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Could end any day and you know better. Now you watch the Frito Lay, yeah, you know, cheddar. I gotta go to work.

The NCAA asked the U.S. Senate, “Do you think we’ve made progress?” Um...what?! There has been zero progress. The NCAA has had over 115 years to allow economic rights to athletes. Yet, nothing has been done...intentionally.

A United States Senator calls out the NCAA’s “striking hypocrisy.”

You mean to tell me from running my big mouth, that I could chill here in this big penthouse? I gotta go to work.

In the House debate, it’s interesting to hear “The gentleman’s time has expired.” Especially when that gentleman’s time clearly expired in 1865.

It ain't nothing to a boss, my goons got goons. House stupid-dumb-big, my rooms got rooms. I gotta go to work.

Worth your time. After reading this, ask yourself whether this indicates the NCAA really cares about athletes, or cares more about keeping the money flowing to themselves instead of the athletes. The answer is clear.

Don’t listen to what they say. Watch what they do. Frustrated by delay? Yet, petitioning the US Supreme Court and lobbying Congress provided the excuse to delay. The NCAA has no intention of willingly allowing athletes any meaningful economic rights. Ever.

Davante Robinson, from hard working Stetson manager to Stetson player. Awesome.

Swear to God, dawg, they tryin' to imitate you. And, what they need to be doing is tryin' to celebrate you. I gotta go to work.

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