Apple highlights apps to help families manage autism amid the coronavirus via @CNET
Top story: EU Highlights Blockchain Benefits in Digitization Write-Up , see more
ah não ah não
Arrumei meus destaques do ig que tinham as aquarelas, agora todo mundo pode ver!!!
The easiest way to get the medical folks to take pause & really notice our community? Warrior Highlights! Email or w/photos & a short description of your journey thus far. We seek to feature all stages of TSWS, all are Warriors! #tsws #heal
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AleXa AleXa
◾ [ HIGHLIGHTS ] ◾ #AleXaReleaseParty 🎉 Highlight Clip #1 – Do Or Die EP Listening Party (ft: @Official_IN2IT) ⇢ Stream "Do Or Die" EP: #StaySafeWithAleXa #알렉사 #TwitterBlueroom #SaveAleXa #DoOrDie #AleXa @TwitterKorea
Danny Pearlstein Danny Pearlstein
Belated April Fool's?
HB Valerie HB Valerie
“Distancing Is a Privilege”: Pandemic Highlights India’s Class Divide as... via @YouTube
Superb Beyond LDL Webinar @ACCinTouch w/ACC China & @DLBHATTMD - #acc20 highlights: icosapent ethyl, PCSK9i, ANGPTL3i @TheFHFoundation @nationallipid @ASPCardio @UM_Cardiology @Amarincorp @atherosociety @Novartis @Regeneron @pfizer @EsperionInc
Cleveland Clinic MD Cleveland Clinic MD
A pulmonary pathologist highlights the diffuse alveolar damage seen in patients infected with COVID-19:
8️⃣ Year Anniversary 🎉 It’s been 8 wonderful years bringing you announcements, celebrations & highlights. From our first state appearance to numerous signing day celebrations we were there for you. Thanks fans & sponsors! Everyone stay safe. Go Hawks!!! #Twitterversary
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rajbabu rajbabu
COVID-19 HIGHLIGHTS | 217 Indians who returned from Italy test negative, national tally stands at 2547 via @NewIndianXpress
nashburns nashburns
Hey @GOP this whole mess that highlights trumps failure, it’s on you! You know he is inept you know he is totally unstable and unsuited !! You all have blood on your hands
Bradford Zone TV Bradford Zone TV
TV HIGHLIGHTS | NCIS: LA | Sky One 5 April 10:00pm
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ali berisha ali berisha
LIL LANO reagiert auf - Ufo361 - "Allein sein"| Stream Highlights via @YouTube
Matt Matt
Watching the 2008 Carling Cup Final Highlights on @SkySports and @jjenas8 took a right clobbering from Carvalho! Ref waving it off I think Jenas had a point ha
Blue Moon 🌖 Blue Moon 🌖
#NotifyNYC: Enjoy NYC's parks from home! Visit for live video tours, meditation, fitness classes, activities for kids & more. #COVID2019NYC #COVID19Pandemic #NYCLockdown
J.R. J.R.
I’m Listenin’ To VIRTUAL Basketball Highlights Dawg... Wtf Even Is That!? 😔
Wiz Wiz
I still check the NBA app for highlights smh lmao
Nithya Ruff Nithya Ruff
This whole chain highlights some amazing teams working on #opensource #CHIME a project to help with #COVID19 modeling. Please get involved. They could use more hands and help.
MooseQuest MooseQuest
As we move into the weekend I want to highlight all the hard work from @Penn and @PennMedicine that have contributed to the #CHIME App to battle #COVID19 which is helping hospital systems worldwide plan and ultimately save lives. Their work is amazing, and I so glad to be helping
NBAOldHead NBAOldHead
Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan Highlights (1998.02.01) - 51pts All! Kobe ...
Ishai Barnoy Ishai Barnoy
Working on a Schubert song that’s all about labor and material conditions in a world of social isolation, and there isn’t a single recording of it that highlights this aspect well enough. Nor, perhaps, can there be one. Or maybe they all are, in a lazy Romantic way.
R Ø B I N ⚪ R Ø B I N ⚪
It also feels significant to mention that a lot of medical professionals are dying after long hours on the job. The situation highlights capital shortages in a system where people work long, stressed hours and never have a chance to stabilize their own immune systems.
How is anyone tweeting about anything other than the fact that young doctors and nurses are dying in America because of a failure to provide adequate PPE? How is not every politician, governor, hospital administrator, celebrity, athlete, and news person NOT screaming this?
akala ata nila sila nagpauso nung highlights na yon. Yay!!! Better sneak in our world, the dancesport world 🤷🏻‍♀️ sorry not sorry!
Rebecca Seawright Rebecca Seawright
Enjoy NYC's parks from home! Visit for live video tours, meditation, fitness classes, activities for kids & more.
Kena tengok highlights nigma vs og ni
British Vogue British Vogue
What is more uplifting than a touch of outre fantasy? Revisit #BritishVogue's whimsical couture photoshoot, worm by the ultimate cast of model megastars and captured by Nick Knight in the rolling green hills of Richmond Park, London:
Published By : @British Vogue
flutlichtfieber flutlichtfieber
🔊🙌💥Emotionale Highlights aus den Fankurven der ganzen Welt: #groundhopping #fankultur #football #fans #wirbleibenzuhause @11Freunde_de @kicker @FasziFankurve @SkySportNewsHD
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Kevin St.Jean Kevin St.Jean
Cant believe the @OHLHockey is hosting their live draft online without any audio. What's the point of having any of the player highlights etc or doing the video at all....SO DISAPPOINTED!
i miss the purple highlights
Published By : @𝐲𝐮𝐦𝐧𝐚⁷☀️ Published By : @𝐲𝐮𝐦𝐧𝐚⁷☀️
Stuart W Stuart W
#bbcrl great programme of highlights
FUT_Flauto FUT_Flauto
Stream highlights! Freue mich drauf die beiden Karten zu testen! 😍 Maguire aus der Zusätzlichen WL Aufgabe - 10 Siege! 👍🏻 Packs von Ramsey = 1x Busquets! 🙏🏻 Morgen mach ich mich an Bergwijn! 🔥🔥
Published By : @FUT_Flauto Published By : @FUT_Flauto Published By : @FUT_Flauto
Wales v Germany 1992. Not many highlights for us at international level but what a front 3 we had then. #RushHughesSaunders
NYC: Enjoy NYC's parks from home! Visit for live video tours, meditation, fitness classes, activities for kids & more.
Mel Gomes Mel Gomes
After showing highlights of Cup Finals from the eighties yesterday evening, Football Archives 81/82 is on BT Sport at the moment. And then World Cup classics on BBC1 at 2.30pm. Programming that could help make 12 weeks fly by.
I uploaded new templates, this time related to Taylor, if you want to see them, I leave you my highlighted link of my templates, they are the last ones that are there...
USL Brasil USL Brasil
Vamos rever os melhores momentos das Semifinais da @USLChampionship de 2014 Harrisburg City Islanders (atual @PennFCOfficial) e @SacRepublicFC avançaram para a grande Final de 2014🏆 2014 USL PRO Playoffs -- Semifinal Highlights via @YouTube
Jimothy James G Jimothy James G
Loving the #bbcrl challenge cup final highlights on bbc1 now @BBCSport 💪🏼✅ #rugbyleague
DTrejo DTrejo
Counseling Matters! Check out the latest SMORE from me and my school’s librarian! Important tools from people who care! @HARTROCKETS1 @hartreadersroc1 !
Martin Taylor Martin Taylor
Four years of Newport pub highlights for you as tentatively plan your next Welsh holiday.🤞 @visit_newport
LHHS Athletic Boosters highlights our six senior baseball players; Jaxon Copeland, Zach Levenson, Billy Poure, Clay Dodson, Gabe Santiago , and Bryce Dunigan! Your season may have been cut short but your Silverhawk Pride is a reason to celebrate! ⚾️
@Bhaumik @Bhaumik
Review your 2019 PUBG MOBILE Highlights!
Published By : @@Bhaumik
♛ N’Jadaka ♛ N’Jadaka
Y’a les highlights des matchs et les snaps pour qu’il y croit 🤣🤣🤣 Ça va le faire
DarkKnight DarkKnight
Plus tard je vais faire croire à mon fils que j’étais un putain de crack au basket et que j’étais sur le point de signer pro. Mais tu connais confinement.. COVID-19 bref fin de carrière prématurée 🤷🏽‍♂️
Farewell to #StevenUniverse: The @WashingtonPost profiles Steven Universe creator @RebeccaSugar (BFA 2009 #SVAAnimation) and highlights the show's impact on young LGBTQ viewers.
Kevin Miley Kevin Miley
Case in point. Today’s news highlights. Not ONE positive news story.
Published By : @Kevin Miley
Kevin Miley Kevin Miley
Come on news media. It’s not always doom and gloom. Stop feeding and giving power to this.
@EVKDailyMenu @EVKDailyMenu
Today's sandwich selection energetically highlights sautéed brussel sprouts with a side of enticing the common cold!
Hitpoint Masters Final Highlights eSuba vs Cyber Gaming Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3 - Game 4 - Enjoy :)
Published By : @Ketorin ERL Highlights
bomaglobal bomaglobal
Want to see highlights from our recent Boma COVID-19 Summit? Check out this globe-spinning interactive map created by Idea Ink: #BomaCovid19
Published By : @bomaglobal
StudentsAtTheCenter StudentsAtTheCenter
"Leaders to Learn From" is a yearly report from @educationweek that identifies some of the nations most exceptional school district leaders and highlights their impact on the success of educators and students. Learn from their struggles and successes!
Published By : @StudentsAtTheCenter
Bradford Zone TV Bradford Zone TV
TV HIGHLIGHTS | Trigonometry | BBC Two 5 April 10:00pm
Published By : @Bradford Zone TV
Instagram Sport Instagram Sport
England win Cricket World Cup final - watch highlights
Published By : @Instagram Sport

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