A brief glimpse into the past

Reds vs Rebels Rebels to win @ 2.35 (I’m a huge reds fan but I have a weird feeling about this game) #NikiesPlan123

I’m sorry idk why pinut butter. yammy is making me so emotional right now

Today’s sport schedule OGC nice vs Stade Rennes (Friendly) Kick-off: 7 p.m swedish 6 p.m british 1 p.m eastern 10 a.m western Manchester City vs olympique lyonnais (Uefa Champions league quarterfinal) Kick-off: 9 P.m swedish 8 P.m British 3 P.m Eastern 12 P.m Western

F it! YouTube wants to play games with ole’ Andino...Let’s play games. Every Live feed, be it NASA, the Zoo or astrology music, on my YT Home page I’m not subbed to, I’m going in and spreading the gospel of comicsgate. That’ll teach them!

Bonjour twitteeeer! Pour le petit déjeuner ! ⚽️ Sydney FC - Western United ⏰ 9h00 🎯 M.Burgess ou B.Berisha 1.80 🎯M.Burgess 4.40 Énorme choc! Match a but je serais pas étonné. Western montre énormément de belles choses , sydney a du mal en ce moment #TeamParieur

Hoseok verse in I’m fine 😭 #ExaARMY #ExaBFF @BTS_twt

Happy birthday @Its_KarmaBish Arpan 😎😎 Smaj aagi ya ni tuje Wish for a great future , happiness , Health Baki kam sikha de tuje group mein 😎🤣🤣 Vese m tume jada time se ni janti but kl celebration awesome tha♥️♥️♥️ God bless you ❣️❣️❣️

Man He say he gone press up on who ima get the steal like I’m Chris Paul