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Vitória Setúbal XI: Makaridze; Artur Jorge, Jubal, Semedo; Sílvio, Leandrinho, Carlinhos, Alex; Éber Bessa, Zequinha, Hachadi. Belenenses XI: Koffi; Nuno Coelho, Ricardo Ferreira, Danny Henriques; Esgaio, Show, Phete, Rúben Lima; Licá, Marco Matias, Cassierra. #LigaNOS #VFCBEL

Início. Vitória Setúbal-Belenenses, 0-0

[Football ⚽️ - Portugal 🇵🇹] Vitoria Setubal - Belenenses - Hachadi / Cote 2.80 (1%) - Zequinha / Cote 2.85 (1%) - Doublé Hachadi / Cote 13 (fun) - Doublé Zequinha / Cote 13.5 (fun) Go vibrer au Portugal ce soir, tentez les fun que si vous pouvez ! 😘 #TeamParieur

🗞️ Team sheets for the Setúbal vs Belenenses game are here 👇


🗞️ Team sheets for the Setúbal vs Belenenses game are here 👇 ⚽⌛

Como assistir Vitória de Setúbal x Belenenses Futebol AO VIVO – Campeonato Português 2020

C’est un oublie vitoria setubal - belenenses les 2 équipe marquent un pénalty ou vous c’est pas jouable c soir ?

Assistir AO VIVO AGORA Vitória de Setúbal x Belenenses, grátis e online pelo Campeonato Português, hoje, domingo (26/07)

A 0-0 draw has occurred in 2 of the last 3 matches played between Vitoria Setúbal and Belenenses. A draw has a 27.4% chance to occur in their match #LigaPortugal

Como assistir Vitória de Setúbal x Belenenses SAD Ao Vivo - Campeonato Português

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C.F. Os Belenenses

Clube de Futebol Os Belenenses, commonly known as Belenenses , is a Portuguese sports club best known for its football team. Founded in 1919, it is one of the oldest Portuguese sports clubs.

Belenenses SAD

Os Belenenses Futebol, SAD, commonly known as Belenenses SAD, is a Portuguese football club from Lisbon founded on 1 July 2018. An offshoot of historic football club Clube de Futebol Os Belenenses, they currently play in the Primeira Liga.

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