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Hoy me levanté atrevida y decidí internarme en los FB de contactos HIPER K silenciados. 3 no postearon nada desde diciembre Otro muy consustanciado con Incendios de Australia Otro meta tema rugbiers Otro tema Chile Otro Papafrancisco Parece que cesó EL MONOTEMA DE LA EMERGENCIA
Grandes Medios 💧 Grandes Medios 💧
🔵 Esta vaca gigante es real, no es un efecto visual y tampoco una modificación genética
Revista Punto de Vista Revista Punto de Vista
#Deportes Rafael Nadal se instala en los cuartos de final del Abierto de Australia
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Chelsea Ong Zihao Chelsea Ong Zihao
I know I’m a day late or two days late but here’s my annual #AustraliaDay post Happy Australia Day. We will get through the bushfires together, as a nation.
Countries detected with #Coronarvirus as of now! China Taiwan Malaysia Singapore Philippines Vietnam Thailand Japan South Korea Nepal USA Canada Australia France
saidhafidz saidhafidz
2020 so far: 1. Tension between US and Iran 2. Jakarta flood 3. Philippines volcanic eruption 4. Coronavirus 5. Australia wildfires 6. And today we lost Kobe Bryant. But FINALLY Real Madrid are back to the top of the table after 100 days in 2020 and i dont know how to react
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MaximOchoa MaximOchoa
Thats not fair Australia is already in summer and they have break its stupid
ᴍɪɢᴏʟ 🥴 ᴍɪɢᴏʟ 🥴
Corona Virus, World War III, Taal Eruption, Jadine splits up, Wildfire in Australia and now Kobe’s dead. This all happened in one month.
𝓁𝒾𝓁𝒴 𝓁𝒾𝓁𝒴
Scopa tu manaaaa
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Daniel Daniel
En un partidazo de tres horas y 42 minutos Rafael Nadal derrotó a Nick Kyrgios por 5-3 con un triunfo 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (6) y 7-6 (4) avanzó a cuartos de #AUSTRALIA donde enfrentará a Thiem.
qbiggs270 qbiggs270
Here are my drawings of Diprotodon and Procoptodon, two prehistoric marsupials from Pleistocene Australia. #pleistoceneaustralia #australia ,#australianmegafauna #diprotodon #procoptodon
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Narcopaloma Narcopaloma
Bueno Australia a ver si te relajás un toque negri que todavía falta una semana para que empiece febrero
Muere una mujer en un concurso de comer pasteles en Australia #AFP
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Mete Bayır Mete Bayır
The Australia fires portend a future of climate apartheid
Juank Juank
The Australia fires portend a future of climate apartheid
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Abi Abi
Is Australia still on fire or not because no news outlets are saying anything
Headmaster Headmaster
Year 10 COPE pupils have raised an impressive £180.30 for the Australia Bush Fire fund with a Pizza and Noodles sale on Friday and a Cake sale today at break time. A great effort for a worthy cause, while developing project management, communication and problem solving skills.
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The SportsGram The SportsGram
England win Test Series against South Africa 3-1 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Current Top 3 in ICC World Test Championship 🇮🇳 India - 360 points 🇦🇺 Australia - 296 points 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England - 146 points #SAvENG | #ICCTestChampionship
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St Joseph's Y2 St Joseph's Y2
Lots of wonderful learning about Australia today. We learnt lots of facts from the internet then created some aboriginal art 🎨🇦🇺
としぞう😈OORer としぞう😈OORer
ドローンで撮りました〜🙍🏿🙍🏿🙍🏿 . . . . . . . . #drone #sydney #australia #dronephotography #ドローン撮影 #FCPX#動画編集 #fantom4 #dji 場所: Sydney Harbour
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Kaya pa? January pa lang 'to pero yung mga events grabe na. Magmula sa Taal volcano eruption, threat of WW3, death of Kobe, Corona virus and bushfire sa Australia. Wala na bang hahabol? Main event ganun? Malapit na talaga end of the world. Not now but soon. )':
DDG1984 DDG1984
Gran reforestación en Australia en respuesta a los últimos grandes incendios - ¡Firma la petición! vía @change_es
Antonio Guerreiro Antonio Guerreiro
Luso-australiano conta como se vive em Wuhan: "Nunca vi uma coisa assim. Sinto-me mais seguro aqui do que na Austrália" via @expresso
Nacional Nacional
#Nadal y #Zverev clasifican a los cuartos de final del Abierto de #Australia Nota completa 📲 #ElInformativoxNacional 103.9 FM
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Never Again! No More Mass Killings of Camels in Australia Thank you.
José Alonse José Alonse
*Incendios en australia* Gente en ig: Pray4Australia, Save Australia, pobres kanguros *Incendios en BíoBío* Gente en ig: Mmm mejor comparto una foto en la playa tomando mojito
ETV Bharat Tamilnadu ETV Bharat Tamilnadu
ஆஸ்திரேலியன் ஓபன் தொடரின் ஆடவர் ஒற்றையர் பிரிவின் நான்காவது சுற்றில் நிக் கிர்ஜியோஸை வீழ்த்திய நடால், காலிறுதி சுற்றுக்கு தகுதிபெற்றார். #ETVBharatTamilNadu #Sports #RafaelNadal
Ron Todd SC Ron Todd SC
I believe there was a reported case in Australia but not sure my memory is old!
➡️Sunday thoughts - Thousands of people fly to/from China from to ALL over the world. Why is it only China & the U.S. the only countries that have any infected people?? Wouldn't Europe, South America etc ALSO have people traveling after this amount of time? Something is off🤔
Infotel Solutions Infotel Solutions
Today we hosted our very own #Australia themed bake sale! We've been greeted with lots of sweet treats and managed to raise £103.91 over the two fundraising days for the @RedCrossAU & @WIRES_NSW! #UniteForAustralia #SaveAustralia #BakeSale
Published By : @Infotel Solutions Published By : @Infotel Solutions Published By : @Infotel Solutions Published By : @Infotel Solutions
Jarvis Probes Jarvis Probes
thanks to everyone who sent tracks for our australia comp and everybody who listened to it and everyone who donated. love you all.
Published By : @Jarvis Probes
Random question but are the koalas that’s survived the fire from Australia part of the Bottlenack affect? And how would that impact the next generation
Poignant artworks dedicated to the animals caught in the Australia bushfires 😢
DDG1984 DDG1984
Los árboles de Australia se niegan a morir y vuelven a florecer vía @change_es
Mar Gómez Mar Gómez
¿Sabías que la peor plaga de langostas en 25 años en África oriental está relacionada con los incendios de Australia? Os lo cuento en este hilo:
Glen Meredith Glen Meredith
Things I'd do to be back in Australia right now
Rainbow Arcade Rainbow Arcade
The Rainbow Arcade’s fundraiser for @WWF_Australia @WWF_streamers is over, and we can’t believe it: A$21,096 ($14,286 USD) raised by the team! The team doubled our goal, and we can’t thank you all enough for helping to raise funds for animals and habitats affected by the fires!
Published By : @Rainbow Arcade
Daniel Daniel
Rafa Nadal, con una gorra de Los Lakers, en honor a Kobe, tras derrotar a Kyrgios en #AUSTRALIA
ABC Deportes ABC Deportes
El elogio de Nadal a su «enemigo» Kyrgios
Published By : @ABC Deportes
Tamieka Range Tamieka Range
MPX Australia Awarded Medical Cannabis Licence in Australia
MPX Australia Awarded Medical Cannabis Licence in Australia
Abu Jabir Abu Jabir
It's Australia day today but it's actually "Invasion Day" for the aboriginal people. Perspective
Dave Beckford Dave Beckford
MPX Australia Awarded Medical Cannabis Licence in Australia
Daniel Daniel
Rafa Nadal igualó a Jimmy Connors en cantidad de veces en cuartos de final de #AUSTRALIA
Check this out!! Great job, @AirAssets For the spread and 'victim' pattern in USA, I suspect #Students are being intentionally exposed (#weaponized), then flown to American cities. Holds true for Australia, UK etc. Canada in on it.
MilAirAssets MilAirAssets
This map is a map i made using airline data for last 2 weeks showing departures and top destinations from #Wuhan China. The departures exceed 35 in last 2 weeks with top of 145 from wuhan to Beijing. 3 maps mine, coronavirus tracking, and merge of the 2
Published By : @No one special Published By : @No one special Published By : @No one special
So far in 2020: -A new plague(Corona virus) about wipe us all out -World war 3 brewing -All of Australia up in smoke -Kobe died ...and it’s only January😭 Didn’t think #vision2020 will roll in this way.
Published By : @Obele Mazi™
Gordon Housley Gordon Housley
Australia fires speed global CO2 level rise: UK Met Office via @physorg_com
Sri Lanka News Sri Lanka News
#CoronaVirus - Death toll has risen to 81, about 400 critical, more than 2900 infected. #WuhanVirus is spreading, reported cases in China, Canada, France, US, Australia, Japan, S Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau.
Daily Coffee News Daily Coffee News
Australia's Ona Coffee Converts Headquarters to 100% Solar Power
drippy jayy💦 drippy jayy💦
Went into 2020 losing people we loved australia burning to the ground these mfs making paper straws due to what we did to this world and all we could care about is what’s the next trend this world selfish asl
Angel ✞ 🐨 Angel ✞ 🐨
Damn just realised I forgot to share a video about the Beaumonts on Australia Day. Unsolved case from 60s 3 children ☹
Milenio.com Milenio.com
▶ VIDEO | Nick Kyrgios rinde homenaje a Kobe Bryant en el Abierto de Australia
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