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Today I feel so happy and so blessed (I know, that's too American but idc), hope you have a good day and a good life!
Claire Langford Claire Langford
MYEPAD training for students and staff @royalhospital Old lecture theatre, 29/1/20 1pm. No need to book. Overview, uploading/viewing assets, Q & A.This will be the last session @CPL_CRH will provide for current MYEPAD users. @SP_Collis @JaneTurnerStH @EBeddingham @st_helenas_uni
Cpl.Dunn Cpl.Dunn
Up the stairs!
iPSの心臓筋肉シート、患者に初移植 阪大チーム実施:朝日新聞デジタル
Exciting news, after lots of hard work by the team we achieved CPL for our release candidate. The calm before the storm.
Yahoo!ニュース Yahoo!ニュース
【聖マリ入試 女性差別でないか】 聖マリアンナ医科大学の入試について第三者委の調査の結果、性別・現浪区分で配点がつけられていた。大学側は「意図的な」得点操作については認めていないが、実態をどのように考えるか、医学部専門予備校に聞いた。
ばそー ばそー
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Cpl.Dunn Cpl.Dunn
Area cleared! Move into the building!
Superb effort from our very own Cpl David Johnson. 👏 #NoOrdinaryJob #ServicePice #DSPG #AgCSport #RMP #ArmyConfidence
David Johnston David Johnston
Liverpool Open Kata Champion. 1st one back. Plenty of work to do for the upvoming season 💪🥋🏆. #Kata #Karate #TeamTASS #ArmyKarate #TeamKanzen #TrainHardWinEasy #GojuRyu #WUKF @ArmySportsLTRY @AgcSport @ArmyLGBT @RecruitmentAgc @1MPBrigade @TalentedAthlete @ArmySportASCB
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194thEN_BDE 194thEN_BDE
Approximately 200 soldiers graduated from the Basic Leader Course Friday January 24, 2020 during their deployment in the Middle East. Among those soldiers was Cpl. James Johnson from the 194th EN BDE.
Published By : @194thEN_BDE Published By : @194thEN_BDE Published By : @194thEN_BDE Published By : @194thEN_BDE
Grace CPL Grace CPL
Recent winner of the national “Kids In Museums” award, the People's History Museum in Manchester - is a national museum of democracy for interactive family galleries and regularly changing creative events. It’s never too early to learn about past struggles.. #familyfun
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Kamzou L Kamzou L
Aleeyaharry Aleeyaharry
Yg single tu jum lah pura2 cpl,sampai kita terlupa yg kita pura2 :)
Cpl.Dunn Cpl.Dunn
Move! This is a timed course.
It’s totally accurate that Ana adoption company wld let a cpl adopt a kid where the kid didn’t speak English and the parents didn’t speak Slovenian
Sauna🏁🏀 Sauna🏁🏀
Jadakiss - Why (Official Uncut Version) ft. Anthony Hamilton via @YouTube @Therealkiss
Cpl.Dunn Cpl.Dunn
Stop firing from the hip!Aim down your sights!
Wasn't gon go to the bar tonite *BUT*.. Finna go up in here have a cpl rds and watch the highlight reels play on SC 😞
masa cpl dngn kau , aku je beria nak jumpa family kau bagai tapi kau tak pun sebab kau takut , reti bawak anak dara org keluar tapi telor tkdk pi mampuih ja la
_aleeyasuu. _aleeyasuu.
Still sekolah tkyh ngada sgt nk bercouple kalau cpl tu pun cinta monyet😂🙈
Apa alasan paling kukuh korang single?
Cpl. Josh Ray Person Cpl. Josh Ray Person
중위님, 다른 전달사항은 없었..
Anthony Comiskey Anthony Comiskey
I have been blocked by CPL Moderators in Facebook. My Facebook profile including Messenger has been blocked. I have been discriminated against, harassed by CPL, Facebook for years. I used the word "Idiot." Not a bad word of course but CPL, Facebook using that to get me!
Cpl.Dunn Cpl.Dunn
You missed some targets,just keep moving.
Codex is slowly working on the #HomeAutomation setup. Enjoying playing w/fun new tech & software 🤓 Have a cpl fun automations for lighting/motion, vacuum cleaning & device detection. Next up will be departure & arrival scripts! Then general safety and security. #NFGArmy
🦄 🦄
Let me explain what double standart is, when Lizzo was waitin for her nom/award, she said “Beyonce” cpl times. But yall said “Oscar for best acting” hmm 🤔 when Billie was waitin for nom/award, she said “pls not me” cpl times. But yall said “she is genuine” hmm 🤔 #GRAMMYs
Pick Me Out Yaoi Pick Me Out Yaoi
Kutukan apa nih kutukan 3 bulan? 6bulan? 9bulan? Terkadang cpl pun ada pasang dan surutnya, menurut aku kunci nya itu komunikasi!!! Dan menikmati setiap moment yang ada!
Gravesham Conservatives Gravesham Conservatives
On Saturday Cllrs; @MeadeJordan, @garyswsf, @AslamEjaz and @sregdiral were honoured to attend a moving memorial service for L/CPL Henry Eric Harden VC.
Very moving to attend a Service of Remembrance for L/CPL Harden VC, who 75 years ago posthumously received the #VictoriaCross for sacrificing himself to save others. #Northfleet #WeWillRememberThem #Gravesend
Published By : @Gravesham Conservatives Published By : @Gravesham Conservatives Published By : @Gravesham Conservatives
Take time out of your Australia Day public holiday to fill up your vehicle as the weekly price hike in Perth comes into effect from 6am tomorrow (Tues), ULP up 14 cpl on average. Check the mobile friendly FuelWatch website for the cheapest price near you
Published By : @ConsumerProtectionWA
Cpl.Dunn Cpl.Dunn
Just switch to your other weapon! It's faster than reloading!
Violet Violet
Manager who hired me said “have you worked here before? Who hired you? When?” I was like..... a cpl weeks ago &you did...... he said “really?” 🙃 I want to go home so bad but I’m making myself stay because it still only takes one. I’m here for it even if I have to cry btwn sets
droopy droopy
I've just watched episode S05E14 of Jane the Virgin! #JaneTheVirgin #tvtime
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masong masong
Scratching my head while watching sometimes Watching DeanPharm&suddenly they turn into OhmFluke😒 switching constantly make the viewers confused.When the medias talk abt this cpl,they end up calling this cpl OhmFluke cuz it's easy for them.Any voting activities,also use real name
_( :⁍ 」 )_ _( :⁍ 」 )_
บางครั้งดูๆไปแล้วก็เกาหัว ดูดีนภามอยู่ดีๆ กลายเป็นโอห์มฟลุ้คเฉย 😒 สลับร่างกันเป็นระยะ คนดูงงไปหมด สื่อต่างๆเวลาพูดถึงคู่นี้คงงงเลยสรุปว่าใช้ชื่อโอห์มฟลุ้คไปนั่นแหละง่ายดี เขาโหวตอะไรกันก็ใช่ชื่อจริงหมด 55555555 #UWMAseries
Cpl.Dunn Cpl.Dunn
Watch out for civilians.
14時50分です…(・ε・)プップクプー #残り10分
Adrian Thomas Adrian Thomas
The number of wides signalled by the @CricketAus 2nd string umpires when the ball has clearly has struck the batsman down the leg side. The standard overall in this tournament has been overall poor compared to @IPL @CPL and @VitalityBlast
Cpl.Dunn Cpl.Dunn
Clear the first area.Go!Go!Go!
Kay D. Kay D.
This is going to be me in the future.
Published By : @ビンボートレーダー山田 Published By : @ビンボートレーダー山田
Elier Barreto Elier Barreto
FREE Workshop - Monday, January 27th, 2020 via @aniksingal
Jadakiss - Why (Official Uncut Version) ft. Anthony Hamilton via @YouTube
We Are The Dead We Are The Dead
Cpl. John James Hancox (Canadian Infantry - Quebec Regiment). Apr. 9, 1917.
Cpl.Dunn Cpl.Dunn
You are gonna get us both in trouble with the General man.Get in The Pit and run the course, dude.
ここだけの話… 2時ですぉ!
itulahhh itulahhh
MasyaAllah ukhty pelan pelan napa.. #bacotansantuy #Senin #SeninAmbyar #ukhtinakal

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