Lakers 80-2 Lakers 80-2
Whoever wins the championship this year the best player on that team is the best player in basketball. Only for the Clippers, Lakers, Bucks, Rockets though.
Cellular Sales Cellular Sales
The Cellular Sales team works hard to provide total customer satisfaction, but we have fun while we do it! Experience our culture of camaraderie and dedication as our newest Verizon Sales Consultant. #Sales #Rochester, NY
北海道旭川市出身の役者・演出家 相馬あこさんが作、演出をつとめる舞台『team』のお知らせです。
次回公演! 5周年記念公演第3弾! 舞台 「team」 作・演出 相馬あこ @シアターサンモール 2019.11.27〜12.8 出演者 西銘駿(男劇団 青山表参道X) 上西恵 森田涼花 八島諒 山中翔太 山本学(男劇団 青山表参道X) 竹匠 金子昇 イジリー岡田 他 公演ページ #舞台team
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Watching #Titans this season. Writing has been awful. Krypton is honestly the smartest person on the team
Join the Brandon Women’s Basketball League! If you are interested in registering for the 2020 winter/spring season, please read the following information and then fill out the registration form. Once registered you will be added to a team and play games…
Published By : @Basketball Manitoba 🇨🇦🏀
Luis A. Garay Luis A. Garay
These Niners finally playing a real team. 🤭
Edna Edna
I'm with President Trump! Congress MUST support national security and FUND THE WALL I’m On Team Trump ! And Am Truly Happy I Am!!!!
Icon Icon
Russell tryna our the team on his back
I want the Viking Raiders on my beer league volleyball team #RAW #VikingRaiders
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Mona Mona
Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.
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Matt Weis💯 Matt Weis💯
So why would you join a team knowing the policies of the leader had?🤔🤦🏻‍♀️
Tasheed The Maniac Tasheed The Maniac
I like this team Viking Raiders they give old school vibes #RAW
Due to teams salaries, I think this team is our team unless we shop the buy-out market. Just gotta hope for improvements from Williams (x2) and Theis
Chris Mannix Chris Mannix
Eight wins in a row now for Boston. Celtics brass needs to be hunting big men on the trade market. This team might be a defensive-minded/rebounding big man from being a legit threat in the conference.
ArtsJournal ArtsJournal
Dean, Ira Brind School of Theater Arts: The University of the Arts seeks a visionary and collaborative leader to join its team as dean of the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts. The new dean will play a key role in formulating and enacting strategies to p…
#TheVoice recap: #TeamJohn stands out during Top 20 performances
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espresso fan espresso fan
The absolute STUPIDEST football team
Kevin Kevin
Raiders probably have equal or lesser talent than NYG. Yet they have a winning record. Why? Coaching matters. Not expecting team to be playoff competitor but there’s no reason for them to be bottom feeders, except poor coaching.
PC Basketball PC Basketball
If you don’t like College Basketball well then you may need to go to the doctor and get yourself checked out. What a win for this team and the first of many for our guy at the helm @CoachQF24! Here are just a few clips of how the final score came to be! #GoBlueHose |
Sbone Sbone
Garapollo is an average QB. Without this defense the 9ers aren't even an 8-8 team imo
Troy Fleming Troy Fleming
I get @WWE wants to push new tag teams , and they are doing a descent job...Viking Raiders, Heavy Machinery, etc., but let’s be real it’s not a tag team party without : THE @WWEUsos
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Heavy Weight Champ Heavy Weight Champ
OJ team just scored some fantasy points
剣さんのサカつくRTW 「明日の為に」② 当たり前の事を偉そうに呟く⚽️ APは通常回復分しっかり回すべし‼️ 4時間10分でフル回復。 頑張れば1日200AP。 リーグだけならおよそ2年分。 1日おきにINTLC‼️ 仕事中や授業中は駄目だぞ☝️(笑) #サカつく #サカつくRTW #サカつくサポーター
Published By : @流浪の剣さん we are part of this world
Thata 🍼 Thata 🍼
Ele tava olhando foto do pai dele 💙🤴🏻
Published By : @Thata 🍼
🌽 Pops 🌽 Pops
How much of each team’s week of practice is set aside to choreograph and rehearse end zone celebrations? #SEAvsSF
The better team takes the lead
James B. Terry James B. Terry
Is a Celtics-Lakers final the best possible outcome for the NBA at this point? Ratings took a hit last June. Kawhi Leonard couldn’t sell viewers like LeBron James does. I’m guessing no East team really sells too well. You get James back in the Finals with rivalry history.
Gerweck Report Gerweck Report
Legendary tag team to kick off NWA Powrrr
Support UG 48 Support UG 48
Member of AKB48 team A #Sato Sumire
Yam Haus Street Team Yam Haus Street Team
Street Team Power Move: drive people places (back to your college). Play and talk about @YAMHAUSBand . Find out they are fans. Discuss more, promote, share. Boom.
Laura Ramirez Laura Ramirez
There’s nothing I love more about football than the team pics after a defensive turnover
ʙʀɪ ʟᴇᴇ🦋 ʙʀɪ ʟᴇᴇ🦋
I went to get my nails done today and the man asks me what my football team was and when I said raiders he told me “ohhh you like them bad boys huh?”💀💀
Great support for the team in Pachuca! 👏👏👏
Chivas Femenil Chivas Femenil
¡Gracias por apoyarnos hoy en Pachuca, ChivaHermanos! 🙌🇦🇹
Harsh Lapsia Harsh Lapsia
Proud of @OpIndia_com team ! Journalism ethics of highest standards
Nupur J Sharma Nupur J Sharma
Whatever we have quoted Nidhi as saying, is from the very India Today link that Nidhi herself has shared. You can ask Nidhi to produce a video clip perhaps. Besides, we have also included her response, something journalists like her would never do
No team up? @Richieee_G @dior_ @__Woodall @do_u24
Jeff Johnson Jeff Johnson
I’ve only played running back on scout team in high school so I could be wrong here but maybe the Seahawks running backs should not fumble
CricFoot CricFoot
NBA team. LAC VS TOR. #Cricfoot
Published By : @CricFoot
Lightfoot Stan Lightfoot Stan
Devonte Graham lost 3 games in a season at AFH. KU Twitter was ready to throw that team away in January
KU Fran Fraschilla KU Fran Fraschilla
I really miss having D’Tae and or FMlll. I miss having that guarantee of winning and having full confidence that we will always win no matter what. #kubball
♚ Sol ♚ Sol
Team orcas
DolarToday® DolarToday®
¡Asombroso! Grupo de orcas se lanza a la persecución de tiburones blancos (Video) #USA #11Nov
Spencer Reid (RP) Spencer Reid (RP)
🔥Criminal Minds 🔥Spencer Reid 🔥BAU Team @HeroicLibertine @SpunkyTechie @OrphicValor 🔥Looking for mains 🔥Writer for #JuJubes
Published By : @Spencer Reid (RP)
Bulls Gold Bulls Gold
Is this a serious response by a head coach? How does this meatballness get tolerated? On top of that he contradicts himself.
Published By : @Bulls Gold
Phillip Kaminski Phillip Kaminski
Would love to know when and if @WWERollins would announce who’s on his team before #SurvivorSeries??? #RAW
Lexington United Lexington United
Great night 1 of National team tryouts; the talent depth across all age groups and all positions this year is very strong! Looking forward to a strong finish on Wednesday. 15/16’s go 5-6:30; 12/13/14’s go 7-8:30 and 17/18 go 8:30-10. See you all then!
best team in the league
Legion Hoops Legion Hoops
Celtics win again, and secure the best record in the NBA: 8-1.
Just to bring some positivity and light to the world me and my team did THAT❤️💙 so happy and proud to ~B~ a part of this program 💕
collin ⛈ collin ⛈
this niners team is SO GOOD WTF
QOTD guys!! Today, let’s focus on the JPS/Kempeitai. What outcomes/fate do you think they will have in Season 4? Do you think they’ll be destroyed? Maybe team up with the Reich? GO! #HighCastle #themaninthehighcastle
Published By : @The Man In The High Castle Humour and Discussion Published By : @The Man In The High Castle Humour and Discussion
Matt Stokosa Matt Stokosa
Talk about collapsing when you play a decent team... #NFL100 #MNF
soojung soojung
She broke the female high jump record at Dream Team 2 with SHINee’s Minho.
Patty Balenseifen Patty Balenseifen
Putnam City mourns the loss of one of our beloved HMS PE teachers, Tony Gwinn. Tony was an outstanding role model, family man, and a team player in every aspect of life. Those who knew him in any capacity will remember him forever. #pcproud

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