Kellie! Kellie!
TJ Lavin could hit me that jet ski and I would say thank you!!!!
G¡o G¡o
J™️💭 J™️💭
Did we really need a 10 minute slow mo to TJ on a jet ski. #TheChallenge34
Le Nam Giang Le Nam Giang
Tori said TJ is the most badass person in the world because he rode a jet ski. Wait till she finds out about fighter jets. #TheChallenge34
Sayuri Nami Sayuri Nami
You need to let go
TJ is the best host ever!! He drops bombs , twists, gets pissed if you quit and is enjoying the sh*t out of that jet ski lol #TheChallenge34
Published By : @Sonnix⚡️🌈♠️💎
val val
cuando dicen q cerati no era """"APOLITICO"""" quiero pensar q no escucharon por que no puedo ser del jet set porque si no vengan q les doy su diploma de ESTUPIDOS gustavo zurdati
😺✏ — Me chama e a gnt da um jet
Liz Liz
i'm dying the finale just paused for like 2 minute just for the host to look cool on a jet ski #TheChallenge34
Published By : @Liz
Sayuri Nami Sayuri Nami
Please keep my secrets
Tiffie Beamen Tiffie Beamen
I have a owed trip from jet blue to florida. Spring training might see me next year.
Wolf Wolf
Heyyyy I am back on that Apex jet stream. Lets fly.
Published By : @Wolf
Jenna Jenna
TJ in slow mode on a jet ski 🤤🤤 @ChallengeMTV
Vero 👸🏻 Vero 👸🏻
Look at TJ being daddy af on that jet ski 😍😍😍 #TheChallenge34
Captain Acab Captain Acab
yes slow-mo TJ jet ski montage #thechallenge34
PUMA México PUMA México
¡La gran pelea! 🥊 #PUMAxBALMAIN en colaboración con @Caradelevingne. Disponible a partir de mañana en Jet México.
Brit Yvonne Brit Yvonne
Last week it was an atv and now this week a jet ski. Lawd tj #TheChallenge34
Published By : @Brit Yvonne
what is this montage of TJ on a jet ski with Barracuda playing in the background supposed to do for me? I am uncomfortable #TheChallenge34
Published By : @𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔩𝔦𝔢𝔱𝔱𝔬.🐇
Gabe G Gabe G
TJ on that jet ski tho... #TheChallenge34
Published By : @Gabe G
Love the slow mo of @tjlavin rolling up in a jet ski! #TheChallenge34
Kevin Perez #16 ⚾ Kevin Perez #16 ⚾
Too many dark days. Not enough light shining.
McLobo McLobo
Kandagawa Jet Girls [神田川 JETGIRLS] - 09 () ... #anime / #神田川ジェット / #kandagawajetgirls / #kjganime / #jetgirls
Published By : @McLobo Published By : @McLobo Published By : @McLobo Published By : @McLobo
りんおう りんおう
神田川JET GIRLS最新話を観てたらスタンダードMIXが聞こえてきてゲラゲラ笑ってる
#NowPlaying I Love You - @celinedion || Leaving On A Jet Plane - @chantalkreviaz #SweetMemory @DMS_AMBON
There’s just something about TJ Lavin on a jet ski
Beata Kramer Beata Kramer
I have the weirdest jet lag from my SFO trip last week. Like, I wake up at 7am & do the whole day, go to bed at 8pm because #exhausted, awake at 1am, insomnia, work until 5am, go back to sleep to wake up at 7am. I get 7 hours sleep total still. Just not in the right way.
Hash P Hash P
Because they can.
Muse Lyrics & Facts Muse Lyrics & Facts
Muse with lead singer from Jet, Nic Cester, covered "Back in Black" by AC/DC.
Kevin Perez #16 ⚾ Kevin Perez #16 ⚾
It’s getting really tough out here
Nurin Nadhirah Nurin Nadhirah
yang kat damansara tu sila naik jet ye, aku tau 10:30 sampai mcm yg dijanjikan @balqislizzle @nursabrriinaa @aalyhhh_
Verónica 👑 Verónica 👑
Jet lagged & trying to force myself to stay up 😣
Bay Area surgeon allegedly plotted to kidnap her 12-year-old son from Santa Barbara County, and attacked a court-ordered supervisor in her attempt to do so. She was still able to hop on a private jet to Montana, where she was captured today, officials say
Foursquare Jet Fighter wanted!
💧 Sue Messina 💧 Sue Messina
Australia's aerial firefighting centre has been given an $11 million boost, @ScottMorrisonMP spent $250 million upgrading his private jet whilst our fire chiefs were pleading for additional funds. #priorities #auspol
My Villa My Villa
Hoover has an incredible new line of cordless tools for cleaning your home! Enter now for a chance to win the Floormate Jet! @HooverCA #Giveaways //
The M-497 (nicknamed Black Beetle by the press) was an experimental jet-powered railcar test bed of the New York Central Railroad, developed and tested in 1966 in the United States. Two second-hand General Electric J47-19 jet engines, originally used as boosters for the Convair B
makayla makayla
Just chilling in Paris, eating goldfish at 3am because I'm jet lagged
[n_626if130717r] オゾンビ
Published By : @パルナッソス@ネットビジネス
Niciusvi Niciusvi
jet noturno vive muito 🔛🏌🏼‍♂️
Naruto, My Hero, and One Piece. Naruto needs a good hand with games for once, My Hero would actually do pretty good with one as a Blazblue or Guilty Gear type of fighter, & One Piece would do good with one as a FighterZ type of fighter. Bye Bye Demon Slayer.
Hypothetical; You have to choose 3 of these anime to get an ArcSystemWorks game, which series has to go? Bonus points to you if you can guess which series I would cut.
Published By : @Cold Blaze(Jet Suzuki) Published By : @Cold Blaze(Jet Suzuki) Published By : @Cold Blaze(Jet Suzuki) Published By : @Cold Blaze(Jet Suzuki)
ジェット ジェット
……モメてますね 当然か
A jet ski is classed as a personal watercraft (PWC) and must slow to 4 knots when less than 200m from shore in metro Adelaide shoreline. PWC must also slow to 4 knots within 50m of people in water, and obey signs, speed limits, & other restrictions. Info:
Published By : @DPTI South Australia
Arri💄 Arri💄
I need me a cool lil 40” ... jet black duh
Anne Anne
Jet li
Al'ameen Al'ameen
Ok lets appreciate these legendary actors. Who is your favorite childhood actor?? 1:Jet li 2:Jackie chan 3:Sunny diol 4:Van damme
Published By : @Anne Published By : @Anne Published By : @Anne Published By : @Anne
Batam Pos Batam Pos
TNI AU Kerahkan 4 Jet Tempur
Published By : @Batam Pos
【マイリスト】神田川JET GIRLS #8「にゅうにゅうさま」 #so36045433
ᵐᵃᵈᶦ ᵐᵃᵈᶦ
jai jai the jet plane :(
Published By : @ᵐᵃᵈᶦ Published By : @ᵐᵃᵈᶦ
Sandy Cajas Sandy Cajas
Ditched @JetBlue voy a llegar antes que mi vuelo. El Lunes Jet Blue envío mensaje que el vuelo estaba retrasado una hora luego enviaron otro mensaje que siempre no, too late I lost the flight to finish this comment Don’t Fly @JetBlue

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