomorrow! Here's a sneak preview of the featured symposium on Just War and Unjust Soldiers
Published By : @Ethics&IntlAffairs
As someone stuck in the middle of winter, yes please....
ً ً
hmmm. hmm. i think today is a day to hold hands with someone and talk about flowers
Not_XJynx Not_XJynx
Winter Royale has been announced! But who’s trying to be my duo😳
Published By : @Not_XJynx
Cook-Wissahickon Cook-Wissahickon
The CW Winter Arts Showcase is next Thursday (12/12) from 6 to 8 pm. Students have been spending a small part of their days honing a new talent or skill as a part of their Picasso classes under a Philadelphia theme....
V231ERS6346ULY V231ERS6346ULY
Looking to try some ppl for winter royale dm me with achievements vouches appreciated
Matt Skroch Matt Skroch
#ICYMI! The @COParksWildlife Commission approved a resolution supporting @GovofCO's executive order (EO) conserving winter ranges and migration corridors! Read more about what the EO would do: via @reporterherald
neon neon
Officially duoing with @AdamSandler for Winter Royale
Madison Nelson Madison Nelson
YESSS!!!!🥰🥰🥰 I hope it’s a winter collection!
So Chic❤️✨ So Chic❤️✨
We’ve got an exciting announcement coming Saturday morning! Stay tuned 8am PST😘
Luke White Luke White
Lofi vibe 🌊
erin ♡ erin ♡
i’d like to make it known that gotta go was my most listened to song of the year, top song of winter and spring AND chica was my top song of the summer chungha is a queen everyone stan chungha #spotifywrapped2019
Jill Prevost Jill Prevost
#downtown #Montreal is there somewhere... #winter sure came quick!! Would you rather this pretty #snow or rain? I'd rather snow since it is so pretty. Even if I have to shovel. #mtlmoments #canada #canadian…
Ivy Ivy
got myself a boyfriend just to keep warm this winter
aRa Dario aRa Dario
Vite l’arène duo pour faire des cups pour train le winter
ف ف
the only good thing about winter is churros???
𑁍 𑁍
kung sino man nakabunot sakin sa winter party gusto ko lang naman ng bts pictures
rowana is lonely rowana is lonely
if this is true and the first snow this winter is actually falling on my birthday i- 🥺🥺
Published By : @rowana is lonely
Kerlisha Kerlisha
I made up a new password for something a few weeks ago and I forgot about it and when I logged in I realized that it had Winter Bear in it. Now I’m soft. Why am I like this? 🥺
Alfatih Galal Alfatih Galal
Lord of winter filed
Published By : @Alfatih Galal

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