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Kristianstads DFF

Kristianstads DFF is a women's association football club from Kristianstad, Sweden. The club is affiliated to the Skånes Fotbollförbund.

Kristianstad FC

Kristianstad FC is a Swedish football club located in Kristianstad. The club was formed in 2015 through a merger between Kristianstads FF and Kristianstad BoIS. The club is currently playing in Division 2, the fourth tier of Swedish football.

Kristianstads IK

Kristianstads IK, or simply Kristianstad is a Swedish ice hockey club based in Kristianstad. It plays in Hockeyallsvenskan, the second tier, having been promoted to that level for the first time in history in 2019.

Kristianstads IP
Kristianstads IP

Kristianstads IP is a football stadium in Kristianstad, Sweden. Kristianstads IP has a total capacity of 6,000 spectators.

IF Troja/Ljungby

IF Troja/Ljungby is an ice hockey club from Ljungby, Sweden. They are currently playing in the third highest league in Sweden, Hockeyettan.


Kristianstad is a city and the seat of Kristianstad Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden with 40,145 inhabitants in 2016. During the last 15 years, it has gone from a garrison town to a developed commercial city, today attracting visitors in the summertime mainly from Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands.

Kristianstad Municipality
Kristianstad Municipality

Kristianstad Municipality is a municipality in Skåne County in southernmost Sweden. Its seat is located in the city Kristianstad.

Kristianstads Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve

Kristianstad Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve, a protected swamp area in the Hammarsjön Lake, surrounding the town of Kristianstad in Scania, southern Sweden. Sweden's lowest point is located in the reserve at 2.41 metres below sea level.

Kristianstad Nation, Lund

Kristianstad Nation is a student nation at Lund University, Sweden. The name comes from the city Kristianstad in Scania.

Kristianstad County
Kristianstad County

Kristianstad County was a county of Sweden from 1719 to 31 December 1996 when it was merged with Malmöhus County to form Skåne County. The seat of residence for the Governor was in Kristianstad.


Kristianstadsbladet is a regional newspaper published in Kristianstad, Sweden.