A brief glimpse into the past

#Poland’s prime minister has praised his country’s #football team for "showing ambition and fighting to the end” at the #Euro2020 tournament.

6月24日(木)オリックス×日本ハム 【オリックス】 [1(中)福田周平L .309] [2(三)宗佑磨L .266] [3(指)吉田正尚L .339] [4(右)杉本裕太郎R .313] [5(一)T-岡田L .267] [6(左)ロメロR .197] [7(二)西野真弘L .200] [8(捕)伏見寅威R .235] [9(遊)紅林弘太郎R .241] [P増井浩俊R 3.94]

◆オリックススタメン 中 福田周平 29歳 NTT東 三 宗佑磨 25歳 横浜隼人 DH 吉田正尚 28歳 青学大 右 杉本裕太郎 30歳 JR西 一 T-岡田 34歳 履正社 左 ロメロ 33歳 楽天 二 西野真弘 31歳 JR東 捕 伏見寅威 31歳 東海大 遊 紅林弘太郎 20歳 駿河総合 投 増井浩俊 37歳 日ハム ※21年度満年齢

England might be playing hideous football but there is a good chance they get to the final. Won a group with an ageing Croatian side, a poor Czech side and a terrible Scottish side. If the get past Germany (who aren’t the greatest German side ever), they get Sweden or Ukraine

6/24(木) vs 日本ハムファイターズ 1 中 福田 周平 2 三 宗 佑磨 3 指 吉田 正尚 4 右 杉本 裕太郎 5 一 T-岡田 6 左 ロメロ 7 ニ 西野 真弘 8 捕 伏見 寅威 9 遊 紅林 弘太郎 投 増井 浩俊 12連勝なるか😳!? #オリックス #bs2021

The group stage was brilliant, and had classic storylines, goals and games. It is also the highest scoring Euros group stage ever. But the closest thing to a surprise was Spain finishing second. At 16 teams, the real Euros start now - and there’s a split

Germany is great, the people are amazing, the football culture is incredible, it’s one of my favourite places to visit and I’m very partial to their alcoholic frothy delights. I work for them and drive their cars. Probably still be shouting 2 world war’s at 5pm Tuesday though 🙈

Only way to take on Germany is to go at them - high intensity, pace, pressing. They aren’t a quick side. Cautious ‘1-0’ football will play into their hands. Harry them like the Hungarians did but with a superior strike force and greater creativity. Very beatable.