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Excelsior '31 V Sportlust '46 LIVE Football
Excelsior '31 V Sportlust '46 LIVE Football

Livestream! Excelsior '31 VS Sportlust '46 - NETHERLANDS: Derde Divisie, Zaterdag | 9-Jan-21◁◁ ▷▷Live Here ...

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Sportlust '46

ZSV Sportlust '46 is a football club from Woerden, Netherlands. In 2019 Sportlust '46 won a championship in the Saturday Eerste Klasse and promoted to the Hoofdklasse.

FC Sportul Studențesc București

FC Sportul Studenţesc, commonly referred to as Sportul is a Romanian professional football club based in Bucharest, that last played at senior level in the Liga IV. Founded in 1916, Sportul Studenţesc was one of the oldest Romanian clubs still active. The club's best European performance came in the 1979–80 Balkans Cup, when it won the trophy, defeating Yugoslavian side NK Rijeka in the final.

Sport in Australia

Sport is an important part of Australia that dates back to the early colonial period. Cricket, Australian rules football, rugby league, rugby union, soccer and tennis are among the earliest organised sports in Australia.

Sport in the Australian Capital Territory
Sport in the Australian Capital Territory

Sport in the Australian Capital Territory refers to the sports played in the Australian Capital Territory. Many sports are played in the territory.

Sport in Bedfordshire

This is an outline of Sport in Bedfordshire, a county in England.

Sport in Austria
Sport in Austria

Sport is widely practiced in Austria both in professional and amateur competitions. The most popular sports are association football, alpine skiing and ice hockey.


The Sportküstenschifferschein (sport-coastal ship-licence) is one of the official leisure craft licences in Germany. Training and testing is tailored to the driving of motor yachts and sailing yachts in coastal waters (all seas to 12 nautical miles' distance from the mainland coast).

Sport Australia Hall of Fame Awards

The Sport Australia Hall of Fame was established on 10 December 1985 to recognise the achievements of Australian sportsmen and sportswomen. The inaugural induction included 120 members with Sir Don Bradman as the first inductee and Dawn Fraser the first female inductee.

SportPlus TV

SportPlus is a Greek language sports channel that airs the best sporting leagues and competitions from Greece. It is the first 24-hour sports channel in the world aimed at the Greek diaspora.

Sport Australia Media Awards

The Sport Australia Media Awards were established in 2002 to recognise excellence in Australian sports journalism and broadcasting. The awards focus on analytical and insightful reporting and the presentation of sport and sporting issues.

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