A-Z of climate anxiety: how to avoid meltdown
Anxiety_Sugar Anxiety_Sugar
Consequences to do with abandonment or negative image/perception of me. I’m always scared of rejection in that way. However, with my low self esteem it sometimes worries me that making the wrong decision will make me horrible, terrible, etc. #BPDChat
Carl Dunn Carl Dunn
What do you think gets in the way of making good decisions? Emotions? #BPDChat
Nelisa Gqiba Nelisa Gqiba
woah ndiyadikwa ngabantu. Also andiyazi leye social anxiety ivelaphi ekugugeni😪😪
Main reasons why you always indoors?
Servet Çelik Servet Çelik
Life: Anxiety,bad decisions,negative people, reality, responsibilities,stress Me:
caption this caption this
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Bee Bee
I am one big ball of anxiety today
chibenho chibenho
Do you listen to an old song and just get PTSD from it ? The level of anxiety kukere gives me eeeeh 😂😂😂😂 #Alevel
Maria Myka Maria Myka
Is anxiety-induced fever even a real thing because I can barely get up after my anxiety attack yesterday. Barfed up a storm then woke up with a fever. 😑
Jessica Becerra Jessica Becerra
This game gave me anxiety but WooHoo!!!
ѕℓєєк ѕℓєєк
Where is love in anxiety
Riyah Riyah
I say this every time but American horror story gives me so much anxiety but i still watch it 🙃
soph ✨ soph ✨
gakuen babysitter legitimately cured my depression and anxiety
Just listen to kotaro talking instead of going to a therapist
#SelfcareSunday Colouring is a great anxiety and stress reliever! Thank you liftedleafcolouringbook 💛 #selfcare #colouring #anxietyrelief #liftedleafcolouringbook
Valerie ⚓ Valerie ⚓
Currently having an anxiety attack but whatever no big deal. 👀😫😭
Today I gave birth to my anxiety. I huffed and I puffed to survive the crowd, I’m out of breath and lost my strength but I do know I can survive the panicking. That’s progress, right?
gab gab
ball of anxiety
r r
My mom never comes to ottawa bc driving here gives her anxiety but she did it n im so happy
kelsey kelsey
omg that scares me my anxiety said: 📈
🦋 🦋
idc what anyone says. the world is literally ending soon. it shows.
#PrenatalAlcoholExposure a major cause of #FASD harm to brain development, resulting in vulnerability, risk, #BehavioralHealth problems, including #anxiety #depression #suicidality #OpioidUseDisorders #violence #trauma #BrainFunction #CausalityCrisis -#SharedFacts
ColonelSanders ColonelSanders
I'm excited to see Osirus get some story chops he deserves, but all the limited content is exacerbating anxiety at a time of year when I definitely don't need help with that.
When in large gatherings please understand that some of us are not comfortable with hugs & lack of personal space & loudness. For introverts it is a time of anxiety & stress. We are not trying to offend or be rude.
Artemiza Artemiza
My ship's fan-children~ They are twins and never, but never separate (keron is very dependent on his brother as he has social anxiety and the only ones who understand him when talking to his father (Error) and his brother.) #errormare #nighterror
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MoonoverNY 🇺🇸 MAGA MoonoverNY 🇺🇸 MAGA
Feeling the anxiety tonight.? #nightb4horowitzreport
xochitl quiroz xochitl quiroz
brb channeling all my anxiety about finals into missing one direction
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Michaela Matherne Michaela Matherne
My anxiety started with the saints
Dojah Dojah
Man after anxiety and heart attack we got it hell of a game tho 11-2 Baby Leggo!!!
Lallie🔞 Lallie🔞
Bkdk au where 16y/o Izuku goes to therapy for anxiety and to help deal with his internalized homophobia but the fact that his therapist is the hottest man he’s ever seen, his type right down to his ego and smirk, doesn’t help.
kav kav
2019, you opened my eyes, you put me through really hard times, you changed my life in so many ways, you gave me so much stress and anxiety, But you made me stronger than ever. You also made me believe that I can go through hell and still come back with angel wings.
Cole ☃️ Cole ☃️
there's something about watching trisha paytas going through a drive thru and getting food that relieves my anxiety and it's so strange.
Tiktok boys doing that "hand over your anxiety/bad vibes" trend and then beating them up Me:
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Bette Davis 👀🍬 Bette Davis 👀🍬
A friend told me about his ex drinking while pregnant. The 15 month old baby obviously has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. So sad for the baby. She has developmental & behavioral issues, extreme separation anxiety, etc. you have to be a real POS to do that to your baby. Makes me so mad.
what is it called when you have anxiety about your car making weird noises bc i severely have that
Anxiety Fear Factor: You go to a restaurant that you placed an online order to and they don't give you half your order right away, and you must tell them that you had more to your order. You are also on a time limit.
The saints really give me anxiety smh
hixtape hixtape
Ladders now ..... if y’all didn’t act like animals they would probably have less anxiety about the airports
Kathy Dutton Kathy Dutton
#BlueFamilyPrays Holy Father Please Help Dawn with her fight against Depression, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Pain, Suffering & all PTSD symptoms. Lay Your Healing Hands on her and heal her & give her Peace & joy. In Jesus Holy name I pray 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
K.Ruff K.Ruff
Haven’t had an anxiety attack in over a week. And here I am currently
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Richard Lindeman Richard Lindeman
Best CBD Oil For Anxiety - Doctor Recommended - CBD Oil via @YouTube
Trust me , good weed will make you breathe manually until the brain overrides the anxiety software and puts you back on auto pilot
Meik🤠 Meik🤠
Meine social anxiety fickt mich ich hab so angst vor Menschen
Adam Muller Adam Muller
Sorry for the lack of streams lately. I've had some personal stuff (depression, anxiety, family and holiday stuff) get in the way of my streaming lately. I'm going to do my best to get more streams in and will be back on a regular schedule after the holidays.
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Alison Gaines Alison Gaines
This is so true of my son. Its always been a daily battle getting him to school since he was 4. He suffers with separation anxiety & often makes himself vomit to escape going. School don't help & in fact are making the situation worse. No CAMHS assessment available for 3 months!
The association between anxiety and poor school attendance.
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Things are better today, but I don't think the tincture I picked up is a perfect replacement for the capsules. Plus I feel like I've been cheated out of the past few days, as all I could do was try to deal with high anxiety. Hopefully the package will be delivered tomorrow.
knife bird 🔪 knife bird 🔪
sudden anxiety about my upcoming uni exams next month 🙃
ASSid 🍑💧 ASSid 🍑💧
Fear of the dark🤡: Fiction I am Jane, eighteen years old and a singer. It all started when my dad died, and I started having anxiety issues, expecting the worst from everything. What's worse was the fact that I could feel a presence in the bathroom with me A thread
Published By : @ASSid 🍑💧
This why I have bad anxiety right here these fcken saints
Sonny Sonny
I wish I could live by myself, then it would be this quiet all the time. I just want to live in peace. Without conflict, without anxiety and stress, without tension. No matter what I feel as though I'm stuck in a loop. I can't get a break from any of it.
A n a l i s a ☽ A n a l i s a ☽
My anxiety can finally chill out
Brianna. Brianna.
My anxiety has been so bad today. Like I literally can’t stop shaking.
©️ ©️
bruh my anxiety this morning my god #yayarea
Chelsi (Chili) Chelsi (Chili)
Starting an indefinite break from weed today, might end up quitting entirely. Curious about how it'll affect my performance and life overall. I used to smoke before sets to ease my anxiety, but as I've improved at controlling my nerves, I feel like it's only hurting my execution

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