I wanted some nuggets so bad why would they ever run out 😫😫😫
Q1 - Rockets -4, -115 1H - Celtics / Cavaliers O105, -110 Bucks -10, -190 Pistons / Pelicans U230, -170 Nuggets / 76ers O204, -170 Probably got a little too wonky buying points, but I don’t like having a hook involved. I can’t lose by the hook if there is none.
ScøJø 3.0 ScøJø 3.0
Aren't boneless wings just nuggets?
my debit card would say “you bought 197271 chicken nuggets” “you spent 354$ on MLQC” “let’s reflect on your savings: 0.”
sloane sloane
me standing in front of the oven when the timer says 30 seconds till my chicken nuggets are done
jorge ivan jorge ivan
poodle gets very excited when his owner shows up to pick him up from doggy daycare 😂
Scream Scream
Emotes, Haircut, and wendys spicy nuggets...
Liz✨ Liz✨
All this girl does is tweet about Big Macs and chicken nuggets AND SHE STILL HAS ONE OF THE BEST BODIES IVE EVER SEEN. I hate you so much @sarah12fowler
sarah 🦋 sarah 🦋
Just had my first spicy chicken nugget from Wendy’s and yeah they’re pretty damn good I can see where all the hype comes from
KDPhoenix KDPhoenix
give me the nuggets you worthless fool
Published By : @KDPhoenix
Owen Carron Owen Carron
NBA scores Dec. 8 Nuggets 102 @ Nets 105 Hawks 122 @ Hornets 107 Bulls 105 @ Heat 110 (OT) Raptors 104 @ 76ers 110 Clippers 135 @ Wizards 119 Kings 110 @ Mavericks 106 Thunder 108 @ Trail Blazers 96 Timberwolves 125 @ Lakers 142 Sorry for late tweet, running late this morning.
zupport kid zupport kid
13 nuggets con catsup y una sodita en la boquita
TReese82 TReese82
(SAT.) NBA OKC-DEN PICK: The Thunder visit the Nuggets in Denver! Nuggets win thanks to C Nikola Jokic: NUGGETS 124-114
marianna 🤟🏻 marianna 🤟🏻
Ustedes hornean, fríen o lo meten en la freidora de aire los nuggets?
Zoe Vaughn🌻 Zoe Vaughn🌻
Me when I want Luke to go get me chicken nuggets
ً ً
keep liking my tweets and we gonna end up like this
04/08/17❤️ 04/08/17❤️
tô comendo nuggets com ketchup e tomate, muito bommmm
lucky🇿🇲 lucky🇿🇲
I don’t know why I thought 9 nuggets would keep me full. That’s child’s play because look now it’s 1:30 in the morning and im hungry.
wenlatte wenlatte
Los nuggets de McDonalds son lo mejor que tienen en el menú , change my mind
Published By : @wenlatte
whenever i post something sad my friends always think something’s wrong with my relationship, like no i’m probably crying over chicken nuggets or the fact that baby yoda isn’t real
Melizza Melizza
Great. Now nuggets are on my mind too... 🤦🏻‍♀️
Cody Bondarchuk 🌾 Cody Bondarchuk 🌾
I worked at McDonald’s for two and a half years and I put 11 nuggets in almost every 10-piece I made
Cyn Champlin Cyn Champlin
I want to thank @McDonalds for teaching my son a very important life lesson. Sometimes you don’t always get what you pay for by leaving out not just his chicken nuggets but also his Happy Meal toy. Much appreciated.
someone: *says the n word in the sonic verse* the sonic verse: hey don't say that now we're gonna place you in a grave me: *watching in the background while eating chicken nuggets* wow . . . . . . so hows the pokèmon verse doin-
Published By : @мιleѕ ''тaιlѕ'' prower
tejah. tejah.
some spicy nuggets would be so torch rn
Phaillyks ⚗ Phaillyks ⚗
Ok ok mais n'oublie pas qu'avec ma boite de 9 nuggets tu doit me mettre 2 sauces ✌🏻
Tucucu Tucucu
¿Sabes de qué están hechos los NUGGETS DE POLLO?
‎ٓ ‎ٓ
Foreigner voice: Corn nuggets, check it and see, I'm going to put some corn nuggets in me, come on baby, you should try it with ranch, the corn nuggets, corn nuggets, all right
Travis Heath Travis Heath
How come almost no one talks about basically every season Michael Malone has coached the Nuggets, he’s had more rotation players than spots? Tim Connelly and his staff have been exquisite at drafting, but expecting Malone to handle this conundrum every season is a tall task.
I still haven’t had spicy nuggets since they came back.
Ash 🌻 Ash 🌻
I want dino chicken nuggets
Halie ☄️ Halie ☄️
someone buy me nuggets pls & thank u 😔😔😔
Ministar12 Ministar12
Not going to lie this was #mcdonalds at #sanjose when we alwaya went in their and bought $50 worth in nuggets and frys their and they were fast too. @Iori_Yuzuru #cosplaylifecycle #cosplay #animeconvention #anime…
Agent 8 Agent 8
World of Light Parody: ♪ Chicken Nuggets are my fav-o-rite food I like muffins and cheese cake too. Can I have some of your blood, please~? I promise that I won’t hurt your kneees~! ♪
Megan Megan
I want chicken nuggets and a nap
Me thinking about chicken nuggets . . 📷: Ely Wig: @ArdaWigs Luthien in rust red . . . #cosplay #wendys #daishocon @Wendys
Published By : @Orangecorgi_jess 🍊 Katsucon
CNL ☘️ (16-5) CNL ☘️ (16-5)
The Celtics have beat... Bucks (20-3) Heat (17-6) Raptors (15-7) Mavericks (16-7) Nuggets (14-7) Pretty impressive ☘️
Published By : @CNL ☘️ (16-5)
Nesscook🇩🇿 Nesscook🇩🇿
j’ai dormi de 19:30 à minuit. Jsuis comme une ouf il est 01:14 j’me fais des nuggets jsuis affamée
Time to live broke for a bit til I can spend in JP. Dino nuggets for breakfast
flor do lixo flor do lixo
0 companhia p dividir meus nuggets veganos
ɱα૨ℓεɳε ɱα૨ℓεɳε
Se me oferecerem nuggets têm o meu coração 🤗
Alildore Alildore
PLEASE @AWCanada keep these Vegan Chicken Nuggets. I'm in love omg I could cry
a+ insuportável a+ insuportável
eu: *passando mal o dia todo por causa da gastrite* also eu: hm vou comer uns nuggets e fazer um molho misturando ketchup, maionese e mostarda 🥰🥰🥰
Omar Hersi Omar Hersi
Jayson Tatum led the Celtics with 26 points in their win over the Nuggets on Friday, shooting 4-for-8 from three-point range. It was Tatum's ninth game this season with at least four triples -- he had eight such games in his first two NBA seasons combined.
me at wendy's, age 4: chicken nutgets pwease >w< me at wendy's, age 14: I'll have chicken nuggets, thanks. me at wendy's, age 21: i want chitken nutgets pwease. uwu
Rocky Mountain Honda Rocky Mountain Honda
Honda is the official vehicle of the Denver Nuggets and we think tickets are on the Christmas list this year! You could win them here - ! #OfficialVehicle #DenverNuggets #Elevate #Nuggets #Honda #MileHighBasketball #Giveaway #EnterToWin #HolidayGifts
Published By : @Rocky Mountain Honda
akoe akoe
I want nuggets but I really don’t want to get up lmao
It's one of those days where you have a mental breakdown and eat chicken tenders And then cry at the fact that they're not dino nuggets 😭
Jaz Jaz
The bluu’s “orange chicken” tasted like off brand Tyson chicken nuggets
kev🍣 kev🍣
Boneless wings are just extra breaded chicken nuggets, do better
imagine eating chicken nuggets at taylor’s house... wtf HEAVEN
November_Scorp November_Scorp
The latest now majestic nugget of STUPID from a real life King LOL First of all, NO WHITE organization is paying Zimmerman MILLIONS. White ppl are not celebrating Zimmerman by giving him anchor spots on t.v. NO WHITE company is giving him endorsement deals #MichaelVick
We invite you to join your student for lunch in the cafeteria on December 12th. Adult visitor prices are $3.80 cash only please. They will be serving sliced ham with a roll or chicken nuggets with a roll, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, apple pie delight, and ice cream
RT @RepMarkMeadows: Another IG report nugget: as we suspected, FBI kept using Chris Steele even after he was terminated for cause. Bruce Oh…
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