Dan Spears Dan Spears
Pretty rough whistle for Utah State to open the second half. Hopkins is getting some Boeheim-level calls
Dan Gruenberg Dan Gruenberg
You are only allowed to wear a head band if you are good. Dude from Utah State just missed 3 wide open 3’s in a row. Time for you to take the head band off. #MarchMadness
Jason Walker Jason Walker
Some friendly calls for Washington have put a damper on Utah State's attempt to reel this game back in. Aggies still trail by 10 points 45-35 with 15:39 to play.
Silvana Effio Silvana Effio
Fellow journalists here are some of the job opportunities available to work with our news team at Telemundo Utah O&O by NBC : ◾️Weather Anchor ◾️Digital Producer ◾️Technical Ops Specialist ◾️Content Producer PT ◾️Producer
Stroogleman Stroogleman
Starting to think Utah State is cooked, but I know if I act in that they’ll promptly go on a 9-2 run or something.
I picked Utah State eeeeek. #MarchMadness
God damn!! Washington is getting away with murder out there and Utah State’s getting called for fouls on clean blocks #UWvsUSU
Adam Smith Adam Smith
Fantastic Friday night vibe here in the Columbus arena district. People are off work and there's an energy. Palpable, some might say. @3LeggedMare_AD, just feet from the Nationwide Arena doors, has become the Utah State spot. Aggies banners on display.
Telemundo Utah Telemundo Utah
#TraficoUtah #Choque #Crash I-15 en dirección SUR en la milla 285. LEHI. Condado de Utah. HOMBRILLO DERECHO Hora estimada para el despeje de la vía: 6:53 PM. #TomeSusPrecauciones
UDOT Traffic UDOT Traffic
Crash SB I-15 at MP 285 (Lehi) Utah Co. Right Shoulder Est. Clearance Time: 6:53 PM
Minwoo Kim Minwoo Kim
Park City, Utah
Published By : @Minwoo Kim Published By : @Minwoo Kim Published By : @Minwoo Kim
Taylor Molis Taylor Molis
Utah State getting those offensive rebounds though...
USU Men's Hoops USU Men's Hoops
Media TO - Utah State trails 45-35 with 15:39 to play. Aggies with 10 offensive rebounds in the game and will have the ball out of the break. #AggiesAlltheWay
Yochu 👽 Yochu 👽
Utah State????????
Utah eSports Utah eSports
DotACapitalist has gone live streaming Dota 2! @DotACapitalist #DotACapitalist #UtahEsports #Esports #Gamers #SupportLocalGamers #Twitch #UtahGamers #Utah
Published By : @Utah eSports
MiC Damone MiC Damone
Utah St. stinks..
Eric Schneider Eric Schneider
Utah St is brick city this is the worst tourney I can ever recall
Utah State doubling Noah Dickerson aggressively off Hameir Wright on the weakside. We'll see when Mike Hopkins sacrifices some size to get more shooting in that spot with either Naz Carter or Dominic Green.
Slava Bunescu Slava Bunescu
Warm day in Calgary today - +16C - great time to walk with Utah in our Fish Creak Park. :) В горах ещё лежит снег, а у нас в Калгари уже тепло - аж плюс 16С - классное время погулять с…
Have you ever waited anxiously for this moment on your way to Utah? ☺ #FlyingSolo #Selfie
Published By : @Super 8 by Wyndham St. George UT
College Hoops 365 College Hoops 365
CLAVE para entender el Washington vs Utah State ... 💯
Brian Hamilton Brian Hamilton
Sam Merrill before Friday: 21.2 points per game, eFG 55.1%. Sam Merrill on Friday so far: Three shots, no makes, zero points.
Berkeley CA Patch Berkeley CA Patch
Castro Valley Murder Suspect Arrested In Utah
Published By : @Berkeley CA Patch
Castro Valley Patch Castro Valley Patch
Castro Valley Murder Suspect Arrested In Utah
Published By : @Castro Valley Patch
Castro Valley Murder Suspect Arrested In Utah
#teamCDOT #teamCDOT
#23 on Utah State is straight trash, can’t make a wide open lay up, can’t rebound, can’t hold on to the ball. Does this literal scrub have grease on his hands? Wipe them off, disgraceful. #MarchMadness #UtahState #Aggies
#UDUBHoops #UDUBHoops
Utah State's strength is its halfcourt defense, Huskies can't walk the ball up over and over
ure_too_close ure_too_close
😒caucasians... Cody Tripp was being held w/o bail in Utah after he was investigated for a $3 fraud purchase. A search revealed his connection with a May 14, 2012 homicide of Jordan Vigil, whose body was found in Tripp’s Castro Valley, California.
Published By : @ure_too_close
Bailey Fisher Bailey Fisher
This Queta dude from Utah State is the real deal 👀
Derek Peterson Derek Peterson
did webber just say the 8-seed utah state aggies are "over their heads and playing a team over their heads" in an 8-9 matchup? did i hear that right?
Celfers Celfers
Come on Utah St
Kelli Jensen Kelli Jensen
Utah State looks like a church basketball team.
Standard Sports Standard Sports
Northern Utah! @boxelderhs_adm has its basketball alumni tournament starting tonight and proceeds go to a young Perry girl fighting brain tumors. Here's more about the games, or how to donate otherwise:
Aj Sutter Aj Sutter
This Washington Utah State game is definitely fixed 😂
When I get settled in Utah one of the best lessons yet.
Mitt Romney Plaza Mitt Romney Plaza
Utah members of Congress call for release of Mueller report - Deseret News
DinsFloor MakeOut DinsFloor MakeOut
23 on Utah State is Jessie Govan. Not a compliment.
Juan Jimenez Juan Jimenez
Bracket busted it Utah state doesn’t pick it up 😓 #marchmadness
Jason Crigger Jason Crigger
If the refs allow UW to play physical while calling Utah State for ticky tack stuff the Aggies have no chance.
ben jacobs ben jacobs
White headband sighting in Utah game
Boomer Cycling Boomer Cycling
Utah based Mercury Wheels apparently is looking to shake up the carbon mountain #bike wheel market with some innovative new material tech. Under the vague name of Fiber-X, Mercury claims this new composite material goi... via @cyclingboomer #velo #cycling
Published By : @Boomer Cycling
Jacob Jacob
why did I pick Utah St.🤦🏼‍♂️
ClevelandBlue ClevelandBlue
Queta for Utah State just not quite smooth enough with his footwork. Very stiff sometimes.
Jeffery Reynolds Jeffery Reynolds
Utah Auto Loans for Bad Credit - Make your dream a reality.
Utah States big man is really bad
Nathan DeHaan Nathan DeHaan
Mike Bibby playing on Utah State?
Columbus Dads Group Columbus Dads Group
Obligatory #MarchMadness2019 inflatable pic! We’re divided in our brackets between ⁦@UW_MBB⁩ and Utah State! #RepTheRivalry #DoveMenPartner #CityDads
Published By : @Columbus Dads Group
arturo arturo
washington is doing an amazing job the way they’re holding off utah st
Kevin Skaggs Kevin Skaggs
Utah States big man is absolute trash
Dylan Dylan
Come on Utah
ゆたろう ゆたろう
Veronika Tait, PhD Veronika Tait, PhD
Thank you to @BenMcAdams for being our Utah voice! Transparency is key.
Rep. Ben McAdams Rep. Ben McAdams
In the interest of transparency, the public deserves to see the Mueller report. Last week I voted for a resolution supporting the public’s right to see what is in the Mueller report, to the extent allowed by law. #utpol

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