James Mahan James Mahan
Jerry Palm has Memphis in the NY6 bowl. LMFAO.
One of a kind One of a kind
Zuckerberg defends political ads policy and warns that China's censorship model is being adopted on big platforms via /r/technology
Ya Mutha 🗣 Ya Mutha 🗣
I’m here cause ya mutha likes big old dick 😂😂😂🥴
~Klaybin ~Klaybin
Kung okay ba ang lahat mamahalin mo rin kaya siya?
Happy to help, people NYC is a big place.....these dogs need homes. This guy is young, you can have a long happy time with him, so just do it, take him home.
Terrie Puckett Terrie Puckett
Last but definitely not least is Chuck (second one on our list) . Another PUPPY and yet he is dog 20 of 20 on the @NYCACC kill list for Tuesday. Our RTs and pledges to woo a rescue or foster can save him but Chuck needs a RT boost @chucktodd
Part of the Remnant Part of the Remnant
Final Report From House Antitrust Probe Into Big Tech Expected by ‘First Part’ of 2020
𝐚. 𝐚.
looked like a clown. big yikes.
Chi🌱 #Entropy Chi🌱 #Entropy
small donation but BIG hope!🥰
Published By : @Chi🌱 #Entropy
madi ✰ madi ✰
big acc oomfies pls use my fancam <3
Went to go watch T2 on the big screen w/20 min of #DarkFate and the @drafthouse and @Terminator pulled the old bait and switch and just showed us ALL of Dark Fate. Folks, I'm here to tell you, this is now a Dark Fate Stan account. I was all in. We don't deserve Linda Hamilton.
Alamo Drafthouse Alamo Drafthouse
Sarah Connor and The Terminator had a little something special to say to our audiences who showed up to watch T2 tonight...
NZ Herald Business NZ Herald Business
The big, scary numbers in Netflix's third-quarter result
Jimmy Boyd Jimmy Boyd
Looking at the Raiders schedule. When’s the last time this team played a home game? Not sure if I’ve ever see a team on a stretch like this. Might have been a big factor in their weak/Packers strong performance today
Polo👨🏾‍🎨 Polo👨🏾‍🎨
My forgiving heart to big, Ion want it no more 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jen Malkazski Jen Malkazski
I'm glad I'm not a betting person, or I'd lost big tonight. Think I pretty much guessed every match wrong. However, still all and all a fun show. #BoundForGlory
If I’m a clown, does that make @futanarchy the Big Top?
Outpost in the Burbs Outpost in the Burbs
Big announcement tomorrow!
alice ღ alice ღ
yeah we big tipping this man
Rjay Joubert Rjay Joubert
Sean Payton has got to be the front runner for coach of the year. Missing all these weapons and still finding creative ways to win against big threats... #WhoDat ⚜️
Chris💪🏾 Chris💪🏾
🤨 but u got the big box of gold fish...
VonnDaDon🦍 VonnDaDon🦍
#TXSU RT to save a students life. Please be safe y’all. It’s dangerous out here 😔
Just an FYI about these shoes...they run big
Fat Kid Deals Fat Kid Deals
STEAL!! adidas Tubular Shadow for $23!! Sort by color, size, and price on desktop;
Published By : @KombuchaChai Lover Published By : @KombuchaChai Lover
“BIG YUCK para sa mga taong pilit kang sisiraan at ipapahiya para sila yung maging bida.”
shiela shiela
I have my own predictions na about their 3 big announcements today. So first, may mga locations na sila for their upcoming free concert. According to Tatang Robin, it will start next month na. And take note, 10 places yun dito sa pinas. Sana isa yung Olongapo dun. 🙏🙏🙏
Jack Mckinley Jack Mckinley
k so I had an alarm set to wake me up that included a dinosaur getting thrown at me and it somewhat went wrong so now I have this big red bruise on my head
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bolt bolt
to always try and leave a positive impact everywhere and on as many people as you can because a small hand you gave someone can become a big time favor they’ll do you lol
Daddy Chill Daddy Chill
People tell me my lips are big but I think they’re like medium sized lol
liamisDADDY liamisDADDY
Like Todrick Hall, James Charles, Logan and Jake Paul are C list celebs. Imagine what the real big names do in Hollywood.
A de amor A de amor
comi um big mac agr, mas ainda to cheia de fome....
THE BIG STORY: Vaping culture goes underground in S’pore | The Straits Times
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Rappa Rappa
big juicy fried moist chicken sandwich munchmunch
Dilo Dilo
a big thank you to @SystematicalAB1 for the new pfp!!! I was legit thinking about making a new Puyo related pfp soon lmao
Theresa Theresa
I think my dog saw a UFO yesterday. He was pretty freaked out when he came in from the yard. Kept looking overhead with his eyes all big. And skittish. Maybe it was an alien. Or a Pokemon.
Tim Fernando Tim Fernando
#Eagles should go get Corey Davis... underperformed with the Titans, super talented, quick, big... just thinking out loud here, see people wanting Emmanuel Sanders, don’t think at his age it’s worth trading for despite being clearly a good player.
Madison.com Sports Madison.com Sports
Packers notes: From ‘questionable’ to ‘gritty,’ injured receivers come up big for Green Bay
n tava dando nada pela história da iolanda mas ouvi e tô quase chorando agr 👍🏼 big day
🍒 🍒
i can't stop looking at him smiling this big because i swear he's the fuel of joy in my life, he's the one that keeps me going, it seems like he guesses how much i just need to see him happy because that is sure to make me happier too
leslie leslie
my little brother got a job at panera 😭 proud big sis
bridge bridge
boyfriend by big time rush
best song in the world best song in the world
which song is this?
Published By : @bridge Published By : @bridge
like its big band-aid time and it was refusing to scab PLEASE SIR CAN I HAVE PAIN RELIEF
Bey Bey
Lmaoooo who hurt you big bros ?
I don’t understand why some girls tell they friends a nigga is off limits cause he gave you JUST A COMPLIMENT NOTHING MORE ! ... no convo or nothing .. EXPLAIN 🥴🤔
tara tara
i cant wait for when timmy gets like BIG big, and i can say that i stanned him before all the locals came 💅🏼
La gente hace demasiado big deal de los posts de facebook
Andreas Cseh Andreas Cseh
Used & Abused Kids by Big Capital Interests #HongKongProtesters
Published By : @Andreas Cseh
SuperBean SuperBean
Rand Paul Explains the Two Big Lies of “Democratic” Socialism I Kibbe on Liberty
James Mahan James Mahan
Jerry Palm has Memphis in the NY6 bowl. LMFAO.
Edward Browden Edward Browden
It’s pretty astounding how big the GOP’s corruption actually is. Raising so much money to keep corporations in power & give them more tax breaks & incentives. Vote Republican if you’re down with this corruption.
Michael Ahrens Michael Ahrens
The @GOP raised 4X (!!) as much as the DNC last month: Sept RNC 27.32M DNC 6.98M 2019 RNC 168.7M DNC 66.5M Cash on Hand RNC 59.2M DNC 8.6M Debt RNC 0 DNC 7.2M @GOPChairwoman running laps around @TomPerez at this point.
#YangGang tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#YangGang! Can Tulsi get some #YangGangLove tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#YangGangLove on this showdown poll.🧢It was started on a big Hillary account. I don't ask for your guys' help very much. When I do, you always come through. 💙 They started with an unfair advantage given it's a Hillary page.
Hillary's World Hillary's World
So, @TulsiGabbard has challenged @HillaryClinton to run again. Which woman would you vote for? #Hillary2020 #Tulsi2020
Robb Robb
I loved seeing dak getting fired up talking trash, then here came the big men to the rescue! Don’t mess with Our QB. #WeDemBoys tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#WeDemBoys
George Dagnino, PhD George Dagnino, PhD
The inventory accumulation is too big. production has been declining as expected. Need to stay patient for things to play out? . Subscribe on for investment implications.
David Clark David Clark
#Illawarra tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#Illawarra Flames into the SCG T20 Regional Big Bash Finals -
Published By : @David Clark
hmm. babs is one of a kind. but the sea is big and there are a lot of other fish.
Big thank you to Caitlin from the ZM Radio team for making the switch to plasma! Plasma donations can be made on a fortnightly basis and is used to make 11 different life saving blood products. Thanks Caitlin! Click here to learn more about plasma
Published By : @NZ Blood Service
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