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Od 14 minuty Broń Radom prowadzi z Legią II, pierwszą bramkę w Broni strzelił Sebastian Pociecha. A tak poza tym, nie widziałem, że Pociecha gra tak ostro - po 10 m. ma 7 żółtych kartek.

【定期】 ハロースイートデイズでなかよしさん募集中です(*^^*) 良かったらフォローをよろしくお願いしますm(*_ _)m *ユナ*

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Full Concert page & Ballads M/Z7 & Heavy M/Z 6 are ready

As much as I’d like Penrith to win, I can’t see Storm losing this. Far too composed in big games, they play smart football. Panthers rely too much on the flashy stuff and won’t be able to grind it out with Melbourne for the full 80. (Hope I’m wrong though) #NRLGF

⚽️ NICE OU N @ 1.81 • 1% Pari manuel sur #PSEL Exemple pour les petites BK avec 10$ • 4,82$ sur la WIN @ 3.75 • 5,18$ sur le N @ 3.50 Bon match-up ici, je m’attends à une réaction de l’OGCN De + plus je pense que Lille ne restera pas tjr imparable GL 🍀 #TeamParieur

Go the Panthers! Sadly I can’t go past the storm and I’m gonna say Munster as Dally M medalist. Melbourne by 2. Hoping for Penrith though

Molde vs Stromsgodset at 17:00: Player: Eikrem M. To Score at any time.

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London Grand Prix
London Grand Prix

The London Athletics Grand Prix is an annual athletics event held in London, England. Previously one of the five IAAF Super Grand Prix events, it is now part of the Diamond League.

Andrea Müller

Andrea Müller is a German female former track and field athlete who competed in the pole vault. She was active during the early stages of the formal acceptance of women's pole vault into international programmes by the International Association of Athletics Federations.


In evolutionary biology, mimicry is an evolved resemblance between an organism and another object, often an organism of another species. Mimicry may evolve between different species, or between individuals of the same species.

Müllerian mimicry
Müllerian mimicry

Müllerian mimicry is a natural phenomenon in which two or more well-defended species, often foul-tasting and that share common predators, have come to mimic each other's honest warning signals, to their mutual benefit. This works because predators can learn to avoid all of them with fewer experiences with members of any one of the relevant species.

Adam Müller
Adam Müller

Adam Heinrich Müller was a German publicist, literary critic, political economist, theorist of the state and forerunner of economic romanticism.

Alfred Müller-Armack
Alfred Müller-Armack

Alfred Müller-Armack was a German economist and politician. He was professor of economics at University of Münster and University of Cologne.

Muller automaton

In automata theory, a Muller automaton is a type of an ω-automaton. The acceptance condition separates a Muller automaton from other ω-automata.

Alexander Müller

Alexander or Alex Müller may refer to:

Müller AO Classification of fractures

The Müller AO Classification of fractures is a system for classifying bone fractures initially published in 1987 by the AO Foundation as a method of categorizing injuries according to therognosis of the patient's anatomical and functional outcome. "AO" is an initialism for the German "Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen", the predecessor of the AO Foundation.

Müller & Abel

Müller & Abel was an American firm founded in New York City which was notable in the field of building pipe organs. It operated from 1893 to 1902.