Me as a kpop fan 🌸 K-pop fan age: 1 year and a half 🌸 First group ever stan: bts 🌸 Current ult gps: bts, blackpink, stray kids & loona 🌸 Number of albums: 0 🌸 Concerts attended: 2 🌸 Lightstick owned: 0 quote with yours 🌼
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Me as a kpop fan 🌸 K-pop fan age: 9? 🌸 First group ever stan: bigbang 🌸 Current ult gps: bts & stray kids 🌸 Number of albums: +70 🌸 Concerts attended: 6 🌸 Lightstick owned: 0 quote with yours 🌼
vee ♡ sehun vee ♡ sehun
me as a kpop fan 🌷 k-pop fan age: 6 years 🌷 first group ever stan: svt 🌷 current ult gps: EXO 🌷 number of albums: 2 🌷 concerts attended: 0 :( 🌷lightstick owned: 0 :( quote with yours
jøy 🙈✨ jøy 🙈✨
me as a kpop fan 🌷 k-pop fan age: 6 months 🌷 first group ever stan: EXO 🌷 current ult gps: EXO, NCT 🌷 number of albums: 2 🌷 concerts attended: 0 :’) 🌷lightstick owned: 0 quote with yours
Ali Davis Ali Davis
Quote-tweet this with your secret crush.
Justin Rivello Justin Rivello
#Browns fans call out @MaryKayCabot for posting a partial clip of an OBJ quote that makes it sound like his future in Cleveland is uncertain (when the full quote says there's nowhere else he'd rather be): MKC:
Published By : @Justin Rivello
Paranormal_Science Paranormal_Science
Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop. - Unknown #quote
Eric Dahms Eric Dahms
#travel #travelagency #luxurytravel #cruisetravel #2679234 Send us an E-mail at or Give Us a Call at 267-329-9685 to Discuss Your Vacation Plans. Resorts Goto Website: to request a quote.
Published By : @Eric Dahms
Brian Butko Brian Butko
"The hollow doesn't wish the light." Part of my favorite quote uncovered when writing my book on #Pittsburgh’s Luna Park, describing Skunk Hollow below Bloomfield (with Luna at right looming over the dark ravine). @HistoryCenter #PittsburghHistory
Published By : @Brian Butko
Diddi & Mo Diddi & Mo
A pretty hand-painted circus show themed artwork containing quote 'Don't Rain On My Parade' #circusartwork
Published By : @Diddi & Mo
AddQuote AddQuote
— “All the technology in the world will never replace a #positive attitude.” — Harvey Mackay #ThursdayThoughtsِ #attitude #quote via @elaine_perry
rachel syme rachel syme
apropos of nothing, sharing this quote from tilda swinton about her friend, the late the filmmaker derek jarman, a quote that @erikhinton reads to me often and which i think is going to be my entire philosophy going into next year
Published By : @rachel syme
Brandon Ouellette Brandon Ouellette
The shell must break before the bird can fly. ― Alfred Tennyson #Quote #IQRTG
Quote of the day!
Guilty Feminist Guilty Feminist
Unexplained public laughter disrupts the Patriarchy x
4️⃣7️⃣ 4️⃣7️⃣
Guys I need a senior quote help me
Troy Chandler Troy Chandler
My God. @SenateGOP is dead to morality. @marcorubio you like to quote the Bible, now live it. @MittRomney you've shown flashes of independence - do it again. @robportman does this sit well w you? Each of you & others has the power to stop this. Shame on you if you allow this
ProPublica ProPublica
New: Video obtained by ProPublica shows the Border Patrol held a sick teen in a concrete cell without proper medical attention and did not discover his body until his cellmate alerted guards. The video doesn’t match the Border Patrol's account of his death.
Taylor Johnson Taylor Johnson
Crap. I retweeted with a quote something from @benshapiro and now he comes up on my timeline....#mute
Sue Ellam Sue Ellam
You should never be bored, be happy to be alive.- Louis Ck #quote
Published By : @Sue Ellam
To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. ― Oscar Wilde #quote
I’m on TVs all morning to urge you to vote for Quote of the Year
Published By : @Catherine Strong Published By : @Catherine Strong
Paula Andrea Lapidot Paula Andrea Lapidot
"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" -A.A. Milne #quote
Jenny P Demurger Jenny P Demurger
If love is blind then how did it find us??? quote
Published By : @Jenny P Demurger
Christmas Q&A.......Go! Request a Quote Today!
Published By : @1st Choice Insurance Brokers, LLC
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Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations. #ux
me as a kpop fan - kpop fan age: 7 years - first group to ever stan: bigbang - current ult groups: ateez, bts, the rose - number of albums: 0 - concerts attended: 0 - lightsticks owned: 0 quote with yours.
me as a kpop fan - kpop fan age: 1 year - first group to ever stan: bts - current ult groups: ateez - number of albums: 12 - concerts attended: 0 - lightstick owned: 1 quote with yours
She Quotes She Quotes
"When you do your best, people notice." ~ @GirlsAglow SheQuotes quote
Taryn Lamb, CPO Taryn Lamb, CPO
Hopeful thinking can get you out of your fear zone and into your appreciation zone. #quote #inspiration
Published By : @Taryn Lamb, CPO
Lolly Daskal Lolly Daskal
Self -worth is not measured by what you have, no matter how full your life is. ~ @LollyDaskal #Leadership #quote #Management #HR #Success
Dena Technologies Dena Technologies
Ready to take Q1 by storm in 2020? Now's the time to start prototyping your next innovation. We can help you create the required PCB with minimal lead time and short turn-around and delivery. Request a quote today! #PCB #engineering #hardware #tech
Published By : @Dena Technologies
Enchanted Studios Enchanted Studios
What's your favorite movie quote? Number 40 from the AFI's 100 greatest movie quotes of all time
Published By : @Enchanted Studios
Hour Quotes Hour Quotes
I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful. #Quote #DailyQuote #QuoteOfTheDay
By @bridportshakesp : Direct quote from the doc. "The USA reserves the right to withdraw all trade, aid and communication upon the non-compliance of the UK to allow open discussions about the SALE OF all assets within and partnered with THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE" #SaveOurNHS
Mike Lehr Mike Lehr
Very often asking how to make a meeting effective is like asking how to make crap edible. #MLehr #quote
House Top Experts House Top Experts
Need your roof assessed? We got you covered! Book a FREE quote!! 🏘️👷
D2D Millionaire D2D Millionaire
I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed - Michael Jordan #quote #success
Published By : @D2D Millionaire
A Better Today Media A Better Today Media
"Intimacy's territory is found in the deep bond of knowing between lovers. It's about hearts that aren't afraid to be naked with each other." - John Mark Green #quote
Sheda Travel Sheda Travel
Enjoy life by limiting your emotional baggage to a small carry on. - Tim Fargo #quote
Shawn Johnson Shawn Johnson
I'd rather live with a good question than a bad answer.- Aryeh Frimer #quote
💗 kuh 💗 💗 kuh 💗
HOW TO SEE QUOTE TWEETS OF SOMEONE ELSE'S TWEET: 1) copy the desired tweet link (ex: a fic fest's tweet ab. your fic) 2) paste the link into twitter's search bar 3) remove the "?s=19" from the end of the link 4) bust a big ol' nut to people quote tweeting praise of your fic 💖
Roz Fruchtman Roz Fruchtman
Knowledge is the new currency! ~@LesBrown #quote #RozSpirations ((NOW TWEETING REGULARLY FROM @RozSpirations, JOIN US THERE!))
Larry Weidel Larry Weidel
"No person who is enthusiastic about his work has anything to fear from life." Samuel Goldwyn #quote
MBTS Library MBTS Library
Midwestern Book Features |Today's quote comes from On the Incarnation by St. Athanasius #CelebratingtheIncarnation “For, indeed, everything about is marvelous, and wherever a man turns his gaze he sees the Godhead of the Word and is smitten with awe.”
Published By : @MBTS Library
Carolyn Newsom Carolyn Newsom
A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot. - Joe Vitale #quote
Robert H. Woodman Robert H. Woodman
If you don't start somewhere, you're gonna go nowhere. - Bob Marley #quote
A memorable part of training with Jack Canfield is watching him muscle test people and see how WEAK we are when we say "I can't". Our mindset is a powerful for success. Paste this quote from Henry Ford on your mirror if you need a reminder!
Published By : @Kathryn Guylay, MBA, PhD
mega them mega them
Excited for Mayor Pete's inevitable "Reagan was one of the good ones" pull quote.
Jonas Troyer Jonas Troyer
You never know with these things when you're trying something new what can happen. This is all experimental.- Richard Branson #quote
Lisa Ann Lisa Ann
Quote Of The Day: "Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around." Henry David Thoreau. #MidDayMotivation
Blake J Chapman Blake J Chapman
Shopping for #insurance in #SWFL, call us for a fast, free quote today!
Adetunji Gbolahan Adetunji Gbolahan
To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice. #quote #ThursdayThoughts

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