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Partizani Tirana vs Saburtalo Tbilisi - All Penalty
Partizani Tirana vs Saburtalo Tbilisi - All Penalty

Saburtalo Tbilisi se califica in turul doi al competitiei Europa Conference League unde va intalni vicecampioana Romaniei, FCSB.

Përmbledhja e ndeshjes | Partizani 0 - 1 Saburtalo
Përmbledhja e ndeshjes | Partizani 0 - 1 Saburtalo

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FK Partizani Tirana - FC Saburtalo Tbilisi

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FK Partizani Tirana - FC Saburtalo Tbilisi Bet slip link: #FKPartizaniTirana #FCSaburtaloTbilisi #omgnetwork #omg #blackjack

Team, Place & City Details

FK Partizani Tirana

FK Partizani is an Albanian professional football club based in Tirana, that competes in the Kategoria Superiore. Founded in 1946, the club was historically affiliated to the Albanian army.

FK Partizani Tirana B

KF Partizani B is the B team of Albanian football club Partizani Tirana.

Partizani Complex

The Partizani Complex is the training ground and academy base of Albanian football club, Partizani Tirana.

Partizan Stadium
Partizan Stadium

The Partizan Stadium is a football and track-and-field stadium in Autokomanda, municipality of Savski Venac, Belgrade, Serbia, which has a seating capacity of 32,710. Situated on the Topčider Hill at Humska 1 street, it is a home field of Partizan Belgrade.

Partizán Bardejov

NLF Partizán Bardejov is a Slovak football team, based in the town of Bardejov. The club was founded in 1922.

Flamurtari Vlorë

Flamurtari Vlorë is a professional football club based in Vlorë, Albania. The club play in the Albanian Superliga, which is the top tier of football in the country.

KF Flamurtari
KF Flamurtari

KF Flamurtari is a football club based in Pristina, Kosovo. It was founded in 1968 by four friends Rizah Ismaili, his brother Ismet Ismaili, Ibrahim Prapashtica and his brother Fehmi Prapashtica, due to a bad situation in that time in Kosovo.

Flamur Tairi

Flamur Tairi (born 24 November 1990 in Struga, Republic of Macedonia) is an ethnic Albanian footballer from Macedonian who currently plays for Bylis Ballsh in the Albanian Superliga.


Partizani may refer to:

Hell River

Hell River, also known as Partisans and The Last Guerilla, is a 1974 Yugoslav partisan film starring Rod Taylor as a Yugoslav raised in America who returns home to fight the Germans as a Partisan in World War II. Adam West plays a German officer. The film was shot on location in Yugoslavia, and claims to be based on a true story.


Partizansk is a town in Primorsky Krai, Russia, located on a spur of the Sikhote-Alin Mountains, about 170 kilometers (110 mi) east of Vladivostok, the administrative center of the krai. Population: 38,659 (2010 Census); 43,670 (2002 Census); 49,546 (1989 Census).

Partizan Island
Partizan Island

Partizan Island is an island in Antarctica. This hook-shaped island 5.6 kilometres long lies in the middle of the entrance to Langnes Fjord, Vestfold Hills.

Partizan (rural locality)

Partizan is the name of several rural localities in Russia: