From the btch who don't write her group members names when they do nothing back in 7th grade and now, the way i taught myself to tolerate project group members who do nothing but get the same grade as me, is remarkable and stupid at the same time.
Banu Indra Banu Indra
Stop making stupid people famous Tqpi gimana ya, gobloke lucu e 🤣
A. Ainur Rohman A. Ainur Rohman
Sekuat apa sih sperma, sampai bisa hidup di dalam kolam bisa menembus celana renang hingga masuk ke vagina? Orang ini, adl orang yg sama yg bilang audisi bulu tangkis adl eksploitasi anak. Duh, gini amat pejabat kita ya?
Some women are stupid like very stupid so you gave your husband your mums cloth to wash too are you not mad what rubbish
Postsubman Postsubman
- Gist for the timeline.
Published By : @mbah’s headmistress🛡 Published By : @mbah’s headmistress🛡 Published By : @mbah’s headmistress🛡
MAO DID MORE GOOD THAN HARM! WTF!! He killed 40-60 Million People! Shame it wasn’t anyone from her family, it might have changed her stupid mind. The Left defends, Mao, Stalin, Lenin & Marx. There’s no hope, reasoning with these people in our democratic, free & tolerant society
Marcus Foo Marcus Foo
Lord & behold, Britain's shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott defending (wait for it) Mao Zedong by saying "Mao did more good than harm". A reminder that if she wins office, she'll preside over Britain's nat'l security & police forces-yerp 🤦‍♂️.
♡ II ♡ ♡ II ♡
ذي ليه تناظرني كذا تعالي كلميني وخلي الباقي علي I don't like the long look that makes me do stupid things
ض ض
I'm the cousin that makes the whole big family unite with the stupid jokes, and I'm proud with it
Pesa likanisi
Published By : @ض
Stupid tweet, we all knew this, let him try Wilder before he even thinks about The Gypsy King
The Diamond The Diamond
Fury beats AJ too don't @ me! #TysonFury
dustin dustin
legit stupid maderpaker sagad hanggang cells
Amelye Roshan Amelye Roshan
delete ka pa kala mo di ko nascreenshot yung kabobohan mo, tangina ano ba ginagawa sayo para mambastos ng ganyan? isa kang stupid mother fucker dapat sayo pinapahiya eh @x_rynlnsg
Published By : @dustin
baddie b baddie b
Sasha Simic Sasha Simic
"Half-wit dies trying to prove stupid theory"
BBC News (UK) BBC News (UK)
'Mad' Mike Hughes dies after crash-landing homemade rocket
Shai ♒️ Shai ♒️
Twitter stupid af 🤣🤣🤣 I love it here 😭
Danny P Danny P
Me leaving Best Buy with a ps5 under my tongue
GigaMeteoryan GigaMeteoryan
What @ArielleScarcell said about that stupid woke "Black Men Are the White People of Black People" article hit home. Worse than seeing it was the fact that I knew what the nutjobs meant by it. That's the part that makes me drink.
baddie b baddie b
опустившаяся опустившаяся
Убейте этого человека Тьфутьфу Ахахаххахаха
Published By : @опустившаяся
HeyNow HeyNow
This is such an excellent point. He will never beat Mr. Trump and I have doubt he will do or say more stupid things soon to bury himself and his party further!
Jordan Rachel Jordan Rachel
If you ever feel stupid, just remember: Mike Bloomberg spent $500,000,000 of his own money thinking he can beat Donald Trump.
Nana 🐯 Nana 🐯
im missing out on twice’s con these days,,, stupid midterms
Y a n n a Y a n n a
hassciencegonetoofar hassciencegonetoofar
Has academics superceded stupid alternative facts too far?
Published By : @gaddy 🐭 baby driver mammon truther
zeke zeke
play stupid games n get stupid prize G
Chantelle Chantelle
I know I’m not stupid but sometimes I just need people to be STRAIGHT UP CLEAR with me. Paint a picture of you have to!!
Mpume 🐐 Mpume 🐐
Y’all have to be important first & I’ll have to be weak for y’all to break me with your stupid gossip. Relaxani
ʙᴏɪ. ʙᴏɪ.
*tweet something stupid or cringe* 1292🔁 1783❤️ | ehh ko rame sii 1🔁 13❤️ | woyy ayo ini ga ada yg mau mutualan apa 0🔁 2❤️ | |_____nahhhhhh fam lmao | 17🔁 23❤️ *pinned tweet* ya kira kira seperti itu
sofina sofina
stupid boy think that i need him stupid stupid~
Amir Amir
Are you stupid
Published By : @Amir
ayan ayan
i literally feel sooo stupid my brain: smooth, no wrinkles
Aye man y’all stupid yea.. y’all really think ppl are dying because some other ppl died n the hard rock?! What god y’all serve? Mine wouldn’t do that 😂😂
xiao. xiao.
Lol can't believe I'm crying over stupid game and stupid people
Kayl Kayl
Wow, they really are stupid
* Serious knowledge gaps on display here: WWII lasted from 1939-1945. Just fyi, Chris Matthews... Elsewhere, the Bernie thing is not going to be a thing any longer on Nov 3rd.
Therese Therese
Guy, let me know your heart is in two or more places so I don't end up giving my all and end up being the stupid one. Please
rk🌿 rk🌿
Why are we giving footage to this idiotic bollywood intellectuals? Who wants to even listen to their stupid crap? Who is Swara? We are uselessly making her popular. She deserves NIL ATTENTION!
Ra_Bies 2.0 Ra_Bies 2.0
She doesn’t know an iota of CAA. She doesn’t have any idea of NRC. A dolt, accomplished idiot of the highest degree. A nincompoop, imbecile, moron & dimwit woman. Watch Swara Bhaskar exposing herself and her ignorance. Also well done, Rubika
Robert Robert
Can't stop sneezing it was fun y'all I leave you with a stupid Pixar meme
Published By : @Robert
mewo mewo
اييو تفشل اقولها مابي اتزوج لول ومسوية معصبة Stupid teacher
mewo mewo
ويع وهذي شوي وتعبد الزواج وبكل سالفة تدخل الزواج بالموضوع صدق مقرفة
sierra sierra
waittt, u look stupid. how embarrassing. 🙈😋
Sifiso Ndhlovu Sifiso Ndhlovu
Pareidolia über alles Pareidolia über alles
I'm sorry @HackneyAbbott I've stood up for you in the past but this is a genuinely stupid idea. C'mon!
Sophy Ridge on Sunday Sophy Ridge on Sunday
"I think there needs to be an end to anonymity online." Labour's @HackneyAbbott says social media platforms should have the names and addresses of its users to help follow up complaints of online abuse. Live: #Ridge
Björn Björn
It’s a bit stupid to call Wilder a fraud cause he lost one fight and that loss handed to him by Tyson Fury
Serum_7 Serum_7
are you guys really that stupid and dense people are good know people are f****** evil in sideways and racist in shady and that's why I'm in this situation right now
He took off the veil, now we found out how stupid these people really are. Trump came out of nowhere and hit them like a freight train. They’ve become so comfortable that they didn’t even attempt to really cover their butts that well.
Scott Adams Scott Adams
Someday historians will praise President Trump for obliterating the credibility of the press, Congress, and our own national intelligence services. Everything bad comes from believing one or more of those groups. #GoldenAge
Eleanor Andrews-Steele Eleanor Andrews-Steele
Why do I continue to get drunk and put stupid things on my story
Tanner Wilson Tanner Wilson
I WILL strap a go pro to my chest and get blackout and share all the stupid stuff I do that night
ᴄᴀʀʀᴏᴛ🥕 ᴄᴀʀʀᴏᴛ🥕
Isa akong stupid mf mali na hablot kong earphones
Eve Eve
Captured? Many have been captured before their stupid egos could realise
Published By : @Eve
j ❁ j ❁
Im so stupid. My mum got a janamkundli made for me when I was a baby and I should've just looked at that before I started university to see what the stars said I'd become when im older
Pareidolia über alles Pareidolia über alles
I'm sorry @HackneyAbbott I've stood up for you in the past but this is a genuinely stupid idea. C'mon!
Sophy Ridge on Sunday Sophy Ridge on Sunday
"I think there needs to be an end to anonymity online." Labour's @HackneyAbbott says social media platforms should have the names and addresses of its users to help follow up complaints of online abuse. Live: #Ridge
Bloor Bloor
One upside of the social media word in which we live is that the magnitude of stupidity and wrongness of our politicians and pundits is indelible. In years to come there will be an embarrassment of riches of evidence showing how wrong they were, to firmly rub their noses in.
Published By : @Bloor
. .
were always gonna make quick judgement about ppl because thats instinct. but acting on preconceived notions and being stupid enough to believe that the person standing in front of you is exactly that person youve created in your mind is truly a sad way to live
#BanElephantRides tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#BanElephantRides! Because some stupid tourists want selfies and an #Elephant tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#Elephant ride.. #Phajaan tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#Phajaan !
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