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Report: Indiana School Bus Driver Speeding Before Crash With Garbage Truck: The bus driver was driving too fast and experienced a glare from the sun before the collision, according to the crash report. Twenty-one people were injured.
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Indiana Republicans push anti-trans legislation days after gender-neutral license victory via @thinkprogress
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.@IndianaWBB vs @TexasWBB is a great game. 4+ min left, Indiana up 1. Key stat: The Longhorns have gotten the offensive board on 17 of their 33 chances, just over half. Tune in as it goes down to the wire on @ESPN_WomenHoop!
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jill111 / Pixabay Santa Claus, Indiana is a special town that embraces the magic of Christmas all year round. One of their local retail attractions, Santa’s Toys, reached out to Marcus Lemonis for his assistance in growing their business. Their
Anthony Clough Anthony Clough
That was good!!! #steak #dinner @ Muncie, Indiana
Excellent viewing of the @Space_Station in Indiana tonight. never gets old. Science rules. 👍 #SpotTheStation
ㅤㅤㅤؘ ㅤㅤㅤؘ
às vezes me dá vontade do nada de escutar música indiana? e eu não conheço nenhum. porém achei uma muito boa agora, amo
Lucy Perry Lucy Perry
Emergency crews respond to motorcycle crash with injuries - Indiana Central News
Indiana teachers hurt by Airsoft guns used in active shooter drill say sheriffs went too far: @stephgosk has more now.
Can’t wait to spend some time with my Indiana friends tomorrow 2-4pm! Hanging at the grand opening of @AshleyHomeStore : 10135 Indianapolis Blvd Highland, IN 46322 United States Oh also a chance to win @ArianaGrande tix 🤘🙌👏
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'Terrified': Teachers, kids hit hard by shooter drills via @usatoday #threat assessments# lockdowns my quote in here stop doing madness which doesn’t help make schools safe
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[Job] Mechanical Engineer | Company: Prestige Staffing Services | Location: Fort Wayne IN Indiana United States | #Fort #Wayne #Mechanical #Engineering #Jobs | More info at
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Indiana Jones ride stays with the SLAPS
Aneela Aneela
Texas is forcing the action. They need to stop doing that otherwise Indiana will upset them. They need to slow down. #ncaaw
Notorious Swan Notorious Swan
Indiana be outta pocket
Jeff Kukuk Jeff Kukuk
Look who came in first for Team Southern Indiana! 68/100 free throws made!
liyanna liyanna
Ok im gonna name my son indiana jones
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Pulled the ol Indiana Jones switcheroo! Check out more One Piece, streaming now on AnimeLab! 💰⚓☠🗺
4Q | 4:27 (Media TO): Indiana leads Texas, 60-59. Penn - 21 points, 4 rebounds Yeaney - 15 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists Wise - 10 points Don't miss this finish 👇
Rick Cantu Rick Cantu
With 4:27 to go, Indiana has 60-59 lead on @TexasWBB @JoynerTooTall has double double 10 pts, 10 rebounds @statesman @marchmadness #OneMore
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#ChangeTheSubjectOfAFilm Indiana Pete and His First Crusade !
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Indiana Teachers Say They Were Shot "Execution Style" With Pellet Guns in Active Shooter Training || Via Slate
The Indiana teachers who were shot with plastic pellets "execution-style" during an active shooter drill later said such drastic measures weren't necessary because they understood the gravity of the situation
jhonna jhonna
Wow Karina said I’m never sober 😓😓😓
capitu ✠ capitu ✠
5 curiosidades acadêmicas desnecessárias sobre mim: 1- meu sonho de criança era ser algo entre a Xena e o Indiana Jones 2- fiz faculdade de marketing 3- já pensei em fazer veterinária 4- meu sonho é ser jornalista esportiva 5- ainda farei faculdade de história algum dia
Caio D 🇮🇹 Caio D 🇮🇹
5 curiosidades ACADÊMICAS desnecessárias sobre mim: 1- Sempre quis fazer Geografia 2- Flertou com Jornalismo 3- Vou me especializar em mobilidade urbana 4- Tô no 5 período 5- Meu sonho estudar em Universidade da Capital
Pellets hit teachers during active-shooter training in Indiana
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112-89. Durant y los Warriors superaron cómodamente a los Pacers de Indiana -
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Iowa Baseball Iowa Baseball
B9 | Leonard walks Barr after a full count... one man on, one man down for Indiana. #Hawkeyes
Gwenda Gwenda
It would be cool to take a drive to see this tomorrow night 💫 💕
apparently the cries for more games got heard, because espn2 has switched to Indiana vs Texas for a bit. 3 points apart in the 3rd quarter, anyone's game.
Donte' Booker Donte' Booker
#Texas vs #Indiana going at it on ESPN gotta love it
Eleanor Eleanor
Really? Or were they indicted for 'beating handcuffed man'? Please these are cops, not you or me. If it got to the point of indictment there is nothing "alleged."
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🍢Attention Indiana Noles 🍢 A few of us are meeting at Wolfies on Geist - Fall Creek Rd. ⏰6:40 tip Come out support you @Seminoles ! #GoNoles @JustinSmith317 @IndySeminoles @Ken_Brewer @KentuckyNoles @FSUAlumni @FSUTuckerCenter @FSUSAA @RealCharlieWard @CinefunkMedia
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Clemson now up 73-61 with 2:00 left. Texas and Indiana playing down to the wire. 59-56 Texas with 6:00 left.
IndianaThinker IndianaThinker
Only in Indiana.... 'It hurt so bad': Indiana teachers shot with plastic pellets during active shooter training via @indystar
Duck Territory Duck Territory
Six minutes left in the Texas and Indiana game, Oregon and PSU will start 30 minutes after the conclusion of this one. Texas leads 59 to 56, so overtime is a possibility. Ducks tip-off looking to be around 6:45.
Kevin Michael Keske Kevin Michael Keske
Kelvin Sampson coaching Houston into the second round, while Indiana enjoys the NIT >>>>>
Erin Brinker Erin Brinker
Burglar Tries to Flee From 90-Pound Dog by Jumping Out of Indiana Home’s Window, Is Met by Police
Geoff Brown Geoff Brown
Nathan Browns last college performance...until Graduation next month that is! I'm crazy proud of this young man! — attending Friday Night Live at Indiana Wesleyan University Chapel Auditorium
Paul Schmidt Paul Schmidt
This Texas-Indiana game has lost all rhythm. Plus the best player has 4 fouls. Hmmm
deidre deidre
Indiana, why?
IndyStar IndyStar
'It hurt so bad': Indiana teachers shot with plastic pellets during active shooter training
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Texas is in the bonus with over 6 minutes left in the 4th. Indiana may be in trouble if they can't keep the Longhorns off the FT line. Especially when they are 50 feet from the hoop and fouling.
dest💙 dest💙
Indiana later on
threefifthofaperson threefifthofaperson
Two Indiana Police Officers Face Federal Charges in Videotaped Beating of Handcuffed Man
Scott A Thornsberry Scott A Thornsberry
And still going!!! #cupcakes #cupcakewars #cupcakesfordays #baker @ Huntington, Indiana
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I need a sugar daddy. I’ll do whatever you want, DM me :) #findom , Text me on +15672315425 and be blessed, #sugarmommyneeded #sugarbaby #sugarbabydating #Texas #Canada #Usaa #becu #secu #wellsfargo #chase #gay #michigan #ohio #indiana #NewYork
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Indiana Nomma e Osmar Milito Trio – 23.03.2019
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Two officers indicted for allegedly beating handcuffed man
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OPINION: Niagara SPCA helping find homes for dogs, cats from Indiana
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Alex Robbins Alex Robbins
The officials in the Indiana-Texas women’s game have called like 9 offensive fouls in the second half. Two of them were offensive fouls. 5 or 6 were defensive fouls. And one or two were nothing at all. Abysmal officiating.

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