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“Father of twins; fan of Buffalo/NYC/Toronto; Radio (2-5 ET) at @FAN590 & @sportsnet; Writer @theathletic; host of Sports Media Podcast”

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Via @CaitJGibson: A pregnant woman with covid-19 was dying. With one decision, her doctors saved three lives.

George Best in the U.S.: A reality more unbelievable than the myth. By @MLSist:

Hiroshima’s Enola Gay carried 12 men, hope and the world’s deadliest weapon

Curious if you feel the same: I thought it would take me much longer as a sports viewer to adjust to the broadcasts we are seeing now. Audio is significantly different. Camera angles unfamiliar. No crowd remains surreal. But I find myself as a viewer able to adjust quickly. You?

Jake Muzzin on the ice for minutes now, with no crowd in the building, with the sounds of medical equipment on the ice clearly being heard, is a reminder of how much crowd noise impacts how we process injuries. Eerie, scary moment.

If you've never sampled The Athletic: Today is the last day for first-time subscribers getting 40% off price of a sub. Here's my latest — on the new Monday Night Football booth, plus a look at the broadcast coverage of multiple sports — if interested.

Along with navigating the grief of my mother passing, it's been an education being a beneficiary. We are fortunate to have lawyers in my family. Many are not as fortunate. One piece of advice I've learned: Have honest talks with loved ones about finances/wills etc beforehand.

If this two-game sample size for O.G. Anunoby is legit — and I think it will be — watch out NBA.

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