Taylor Pechter Taylor Pechter
Is DC Universe down for anyone else? It might just be me, but whenever I go to the login page, it's just a blank screen.
Mark Hamrick Mark Hamrick
Talking jobs report with @thebradsmith and @KristenScholer on @cheddar. I'm in DC today, they're at the NYSE.
Bartholdi Park in Washington, DC is a SITES-certified refuge in the city, where workers from Capitol Hill come to take a breath, smell the flowers, and destress. @DCDPR
🐼 🐼
a dc trip is wayyy overdue fr
kelsi kelsi
where do i rent a lambo in dc 👀
We are here with our friends at the @DC_Courts continuing the DC One Fund Campaign! We are joined by our sister agencies at their annual Health Fair
Published By : @United Black Fund Inc. Published By : @United Black Fund Inc. Published By : @United Black Fund Inc. Published By : @United Black Fund Inc.
SouthernV.O.I.D. SouthernV.O.I.D.
Siempre se ha dicho que RN es la DC de la derecha. Desbordes trae la versión siglo XXI.
RN Desbordes ve elefantes rosados. Hoy aprobar el cambio de Constitución vía Asamblea Constituyente es garantía de una Contitucion Bolivariana. Ingenuos, si llevan las cosas a ese terreno jamás podrán doblarle la mano a la izquierda
Just Moe Murph Just Moe Murph
HELLO DC-MD-VA REGION! And any #KHive that need to blow off some steam. Sean is an amazing musician, who tends to classic rock, but gives it his own original twist TONIGHT! Harp & Fiddle in Bethesda. Incredible local DC region band. Straight up rock that goes!
Just Moe Murph Just Moe Murph
Hey DC, I happened into Harp and Fiddle, Bethesda, late last night waiting for a ride and Sean Chyun and the DCeivers were amazing. Had not seen Sean live in over 5 years and he continues to grow as an artist. Please check out his feed and come out to see him!
白銀 白銀
Dr. Sandra Steingraber Dr. Sandra Steingraber
It’s 11am on Friday. That means global #ClimateStrike. That also means @Janefonda in DC is, right at this moment, leading a #FireDrillFriday action—this one focused on climate refugees and migration. Expect handcuffs. Power to the people.
Fire Drill Fridays Fire Drill Fridays
WATCH LIVE: TODAY, we’re taking action for human rights for migrants and climate refugees! We’re going to shut down business-as-usual for the financial institutions that profit off of the climate crisis and immigrant detention. #FireDrillFriday
Anne Applebaum Anne Applebaum
Is there a conservative case for global institutions? Come hear @DaliborRohac, me and others discuss next week in DC
チャールズ&レイ イームズ。こちらはイームズ不朽の名作シェルチェアです。 ちなみにシェルとは英語で貝殻という意味を持ち、貝殻のような曲面で構成されたチェアになります。
Isso me lembrou meus tios e amigos vindo me visitar em DC e indo no Mc, sentindo a quebrada que eu moro. LAJSLAJSLAJSLASK
campelobru campelobru
acho que eu nunca contei pra vocês, mas eu moro em uma quebrada ne
Tony Sanichara Tony Sanichara
#2020Election Corruption abounds in W, DC. We saw @VP44 calling a citizen a “Damn liar” & Trump using his office for political favors. But no one can point a finger at one candidate: @SenWarren ! She is clean, honest, credible, honorable. She is America’s best hope f the future!
You can't look at my 2012 no more, fellow DC r-pers. There's 2010 so haaaa
It’s clear, trump is speaking from a stage in Bizzaro Washington DC about a perfect Bizzaro conversation. But who really listens when trump says anything anymore? I mean, except all of our enemies and pals@in other countries?
🏌🏼‍♀️sylvie 🏌🏼‍♀️sylvie
Wait, what is TRUMP talking about? 🤷🏼‍♀️🙃🤷🏼‍♀️ wtf
Me as a KPOP fan: -KPOP Fan Age: 11-12 years strong -First group to stan: SNSD -Current ult groups: SNSD, DC, Twice, (G)I-DLE, SKZ, Day6, Ateez, Monsta X, NCT -Numbers of albums: 30ish maybe -Concerts attended: 0 :( -Lightsticks owned: 0 :(
MoneyTalks MoneyTalks
😂 when my outta town serves call it be feeling like a movie “ayeee I know this Guy up in DC hold on let me hit him “ 😂😂😂
I had to write this tweet twice -- bc Twit vanished it first time. It doesn't show on my timeline - could only find bc of add-on tweet - which does show. ZERO engagement Do you think Twit doesn't want me comparing Washington Post to Die Deutsche Wochenschau?? 🤔
DTalks DTalks
Gators in DC
Bradley Beal Bradley Beal
かぎづめ かぎづめ
.@PSRenvironment is proud to be here in #DC participating in #FireDrillFriday with a simple message: the #ClimateCrisis is a #health emergency and the time to #ActOnClimate is now! #DocsSpeakOut @FireDrillFriday
Published By : @PSR Environment #ClimateStrike
病みうさぎ 病みうさぎ
田村玲奈 田村玲奈
𓆏 𓆏
vou ficar com meu dc que ja tenho dois igual e quando ficar velho compro outro igual
Song__Nanami🐰 Song__Nanami🐰
เอไงกัน บอกด้วยแล้วกันนะ นอนแย้ว 555 @jingjoe3005 @Newwy_dc
残金1100円 残金1100円
On 2018-12-22, @RepBillFlores (R-Waco)'s' "Bill Flores For Congress" reported a $171.73 expenditure to "Capitol Hill Club", in Washington, DC for "Food/beverage". 🔎 :
Rosa Labra Rosa Labra
Pero la DC apoya al gobierno, no se haga el yo lo fui, el pueblo sabe de lo que ustedes hacen, dicen una cosa y después apoyan al gobierno y nos perjudican, como la ley antiencapuchados
Fidel Espinoza Sandoval Fidel Espinoza Sandoval
El Gobierno frivolo ha contado con votos de varios parlamentarios de oposición en proyectos emblemáticos y en acusaciones constitucionales. Así q es mejor no mostrarse sorprendidos.
Alexandra Butler Alexandra Butler
SUPA DUPA CONGRATS to my amazing and so beautiful boss lady missymisdemeanorelliott who was honored last night in DC at the urbanonehonors for the Innovation Award... presented by her good sis @LilKim. It’s always an…
Frank A. Kadar Frank A. Kadar
“I Will Fight For Those Who Cannot Fight For Themselves.” - Wonder Woman . . A sketch card of mine for the newly released trading card set, DC Super-Heroes and Super-Villains from Cryptozoic Entertainment.…
Rasmus Auctioneers Rasmus Auctioneers
Office Relocation Auction! Conference Tables, Desks, Chairs, Visitor Seating, Plans Cabinet, Lat Files, Training Tables, Book Cases, Safe, & More! DC -
Joey Joey
I just love the marvel universe. And also DC. I can't wait for the new movies aswell. And all the epic and cool stuff. And also i can't wait to rewatch all the movies that I've already seen.
eu gosto muito da marvel mas o tanto q eu sou cadelinha da dc não ta escrito
indkarinne indkarinne
Hoje, a tv e o cinema sao da dc. Embora seja muito pelo intervalo entre fases da marvel...
indkarinne indkarinne
É inreressante ver a dc tao dominante midiaticamente sem a oposição da marvel... Foram anos que um estudio respondia ao outro.
Solvrtopackl Shop Solvrtopackl Shop
Deal #1093 tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#1093 Viltrox Portable DC-50 HD Clip-on LCD 5inch Camera Monitor Wide View for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR DV | Deals Gift camera Fashion style ⌚ Dec,06,2019 03:05:27 PM 🔗
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Dacha DC Dacha DC
Beer & Bingo with @930TheTruck is back on Monday, 12/8. We've got some amazing @930Club prizes for the winners & anyone who buys a ticket from the @930TheTruck gets a free hot drink! So grab a friend, bring your bumble date, find a cozy spot in the garden & let's play some bingo!
Published By : @Dacha DC
anggun anggun
Yuuk say...Open Bo..khusus panggilan hotel DC??RR?? Cek bio #AVAILBO #bojogja #angeljogja tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#angeljogja #bispakjogja #cewekpanggilanjogja tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#cewekpanggilanjogja #cewebojogja tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#cewebojogja #RECOMMENDED4BO #RealAngel #readyjogja #jogjaopenBO #AvailJogja #JogjaBO #jogjabirahi #jogjaincluderoom tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#jogjaincluderoom #jogjacrot #jogjalendir
Margot Robbie'nin Harley Quinn'i canlandırdığı Birds of Prey filminin afişi yayınlandı! 2020'de vizyona girecek film, DC Sinematik Evreni'nin sekizinci filmi olacak... #lemurdergi #cuma #haber #film #sinema #DC #MargotRobbie #BirdsOfPrey @DCComics @birdsofpreywb @MargotRobbie
Published By : @LEMUR Dergi
Jophriczsa Shop Jophriczsa Shop
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Increase citizen engagement through social, video, mobile and more. Government Communications - Washington, D.C. | Use promo code “BESTRATE2020” to save! (A.L.I.)
by Rosa Labra

Igual le están dando el manso color. Si el proyecto es una mierda, pero los artículos más criticados fueron votados por la DC más la derecha.
. .
RT @Ali_Aldousi17: @irinatsukerman Turkey used the strong well funded Qatar's lobby in the DC to block the bill. Qatar's money 💰 has done t…
Igual le están dando el manso color. Si el proyecto es una mierda, pero los artículos más criticados fueron votados por la DC más la derecha.
Ernesto Águila Z. Ernesto Águila Z.
Votar a favor de legislar un proyecto no significa votar a favor de este. Los diputados de izquierda rechazaron todos los artículos que criminalizaban las formas históricas de protesta social. El proyecto se aprobó con los votos de la derecha y de la DC. No perder tanto el foco.
Make no mistake.... #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#CrisisOnInfiniteEarths is the biggest live-action event any DC property has ever done. I don't think it will ever be topped. I don't see the #DCEU tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#DCEU doing something on this scale. Maybe 1day I'll be wrong & I'll admit it - but this is DC's #Endgame tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#Endgame. Cant Wait
Matt Sheehan Matt Sheehan
Mr. Riley has been presented with this flag that was flown over the US Capital for his participation in a WWI memorial ceremony in Washington DC.
Published By : @Matt Sheehan Published By : @Matt Sheehan
Minority IDEAS Minority IDEAS
Weather in Washington, DC at 09:20 AM is 40.12F
Zona Educativa DC Zona Educativa DC
#6Dic programa 30 la Escuela Posible con la Profa Graciela Rapisarda con el tema Navidades Victoriosas 2019 amenizado por los cantautores de Zona Educativa de la División de Cultura. @NicolasMaduro @PsuvAristobulo @RosangelaOrozco @REDCAZE1 #NavidadesVictoriosas tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#NavidadesVictoriosas
Published By : @Zona Educativa DC
BAMS Radio BAMS Radio
Tough Iron Bowl, and a new DC in the works? We talk that and more on this BAMS with @DrewD977ESPN @ThomasHWatts & William "Redfish" Barger
Buxton Opera House Buxton Opera House
The musical sensation that’s been rocking the nation for over 18 years returns on Saturday 18 January! Featuring the greatest classic rock anthems of all time, including Queen, AC/DC, Bonnie Tyler, Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi, Journey & Guns N’ Roses. Book now:
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