Otter Pops @TFF '20 Otter Pops @TFF '20
In terms of dad aesthetic, @Ferrous_DRGN is bad cop to my good cop. And we DO gang up on cubs.
Orvil V-L Orvil V-L
Remember when the #Cubs signed Heyward in the 2015 offseason and everyone was excited(myself included). How did that turn out? 🤔
Justin Edwards Justin Edwards
2016, easily. I met some great people; visited New Orleans, Colorado, New York, etc.; saw Kanye perform, bought a dog, lived with my best friends, did well in school, the Cubs won the World Series, my family was running smoothly and I had no massive worries.
Generation Crate Generation Crate
What was your favorite year of the decade? #90s #gencrate
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CBoogie Fan 🅘 CBoogie Fan 🅘
If the Cubs trade Kris Bryant I will be in total rad boi hours. Literally my favorite player since Derek Lee
Chicago Tribune Sports Chicago Tribune Sports
The Cubs finalized their 2020 coaching staff by appointing Kyle Evans as senior director of major-league data and development and shifting Will Venable from first base coach to third base coach.
JD Williamson JD Williamson
I hope the curse doesn’t continue. Every time I buy a jersey, that player gets traded. I thought I busted the curse with an un-tradeable player like Kris Bryant but here we are...#Cubs #KB
Jason Nadolski Jason Nadolski
So this is probably going to happen. @KrisBryant_23 to the @Cubs in 3...2...1...
Katie 🗝 Katie 🗝
If the cubs Trade Kris I will go into depression
Tim Froehlig Tim Froehlig
Unpopular opinion: Maybe the Cubs shouldn't trade anybody. Baseball's hard. Aside from a three-week stretch last year, they weren't that bad. And they weren't too shabby from 2015-18 either. The window between being average and being really good in MLB is slim. Don't panic, Cubs.
Brian Gantt Brian Gantt
Cubs wanting Soroka in a trade for Bryant is, with all due respect Laughable
Bleacher Nation Bleacher Nation
Cubs Outfield Target Shogo Akiyama is Reportedly at the Winter Meetings
Published By : @Bleacher Nation
ABC 7 Chicago ABC 7 Chicago
Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber gets married to Paige Hartman
Published By : @ABC 7 Chicago
Cubs Activities Cubs Activities
Cubs Fans @ Home: We are having technical difficulties with the live feed & will not being able to run a live feed tonight. Tech Crew & Student Technology Ambassadors will work to fix the issues for tomorrow night #NevadaCubPride
Cubs Insider Cubs Insider
ICYMI - Stephen Strasburg Deal Blows Past Predictions, Continues Good Offseason for Players #Cubs Insider
Orvil V-L Orvil V-L
Did people just suddenly forgot the underachievers #Cubs from the past 2 seasons and some on the fan base want to keep the core intact because they won’t get what they want in a trade?!?!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪
Lady Reiko Lady Reiko
Grandma wakes up to find adorable fox cubs playing on her porch
The Chicago Cubs have reportedly had talks with the Philadelphia Phillies about trading former NL MVP, Kris Bryant MORE UPDATES TO FOLLOW
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Mayfield Cubs Mayfield Cubs
Cubs lead the Pandas, 22-12, at the end of the 3rd Q
UDJ Basketball UDJ Basketball
Cubs lose 47-48 Chuck Turner led the team with 19 pts. Sonny Wilson led the team with 8 pts. Ypsi Arbor Prep Maurice Anderson had 22 points
Holy Cow! A #Cubs Podcast: @jonbecker_ joins to talk about a possible (ugh) Kris Bryant trade. Other topics: Ian Happ, Kyle Schwarber, Addison Russell, and a weakened NL Central. Finally, how Jon became a Twitter celebrity.
Jordan Lazowski Jordan Lazowski
Maybe Cubs fans were right when they predicted Harper and Bryant were going to play together.
Jon Heyman Jon Heyman
Braves in addition to Phillies (and others) are another team that could be a fit for a Kris Bryant trade. They seek 3B and prefer not to go too long term.
Sarah 🎄 Sarah 🎄
Best Christmas PJs ever
Published By : @Sarah 🎄
Corey Freedman Corey Freedman
Ian Happ did a wonderful Q and A over on the @cubs IG today. Amongst other good answers, this is one in particular that leads to that “in conclusion, we stan harder than ever before” pic.
Ian Howard Ian Howard
For DECADES, the Cubs and their fans had to endure constant roasting. They got a very small break after the WS victory. Appears the roast is back on after a brief hiatus. Looking forward to the continuation roast of the Cubs from both Cubs fans and non-Cubs fans alike.
Published By : @Ian Howard
Jeremy Frank Jeremy Frank
Cubs fans’ dreams of Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant being teammates may come true
Michael Mercado Michael Mercado
Some of y'all are going to be so heart broken when the Cubs trade Kris Bryant. I'm some of y'all. I'll be heart broken....but that's the game. Get your money KB, and get those prospects Jed/Theo. @MercadoAirwaves @GoodBrothersPod #MLB #HotStove #HotStoveLeague
Published By : @Michael Mercado
It pisses me off cause the #Cubs are an iconic team and in a major city making major money like the royals and A’s I get going cheap but come on best stadium spend the money
MH Mock MH Mock
Please extend Javy right now @Cubs
MH Mock MH Mock
Please extend Javy right now @Cubs
7th Grade Cubs fall to JCD 27-24. 8th Grade leads JCD 23-10 at half.
Published By : @BRMS CUBS Athletics Published By : @BRMS CUBS Athletics Published By : @BRMS CUBS Athletics Published By : @BRMS CUBS Athletics
Pat Rick Well Man Pat Rick Well Man
What the hell is going on with the #cubs
Leah Leah
I think I’m going to be sick. My beloved #Cubs are in talks of trading my precious #KrisBryant. WHHHYYYYYY!?!?! You just got Grandpa Rossi back! Rizzo, Bryant, & Rossi! The 3! Don’t do this to me!!
Published By : @Leah
Jade Brouillette Jade Brouillette
Hot take: Cubs should definitely move Bryant before he wins the grievance case and only has 1yr of control. #Cubs
Therese Mary 🌊❄️ Therese Mary 🌊❄️
Cubbies are talking about trading Kris Bryant & their fan base says it’s the worst trade idea ever. Cubs fans have short memories. Lou Brock 2 the Cardinals 4 Ernie Broglio was their worst decision EVER but as a @Cardinals fan, I say 2 the @Cubs keep making those dumb decisions!
Dañiel is my ñame Dañiel is my ñame
I really want the Braves to trade for Bryant now just to see the reaction from Cubs twitter when it is for something like Newcomb, Wright, Contreras, and Wilson
Baird Bears Baird Bears
JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL 2 Baird 0 Moran 1st quarter Hailey Coleman with a 2 run shot in the bottom of the 1st and the LADY CUBS take the lead.
I don’t get what the #Cubs are doing you #Chicago fans will have to explain it to me cause I would think they make great money #Follow
Andy Schmidt Andy Schmidt
At this point, the #Cubs are a 3rd or 4th place team. Makes me sad and angry.
Bleacher Nation Bleacher Nation
Is the Kris Bryant Service Time Grievance Decision Seriously STILL a Couple Weeks Away? (via BN)
Hallie Decker Hallie Decker
Berlin zoo reveals names, gender of their 2 panda twin cubs
Published By : @Hallie Decker
Baseball Bot Baseball Bot
The Miami Marlins played the Chicago Cubs on May 1st at Wrigley Field. The final score was 2-6.
Carlos Garcia Carlos Garcia
If Dallas Keuchel signs with the Cubs, fine but I’m not apologizing
If the Cubs get rid of Bryant I officially won’t be a baseball fan anymore.
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Published By : @Momma Bear's Cub House
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Scan results - 1,2,3 Retracement Bearish today: $PLCE $MMP $INST $PSTG $NYCB $TYG $CENTA $MPLX $AXS $DLTR $RGS $CORT $CUB $WES $CUBE $SSYS $BECN $EQM $RDUS $USM ...
All levels of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Scouts BSA along with their families are invited to join us January 25 for The National WWII Museum’s annual Scout Day. Follow this link for details and join us: #WWII tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#WWII #history tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#history #boyscouts
Published By : @National WWII Museum
One of the best free agent signings in Cubs history.
Published By : @Cubs Zone ™️
Chris Cotillo Chris Cotillo
Jon Lester is going to the #Cubs on a six-year, $155 million deal. First: @Ken_Rosenthal and @JeffPassan.
Bryce Zielinski Bryce Zielinski
Rumblings of Phillies in talks with Cubs for 3B Kris Bryant. Some arbitration hurdles making the waters a little murky.
Published By : @Bryce Zielinski
Bruce Levine Bruce Levine
Cubs have had talks with Phils on Bryant . Nothing there at the moment. Service time grievance still an issue .
Terri Moore Terri Moore
Check out Vintage Mixed Lot Pins Cub Boy Girl Scout Fleur de Lis Hook Coro Crest Chain via @eBay #boyscouts
Lee Kitzis Lee Kitzis
Happy trails, friend. I liked Cole. Would’ve been a great feel good/comeback story had he continued to stay healthy. Alas, wasn’t the case. Hopefully he has a few more years left in him. But with his pension for injuries I doubt it. #Cubs #EverybodyIn #MLB
AP Images AP Images
Zookeepers hold 'Meng Yuan' and 'Meng Xiang' during a name-giving event for the young panda twins today at the Berlin Zoo. China's permanent loan Pandas Meng Meng and Jiao Qing are the parents of the two cubs that were born at the zoo on Aug. 31, 2019. | Photo Michael Sohn
Published By : @AP Images
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