A brief glimpse into the past

Meloni's take on Mussolini is: “Everything he did, he did for Italy.” #Italy: Fascism Returns to Europe’s Centerstage. #EU

If you're a British Citizen that has been told that you can work in #Europe legally post #Brexit for 3 months as long as you then return to the UK for 3 months under the #ETIAS visa waiver system... I have some bad news for you. S…

If one of my besties switched up on me the way Rhaenyra did Alicent, I’d be upset too. 😭 I came to you, BFF to BFF, sister to sister, just wanting to know the truth and you swore on your dead mother that xyz didn’t happen. That’s foul bruh. 🙁

Allora lo scherzo ad Aemond inaspettato, non mi aspettavo che Aegon andasse d’accordo con i figli di Rhaenyra #HouseOfTheDragon

1) the traders are far right (go on, debate us on this) 2) fascism is rife in British politics and has been for decades. 3) @trussliz is a danger because she’s thick, not just because she’s a fascist.

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The recklessness of chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s “budget for growth” evokes memories of the disastrous outcome of the last great Conservative “dash for growth”: the so-called “Barber boom” of 1971-73.

Emang tahun ini ditakdirinnya ngejar uyon ke bangkok bukan ngejar nct sama day6 ke korea but its totally okay bcs i’m blessed to meet seungyoun in person 🥹