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AEL Limassol

Athlitiki Enosi Lemesou , commonly known as AEL, is a Cypriot sports club based in the city of Limassol, most famous for its football team.

AEL Limassol B.C.
AEL Limassol B.C.

Athlitiki Enosi Lemesou , often abbreviated as AEL (Greek: ΑΕΛ), is a Cypriot professional basketball club based in Limassol. The queen of Cyprus Basketball, team of EKA AEL is the most successful team in Cyprus since the beginning of the Basketball in the island.

Limassol derby
Limassol derby

The Limassol derby refers to Limassol's local derby, football matches played between any two of AEL, Apollon or Aris, all played at Tsirion Stadium. It is widely regarded as one of the fiercest football rivalries in Cyprus due to continuous fights and riots amongst the teams' fans.

Doxa Drama F.C.

Doxa Drama Football Club is a Greek professional football club based in the city of Drama, Macedonia, Greece. The club currently competes in the Super League 2, the second tier of the Greek football league system.

Doxa Katokopias FC

Doxa Katokopia is a Cypriot football team from Katokopia in the Nicosia District. Since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, Katokopia is under Turkish occupation, and the club moved to Peristerona, which is near Katokopia.

Doxa Theologos Potos F.C.

Doxa Theologos Potos Football Club is a Greek football club based in Theologos, Kavala, Greece.


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