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“We all know where it’s going to end.” This is a difficult issue, but the manner in which it is being handled highlights the leadership void in college sports. Grim, indeed.

I'm so clean, but I'm so grimy. I'm so dirty but, yet, I'm so shiny. I gotta go to work.

Now, the NCAA is asking the United States Supreme Court to help it delay athletes getting benefits a school wishes to provide.

The world is yours, and everything in it. It's out there, so get on your grind and get it. I gotta go to work.

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College sports are not “minor leagues” for the pros. Minor leagues don’t generate billions of dollars in revenue and pay coaches millions (including assistants). College sports is “MAJOR LEAGUE” pro sports. Period.

Not connected. Yeah, right.

I'm here now, you old news. Gotta couple Porsche trucks, couple old schools. I gotta go to work.

ESPN’s Bill Connelly on making a better future for college players.

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