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New Zealand's abortion bill would allow an abortion before 20 weeks' gestation with no medical reason 😪 At 20 weeks' – mid-pregnancy – many mothers notice kicking. By 20 weeks the baby can hear sounds, including the mother's breathing and heartbeat 👶
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A chasm between Invercargill doctors and southern health officials over provision of after-hours services appears to have been bridged, after all parties met to discuss why the southern city has such a high rate of people going to the ED for treatment.
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"It is not easy to start your life again from scratch, nor to move to a country that speaks another language.” Moisēs is a former refugee living in Invercargill. He dreams to cycle competitively again in NZ, just like he used to in Colombia🚲 His story 👇
#Otautau Southland #NouvelleZelande: Quilts & Cake 25 Oct 2019 - 28 Oct 2019
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Hayward Jobs Hayward Jobs
Macy's Seasonal - Retail Sales, Part Time: Southland, CA: Macy's - Hayward, CA - Surprise. Delight. Engage. Amaze. Our seasonal retail associates bring the magic of Macy's to life for our customers - they're on the… For More Jobs >>> Please Go2 Our Page!
Started watching Southland and it's good! Everything regina king is in is 🧨
Vacuous Truths Vacuous Truths
Tiwai Point closure would be devastating for Southland
Jeremy Carroll Jeremy Carroll
#Seabirds #Shearwater 80% (n = 38) of titi fledglings had plastic in their gut. Ingested the indigestible, with all the torments that this entails..
Stephen Neville Stephen Neville
Fundraising campaign launched for aged and dementia care village
🏆🚲 Moisēs is our cycling champion – he used to cycle professionally in Colombia & Ecuador. Now he lives in Invercargill and hopes to compete again in NZ. He’s also using his passion for cycling to repair second hand bikes to gift to other former refugees
Spent a couple of hours at Southland Shopping Centre this arvo - not sure how they make $ as it's empty. Quite sad really. Maybe everyone's at the Geelong Cup! #sadshopping #novibe #lacksatmosphere #lackingsomething
traNZition traNZition
"80% of the 38 [dead muttonbird chick] specimens had plastic in their gut.” They’re infected with plastic right from the very start of their lives. This cannot continue! #banplastic #environment #ecocide #massextinction
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MSHSL: Houston (46) at Southland (18) - FINAL
Algún delivery en #Concepcion ? 😔
Shane Pleasance Shane Pleasance
Ooh. Squash. Will feel this tomorrow. If I’m still alive. — at ILT Stadium Southland
Terry Beaudine Terry Beaudine
The Texas-#Arlington "Mavericks" last played football in 1985 in the Southland Conference. Played Div II in 1959-1969 & Div I from 1970-1985. UTA will be tearing down their old football stadium soon due to structural problems (forcing AISD to move its games). #CFB #Sportsbiz #DFW
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Eric Johnson Eric Johnson
Southland vs. Houston, Section 1 Nine Man playoffs
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Donald Martin Donald Martin
Breaking news; I have actually taken off my jersey Southland has seen the sun
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Eric Johnson Eric Johnson
Photos from tonight's playoff game between Southland and Houston.
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Steve Hiegel Steve Hiegel
Check out my latest article: College Basketball Conference Preview #19 - Southland Conference via @LinkedIn
Kankakee Basketball Kankakee Basketball
Kankakee’s 6’2” combo guard, Deylon Johnson visited Roosevelt University today. The 2020 guard will be one of the better two-way players in the Southland Conference and will garner collegiate attention this season.
Deylon johnson Deylon johnson
Great visit today at Roosevelt University!! Loved the players and coaches and was just an overall great experience! @RULakersMBB @KaysBasketball @AllLoveHoops
shion ◑ shion ◑
he looks like a southland boy
riley riley
my therapist: mullet sheep isn’t real he can’t hurt you mullet sheep:
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courtney 🌻 courtney 🌻
during indoor rehearsal today, the Pride of the Southland sung Amazing Grace because we’re playing it next week... to say I got chills when all 360+ of us were singing it is an understatement 😌
B4L Jason Richard B4L Jason Richard
Late Night ⚫️⚫️ Congratulations Nia Jones on your new 2019 Jeep Renegade Sport⚫️ Thanks for coming back to Southland Of Thibodaux for your vehicle needs⚫️ Once family always family enjoy your new ride⚫️ #AllBlack #GodIsGreat #ThirdCar
BmtEnterprise Sports BmtEnterprise Sports
First-place Lamar soccer becoming perennial Southland title contender via @bmtenterprise
RachieRoo RachieRoo
Mataura police search for 'lurking' man wearing high-viz
Houston High School Houston High School
Southland scores first run failed. 6-0 rebels
Sole Venesio 📺 Sole Venesio 📺
¿Y si les digo que le banco los trapos a @ReginaKing desde #Southland?
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90 X/Bred R1yr Heifers for sale in Southland..DNA tested X/Bred Heifers available, nice type..
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Josh Criswell Josh Criswell
2018 Southland Coach of the Year Ravon Justice is introduced at #BearkatMadness
Agonline Agonline
15 Friesian, X/Bred R1yr Heifers for sale in Southland..Nice Line of Friesian & X/Bred Heifer Calves, "well grown, credit to the rearer"..
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Nathan Palairet Nathan Palairet
Mixed consequences of closing Tiwai: Residential electricity prices ⬇️ Big investment needed to upgrade Manapōuri lines CO2e/kWh of NZ grid ⬇️ 1000 highly paid jobs in Southland gone Grid's capacity to cope with transition to EVs ⬆️ Global CO2 emissions ⬆️ Gut feel: net negative.
Hamish Rutherford Hamish Rutherford
Owners of Tiwai Pt aluminium smelter seek talks with the Government, raising possibility of closure, via @nzherald
Rural Sectorwatch Rural Sectorwatch
Southland smelter owner Rio Tinto initiates strategic review
News SummedUp NZ News SummedUp NZ
Manager of Film Otago Southland resigns
Lars Hanon Lars Hanon
He would only talk in generalities and non specific hoping beyond hope that the Taiwanese doctors who knew about cardiomyopathy had learned their lessons using dry vs wet analysis to get to the bottom of sushi misgivings over the southland
B4L Jason Richard B4L Jason Richard
BlessingToBeABlessing🙏🏾✊🏾 Congratulations  Clarence Matthews and Mrs. Ross on your new Nissan Rogue‼️ Thanks for choosing Southland Of Thibodaux as your dealership boss ‼️ Truly appreciate you keeping your business local‼️ Congratulations  and welcome to the Southland Family‼️
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Mataura police search for 'lurking' man wearing high-viz
4.5kg ABE Fire Extinguisher c/w Wall Bracket Order online for express shipping .... Link: #firesafety #fireprotection #fireextinguisher #safety #workplacesafety #safetymatters #safetyproducts #southland #southlandsupplygroup
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#TuesdayTips: Alzheimer's caregivers frequently report experiencing high levels of stress. Our free, local support groups throughout the California Southland can help you find comfort and reassurance. Find a support group at or 24/7 at 800.272.3900
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Javier I. Mayorca Javier I. Mayorca
El caso Santrich revela hasta qué punto un sector de las FARC se mantuvo en el tráfico de drogas, luego del acuerdo de paz de La información en Crímenes sin Castigo, sección Breves
Joe Davidson Joe Davidson
Yes, there are heavies in Northern California. Take a peek at the super heavies in the Southland...
eric sondheimer eric sondheimer
The Times' high school football rankings
Dave Goosselink Dave Goosselink
Rio Tinto again considering the future of the Tiwai Pt Aluminium Smelter.
Laura Claborn Laura Claborn
Thanks to Southwest•Southland Dairy Farmers Mobile Dairy Classroom for teaching our kiddos the importance of milk. #thecoleway
Stuff.co.nz Business Stuff.co.nz Business
Rio Tinto considering closing Tiwai Aluminium Smelter
ADA Mike Boyle explains what you need to know about expungements for Restoration Saturday, which will be held on October 26 at Southland Mall. You can view the full T.C.A § 40-32-101(g) expungement checklist here: via @YouTube
RachieRoo RachieRoo
This will be terrible for Southland...
Stuff Stuff
Rio Tinto considering closing Smelter Tiwai Aluminium Smelter
660 NEWS Traffic 660 NEWS Traffic
#yyctraffic Construction continues to stack NB 14th Street & EB 90th Ave SW. Elbow & Southland are #ExtremelyAtttractiveAlternates
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🚲 Meet Moisēs, a former professional cyclist from Colombia who arrived to #Invercargill through the refugee quota. He’s been helping Red Cross provide bikes to other former refugees in the city. Read his story 👇
Dunedin News Dunedin News
Kevin Jennings resigns as executive manager of Film Otago Southland

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