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Chloraka - Ayia Napa: Away @ 1.44 +30.53% 14th Apr 13:00 GMT

Sure Match: Aris Limassol-Akritas Chloraka - 31.03.2021: Bet on #ARISLIMASSOL - 1.43 - CYPRUS - #2Division MORE SURE MATCHES at

Aris - Chloraka: Home @ 1.41 +1.48% 31st Mar 13:00 GMT

Chloraka - Zakakiou: Home @ 2.00 +4.75% 20th Mar 13:30 GMT

Chloraka - Omonia Psevda: Home @ 1.79 +1.22% 3rd Mar 13:30 GMT

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🥅 ASIL Lysi - Chloraka
 💡 u1.5 ASIL Lysi Team Goals @ 1.550 (4.360u stake)

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⚽ SB Betting (Pre Match) 🥅 ASIL Lysi - Chloraka 💡 u1.5 ASIL Lysi Team Goals @ 1.550 (4.360u stake) #bettingpicks #freepicks #bettingexpert #football #tipster #sbbetting

Team, Place & City Details

Alki Oroklini

Alki Oroklini is a Cypriot football club based in Oroklini. The team was founded as Omonia Oroklinis in 1979.


Chloraka is a village in the Paphos District of Cyprus, 3 km (1.9 mi) north of Paphos. The town is host to Akritas Chlorakas, a Cypriot Second Division football team.

Chloraka Municipal Stadium

Koinotiko Chlorakas it's the central stadium located in Chlorakas, Paphos in Cyprus. The first stadium had a capacity of 500 seats but after the renovation of 1983 the stadium increased its capacity to 3500.


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