Se está hablando muy poco de la catástrofe que está ocurriendo en Australia. Yo solo me informo de algo por esta cuenta.
Australia could see hottest day on record
Jules Evans Jules Evans
Loving these hot takes from abroad. Particularly from Australia, the country with the worst climate policies and the worst air pollution in the world. Couldn’t be more clueless about what motivates our electorate.
Phil Roberts Phil Roberts
The British electorate has regressed to childhood. Daddy (Boris Johnson) is right because he is Daddy, not because he says or does good things. It's all very sad.
Gerrit Rentier Gerrit Rentier
Nations fight for San Jose Principles on #COP25 #article6 instead of letting #coal & #oil US, Brazil & Australia create loopholes that hurt #climate targets Australia pushing for loopholes to allow double counting & allowing trade of old Kyoto-era credits
Published By : @Gerrit Rentier Published By : @Gerrit Rentier Published By : @Gerrit Rentier
Mark Fowell Mark Fowell
Excellent article. Same just happened in Australia with Bill Shorten and Labor- and the UK Labour didn’t learn. I was a radical in the 80s who grew up.
Michael Moran Michael Moran
I hope at least a few people in Labour's inner circle read this.
Harjeet Randhawa Harjeet Randhawa
Joke Apart, Best Place Visited: Rishikesh Ottawa Vancouver NYC Want to Visit: New Zealand Australia South Africa West Bengal 😂🚶‍♀️
Lou Lou
Very Dangerous, Record-Challenging Heatwave Forecast To Sweep Across Australia!
PenNews PenNews
flew to left or right? @IndiaToday
Published By : @Ajay Balamurugadas
Mustafa Ismail Mustafa Ismail
Australia in cruise control! NZ need a miracle to even draw this test match! #AUSvsNZ
YooA YooA
Divingnya tembus ke australia
16.0 ओवर के बाद, ऑस्ट्रेलिया 38/0. डेविड वॉर्नर 17 (52 गेंद), जो बर्न्स 18 (46 गेंद) #AUSvNZ
जो बर्न्स ने टिम साउदी की गेंद पर चौका लगाया 38/0 (16.0 ओवर) #AUSvNZ
Published By : @एनडीटीवी लाइव स्कोर
Travel Fashion Travel Fashion
Nature has its beauties anywhere, so you have to walk with style. Basic looks are always on the go wherever you go. The skirt that the model has been wearing is being the most sold lately. Basic, beautiful and blends anywhere ✨ #travelfashion #skirt #australia #nature
Published By : @Travel Fashion
Steve's Country Road Steve's Country Road
On this day: December 14th 1974 Billy Swan scored his only #1 country single with "I Can Help". The song was also a hit in the UK and Australia as well as Norway where it charted for 37 weeks on the charts, making it the 4th best-performing single of all time in that country
Published By : @Steve's Country Road
Citadel Advantage Citadel Advantage
Mastercard launches digital identity pilot in Australia @MobilePayToday #CardBrands #Region:APAC #Security
NDTV Live Scores NDTV Live Scores
1st Test: After 16.0 Ov, Australia 38/0. David Warner 17 (52b), Joe Burns 18 (46b) #AUSvNZ
NDTV Live Scores NDTV Live Scores
1st Test: Joe Burns hits Tim Southee for a 4! 38/0 (16.0 Ov) #AUSvNZ
Published By : @NDTV Live Scores
Rambraksha Yadav🇮🇳 Rambraksha Yadav🇮🇳
Most powerful countries, 2019. 1. US 2. Russia 3. China 4. Germany 5. UK 6. France 7. Japan 8. Israel 9. Saudi 10. S Korea 11. UAE 12. Canada 13. Iran 14. Switzerland 15. Australia 16. Turkey 17. India 18. Italy 19. Iraq 20. Singapore (US News and World Report)
Sho.K Sho.K
A: Which countries have you been to? B: I’ve been to many. Like China, US, Australia, France...
wally mason wally mason
Live blog of the Perth Test ... Kiwi bats crumble in dismal display #Cricket #AUSvNZ
Fabrizio Grizzanti Fabrizio Grizzanti
Guidando a Fraser Island #australia @ Fraser Island
Lord St. John Chadwick Lord St. John Chadwick
Australia's climate stance sparks anger at U.N. summit. More international shame. ⁦@SharriMarkson⁩
graham cherry graham cherry
Moment Sky News Australia blasts 'simpleton' Corbyn and hails Tories
Akarnious Akarnious
Australia wants to use credits to claim most of its Paris commitment. World leaders are debating banning them via @ABCNews
#NowPlaying Karmaphala by Alkira on Australia's PREMIER 24/7 Metal Radio Station
Published By : Metal Radio 24/7
AccuWeather AccuWeather
Residents in the path of the dangerous blaze in Western Australia were warned that "leaving would be deadly."
Peta Peta
Australia’s democracy has faceplanted and Labor is staring down some disturbing truths | Katharine Murphy
Try Time Rugby Try Time Rugby
ALERT📢‼️‼️ Kenya 🇰🇪 Vs 🇦🇺 Australia kicks off in 10 minutes.. #CapeTown7s #Shujaa #TTR
Prince Fed up Prince Fed up
Why do the Australian media, reporting the Jetstar industrial relations action to secure better working conditions, ignore the fat that Jetstar is wholly owned by Qantas, whose CEO is the highest paid in Australia? And how much does Jetstar CEO Gareth Evans earn? #abcnews
Marina Belmonte Marina Belmonte
'Very dark corners': Former top cop makes dramatic claims about police
stirit stirit
“ only 59% of us are satisfied with democracy, and trust has reached its lowest level on record, with just 25% believing people in government can be trusted.” Libs politicians r liars beholden to miners n big biz The banks r crooks
Denis.t Denis.t
Trust in Aust pollies blunged since 2007, worse than US and UK.
Matthew Sheridan Matthew Sheridan
Penguins in knitwear. What's not to like?
HR Consultants PK HR Consultants PK
Planning to Study Abroad? You are invited to HR Education Expo *FREE Entry* ❗ Come and Join HR Admissions & Counselling Sessions Study in 👉 Australia 🇦🇺 - Canada 🇨🇦 - UK 🇬🇧 - USA 🇺🇸 Apply for Bachelor & Master Programs ☎ 03464747033 / 03464747036
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raewyn mutch raewyn mutch
⁦@ScottMorrisonMP⁩ ⁦@AlboMP⁩ Transition from coal+please don’t use nuclear. Our scientific facts+community can help you be best. Please use their facts for our best future.”Australia heatwave: Next week could see hottest day on record” BBCNews
ND HS Scores ND HS Scores
Report: Patrick Reed's caddie punches fan at Presidents Cup
जो बर्न्स ने टिम साउदी की गेंद पर चौका लगाया 34/0 (15.3 ओवर) #AUSvNZ
Published By : @एनडीटीवी लाइव स्कोर
Phil Mahooters Phil Mahooters
Morgan Riley Morgan Riley
Amazon prime everywhere else in the world: free 1-2 day shipping! On everything! Huge range! Amazon prime in Australia: free 2-3 week shipping on specific items over $50 but USD not AUD and everything else is $15 to ship in 3-3.5 weeks
NDTV Live Scores NDTV Live Scores
1st Test: Joe Burns hits Tim Southee for a 4! 34/0 (15.3 Ov) #AUSvNZ
Published By : @NDTV Live Scores
Reminder that there are many religious organisations concerned about the Religious Discrimination Bill. Thank you to the prominent, faith-based organisations who have spoken out about the dangers of the Bill in the past weeks:
Two light heavyweights making their pro debuts now in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Danny Kennedy vs Adam Coff scheduled for 4 rounds.
Woman finds 10-foot python in her Christmas tree
manghoe manghoe
why do politicians not care until it affects their lives and their wellbeing? like sure scomo, you’re sitting pretty in canberra where your home, your family, your animals are safe, while the rest of australia burns in hell #AustraliaFires #scoNO
Yates Electrical deploys dispatch control tech to respond to price signals
bet365_aus bet365_aus
David Warner is at the crease for Australia in Perth. How many runs will he score against New Zealand? In-Play > . Bet responsibly.
Published By : @bet365_aus
A large mass of hot air will spread over Australia during the next 10 days, causing a widespread and intense heatwave that looks set to challenge records. (50.7C in 1960
Blue Marble Blue Marble
Albanese attacks Coalition’s nuclear ‘fantasy’ as Greens say report should ‘alarm all Australians’
Classic Lift Australia Offer 4 Post Alignment - 4.5 Ton - 4500XA With Scissor Lift Perfect and flexible for reliable repairs #classiclifthoist #carhoist #carlift #hoist #carhoistforsale #carhoistaustralia #hoistlift #4posthoist
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