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“currently dead for tax reasons”

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Would you rather Ohtani

It’s kind of fun watching the true blue checks pretend they don’t care about losing it

In honor of opening day, what’s your favorite complete game victory that you threw to start a season?

The smell of roasting meats of a questionable nature. The verdant green of freshly painted grass. That first sip of whisky to chase the demons away. Opening Day. There is nothing more sacred.

I wonder if this is how the British felt when we beat them at their national sport, war.

*weeping deep red tears as I clutch my copy of the Gadsden flag* well, real baseball soon

Smoltz just said “Theater” in the same voice Mrs. Lincoln used for Ford’s

It’s kind of fun to imagine John Smoltz looking at some of the world’s great works of art and just absolutely dismissing them with the most casual disdain. “Did he really need this much paint? In my day we had to save paint.”

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