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TP Mazembe

Tout Puissant Mazembe, formerly known as Englebert, is a Congolese football club based in Lubumbashi. Their home games are played at Stade TP Mazembe situated in the suburb of Kamalondo.


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The Maze of the Beast

The Maze of the Beast is the sixth book in the Deltora Quest novel series, written by Emily Rodda. It was published in 2001 by Scholastic.


Mzembela is a village in central Malawi 4.9 miles north-west of Chipoka. It is located in Salima District in the Central Region.


Mahembea is a genus of African orb-weaver spiders containing the single species, Mahembea hewitti. It was first created by M. Grasshoff in 1970 to separate this species from its original genus, Larinia.


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The Mazembe's Football team activities page. Related with social media posts of Mazembe's games and scheduled events. Match records planned for future dates as well as home and away matches. Plan a trip and experience the excitement of the match on the spot!