Ken Waymire Ken Waymire
The Lord has spoken and you will obey or be punished... thus saint Schiff speaks. Almost like a DICTATOR
Steve Scalise Steve Scalise
🚨 BREAKING → Adam Schiff just shut down Rep. @EliseStefanik while she was trying to ask the witness a question. Why won't he let her question his star witness? What is he trying to hide? This hearing is a one-sided partisan sham!
11/20 11/20
right now i feel like i'm really good at something that isn't really useful at all even though that's not true and it does contribute Something
jimin looks like a teddy bear pls always protect him
betty betty
and the songbirds keep singing... like they know the score 🦢 🎶
jas🥀 jas🥀
someone said kodak is gay cause he like going to prison LMFAO
seasonally depressed seasonally depressed
hate seeing relatable tweets and not being able to hit the like cause there’s a chance I might expose myself
Tom Rooney Tom Rooney
When you’ve been waiting for Friday all week like you used to wait for #StuartAdamson 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🔥🎸to be the last man to take to the field “Though all we lost in the Autumn days cannot be born again Stand here by me until the ways Of age and youth are one and same” Restless Natives 2/2
🎤➸ 𝐑𝐨𝐲 🎤➸ 𝐑𝐨𝐲
“No. I mean I’m probably gonna go to my room and study or something. Maybe work on a song. Unless you’d like to do something? “
"You're heading to bed already? It's not even that late!"
E 👸🏻 E 👸🏻
so I go in my room and my sister is washing her son in MY bathroom in MY ROOM !!!! like you have your OWN BATHROOM WTF
Itoshigo Itoshigo
You don't know what you got, until it gets ripped away from you, so enjoy it. 😔 You know what that once in a lifetime moment feels like. It makes you so damn happy, but you know it has to end someday. November, where have all the heroes gone?
Pretty sure there’s a crispy tree somewhere just south of Paine Field. Was letting the dog out to pee when that lightning strike hit, sounded like ear splitting firecrackers before the boom started. I may have peed myself, nevermind the dog. #wawx
this concert feels like it gets shorter and shorter every time
who tf do i look like being a virgo? i will forever be a libra
Kylie 💜 Kylie 💜
NASA added a new zodiac sign and these y'all's new signs. How y'all feel? 🤔
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kuthi kuthi
why is he like this.......
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Deep Space Fine Deep Space Fine
My roommate: I don't even really like Star Trek 😒 Also my roommate: Can we watch the Mark Twain episode of TNG 🥺
i don’t want to see my daughter suffer like i did mannn.
Here comes the part that I avoided the most, the part that I hate the most when Pdkt...... Being jaim...........perasaan gw orgnya ngga kayak giniii deh... This is so out of my comfort zoneeee. This is my red zoneeeeeeeeeeee i dont like ittttt
تشي تشي
Like for a random dm
Peppery_Suspense Peppery_Suspense
The network be acting like its scared to connect🤦‍♀️
Be Be
Not to be dramatic but it kind of feels like I have nothing .
Kaaat🤪 Kaaat🤪
Times like these make me miss mia the most. Ugghhhhh 🥺
stephie stephie
costar didn’t have to come drag me like this
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T. T.
You cannot want me and still be doing you, it doesn’t work like that.
wish we got Brogdon so bad smh we’d actually be good, not fugazee like we are right now
bratty e bratty e
those ppl who are like omg should I get a tattoo or pierce my nose or dye my hair n just won’t stop talking about it drive me nutso, stop talking so much just do it n rock it on ur own
Relawan Neneng - Eka Relawan Neneng - Eka
Like Fan Page Facebook Relawan Neneng H Yasin - Eka Supria #NenengYes #BekasiBersinar #Salam5Jari
s0fia barri0s s0fia barri0s
literally what is love and what does that look like because I have NO idea
Ray Hayes Ray Hayes
Haven't unpacked my office after the move to Studio E. They sent an email saying the office would be painted so don't unpack and then it didn't happen and no one replied to my emails. So I feel like a temporary person @Microsoft.
mo. mo.
i thought tik tok was a song. i honestly thought kesha was back. apparantly its like a video app ding.
♚JustDemi ♚JustDemi
|| I feel like my bf knows once we have kids it’s a wrap for him getting whatever whenever he wants .. that’s why he hasn’t given me one. 🤔🤔
🌱 🌱
Like leave me alone
Giselle Mascarenhas Giselle Mascarenhas
Feeling like #charliesangels with my tribe 👊! #girlgang
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Jakiaya Groves™ Jakiaya Groves™
You have to watch that finger when you scroll lol might like something wild 😂
King Frustrated King Frustrated
Because economics isn't the sole indicator to win a war... Like, is this a serious question, or do you just not know how wars work?
need to drive soon so right before the first Wild Area is a good place to stop seems like a solid game so far, still early tho
B4 Carnival B4 Carnival
Instagram will be removing "Like count" real soon. Weh unuh ago do yah now?
Published By : @B4 Carnival
Random thought: I really hope that they turn KNY swordsmith village arc into a movie like they’re with the demon train arc. Literally structured perfectly for it lowkey
👀 👀
My fave FB feature is snooze for 30 days. I don’t like something? SNOOZED.
emilyn 🌼 emilyn 🌼
música antiga da taylor, lágrimas e crise de ansiedade são minhas companhias pra hoje a noite just like every day
EHN Canada EHN Canada
What is it like to live with and conquer addiction? For Bellwood's 35th Anniversary, we've got a heart-wrenching interview from Matt, one of our brave and wonderful alumni. Check out the sneak peek here:
michael botson michael botson
Latvia guy looks like the first time you'd be kinda hard to be only yours.
Pluvlaw Pluvlaw
Uh, that’s complete lie about the unanimous consents. They put in plenty. Par for the course, lie through your teeth, just like Dear Leader.
Aaron Rupar Aaron Rupar
Stefanik characterizes Adam Schiff trying to enforce the rules during today's hearing as "just more of the ridiculous abuse of power that we see from Adam Schiff." 🙃
【I like ~ing.】私は~するのが好きです。 【travel abroad】 海外旅行をする
Ardois-Bonnot Ardois-Bonnot
srs question: Why don't us Latin Catholics do things like this? It seems to me that our ways are very lax! Nothing is stopping us from partaking in this, of course, but why don't we have similar?
Today, November 15, begins the Nativity Fast for Eastern Catholics/Orthodox, a wonderful season of preparing our bodies & souls for the two 'comings' of Christ: at Christmas & at the end of time. I think we Latin Catholics can learn much from the asceticism in the East.
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Ashley Maust Ashley Maust
Finished an online recorded group presentation and all I can think about is that I said “via THE google drive” like an old person 🤦🏻‍♀️
Why else would democrats want 2 impeach or remove this president, bc he has stopped them from continuing their corruption abroad & they do'nt like it one bit, we as Americans should not sit back & let it happen we must go out & vote in 2020 for the betterment of this great nation
really out here w heart palpitations and my body feeling like it’s shutting down and my dr has the gall to mention that I’m not underweight and am ‘weight restored’ like that’s a reason for them not to like hospitalize me or worry
Jun Suzuki Jun Suzuki
Shouldn’t have introduced Ritsu to online gaming. She’s learned like 8 new racial slurs
I’m sorry but I really don’t like when people online show dental work in their hand without using gloves. It’s all about the details.
dragonlord dragonlord
My biggest pet peeve is having to return items I purchased online. LIKE WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?! I’d rather drink hotdog water.
Natalie Schmidt Natalie Schmidt
‘What is abroad like?’ A wee first year asks me. All I have to give is this: you’re tipsy on German beer. You space out of the conversation. When you come back, everyone’s talking about the morality of incest with step siblings in German. A girl you just met asks to get tacos. Ja
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