Any ideas how to get enough money to cover property tax that is estimated to go up again? Be creative
Chrysalis Alberta Chrysalis Alberta
Community Endeavours at #ChrysalisAB provide opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to connect with their community through volunteerism & other activities. These experiences allow individuals to explore their interests & develop relationships. #yeg #yyc
Published By : @Chrysalis Alberta Published By : @Chrysalis Alberta
100.3 The Bear 100.3 The Bear
Driving around with bald tires? Indulge in deli meat days after expiry? Box dye your hair? Wash your colours and towels together? I risked my life hitting up the Meadowlark Walmart parking lot. I swear seniors stop looking when backing up at a certain age. - @Pamkirbyonair #yeg
Published By : @100.3 The Bear
Pro Am Sports Pro Am Sports
Yell Out Your Fandom With New Releases From RailBird Tees "Shell Game", "Goal Of The Year" & "Courage 74" Pre-Order for $29.95, Reg $34.95 Visit our #YEG Store on the corner of 128th Ave & #StAlbert Trail. SHOP FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE RIGHT HERE
Published By : @Pro Am Sports
Brownlee LLP Brownlee LLP
Apply today for an opportunity to join our team as an Insurance Litigation Associate in Edmonton. Great perks and more await the successful candidate. Apply here: #lawjobs #ablaw #yegjobs #yeg
Published By : @Brownlee LLP
Integralpt_YEG Integralpt_YEG
Nagging foot pain? Sore knees? Tight neck? Don't even get us started on that low back discomfort. Let's chat about it. Let us help you get to the root cause of those annoying aches & pains. We focus on preventative treatments by assessing your whole body! #Yeg #yegphysio
Published By : @Integralpt_YEG
Whisky Belles Whisky Belles
Last Tuesday I was part of a crazy evening of tasting. To add to the fun, we special ordered donuts from a local bakery - @blissbakedgoods The idea was to make a donuts that tasted like a crunchie chocolate bar to go with our whiskies. These were a hit! #yeg #whisky #donuts
Published By : @Whisky Belles
David Boles David Boles
Folks in Alberta are becoming worried about their debt. Here's our story on that. #YEG #YYC #abpoli
Edmonton Hourly Edmonton Hourly
7pm: Mostly Cloudy, -2.5C, E 10km/h, WC:-6. Tue 21: Increasing cloudiness, Periods of snow beginning near midnight, Amount 2 cm, Wind up to 15 km/h, Lo:-7C, RH:72%, 100.5kPa falling, Dew:-6.9C, AQHI:5.
Eileen Omosa Eileen Omosa
Winter is over, for today, and tomorrow. What books are you reading in celebration? Here's "It Started with a Snowstorm" from Amazon A novel set in the #prairies Follow Abikok and Omondi as they travel from Saskatoon to #Edmonton. Will they complain or cherish the cold? #Yeg
Published By : @Eileen Omosa
YEG Weather YEG Weather
Temperature: -4°C Humidity: 71% Windchill: -10°C. Partly Cloudy. Wind: 18 kph #yeg #abwx #weather 7:00PM
CanterburyFoundation CanterburyFoundation
Researchers are calling this new vaccine the "breakthrough of the decade" when it comes to dementia prevention. Read more here: #yeg #yegseniors
MikeVinYEG MikeVinYEG
Doing a puzzle and listening my @Stantec colleagues speaking at the #yegcc Public Hearing. @ScottColeW @MichelePerret and @eashillin speaking to the critical need for more affordable housing within #yeg on behalf of @EdmontonCRHC
Published By : @MikeVinYEG
Delighted to receive amazing Baby Yoda earrings beaded by @3DBeadBee! Thank you @RavenSmyth for the gift! #yeg #yegartists
Published By : @🌈Allie Wojtaszek
We care for every person that walks through our door. Here's why you should come in for a visit. #yeg #baby
We have a wide range of options for your #digitalmarketing needs! Check out our website and let us know which option suits your business best! 🖥 ☎️780-257-3627 #digitalmarketingyeg #webdesignyeg #seo #smm #seo #edmonton #yeg
Published By : @Digital Marketing Docs
Why hasn’t this happened yet? 🤔🤔🤔 #yeg #yeggers #ouryeg #edmonton #alberta #canada @netflix #yyc #showerthought
Published By : @Meraki Sphere | YEG Made
CASA Foundation CASA Foundation
Dealing with SAD - living in the now and knowing that less is great. More money doesn’t mean more happiness @SADnomore
Stettler Royal Lepage Stettler Royal Lepage
Define your budget with a pre-approved mortgage, then start scoping out that perfect neighborhood. We can help you choose the right neighborhood for you. Read more below for homebuying tips or contact us #stettlerab #YYC #YEG #YQF
Published By : @Stettler Royal Lepage
Edmonton Weather Edmonton Weather
18:52 Temp. -3.1°C, Hum. 100%, Dewp. -3.1°C, Bar. 1003.8 hpa, Rain Today 0 mm #yegweather #edmonton #yeg
For quite a long time I've thought to myself: "Wouldn't it be something to be a small part of a #theatre production in this amazing space?" And now it's just a day away from actually happening! #yegTheatre #yegarts #WitchOfEdmonton #yeg @MalachiteWSF @HTACED
Published By : @John Richardson
Alberta411 Alberta411
With deadline looming, city council sorts out confusion over Edmonton Transit Service fares #yeg
CASA Foundation CASA Foundation
Exercise! 150 minutes / week is where the health benefits come into play. Dr. J recommends the 7 minute workout. All you need is a wall and a chair! @SADnomore
David Hsu David Hsu
Start up on some fitness & defense skills with Krav Maga Trial Class at Impact Martial Arts #Edmonton #Yeg
CASA Foundation CASA Foundation
P = Psychologist can be scheduled seasonally according to your SAD
CASA Foundation CASA Foundation
AM = Alternative Medicine - such as Vitamin D
Sheldon Bailey Sheldon Bailey
The Recovery-Oriented Continuum of Care implemented by @YourAlberta includes harm reduction + everything up to abstinence based #Recovery. We definitely need a much bigger emphasis on detox + treatment. #Addiction #Mentalhealth #RECOVERYWORKS #yyc #yeg #ableg #cdnpoli
Jason Kenney Jason Kenney
While we don't oppose harm reduction in the continuum of care for those with addictions, we need to place a much bigger emphasis on detox, treatment, and recovery. Folks facing addictions need to know there is a way out.
CASA Foundation CASA Foundation
L = Light Therapy. When used every day for 30 minutes (especially in the morning) can be effective in tricking your brain into thinking it’s summer year round @SADnomore
Gina Blank Gina Blank
OMG can we build this in the River Valley? Please, @doniveson, @CityofEdmonton? #yeg
Canada Canada
Watch the scenic views of Québec City zoom past you from the comfort of an icy toboggan run! Toboggan Slide @Au1884 is one of the city's oldest attractions offering a thrilling rush as you slide down at up to 70km/h. #TravelTuesday🛷
Published By : @Gina Blank
BabyAlbertaYoda BabyAlbertaYoda
#YYC #yeg #abpoli #cdnpoli #Calgary #Edmonton #ableg #ottawa
BabyAlbertaYoda BabyAlbertaYoda
😬FMW😬 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau pledges to allow handgun bans👏 Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says they won't work🤦🏻‍♂️ Not long ago, PM TRUDEAU vowed to not allow Provincial resistance to scuttle handgun bans. Today, Jason Kenney scuttles.🤦🏻‍♂️ 👇 #yyc
It’s Never Too Late to Pick Up an Instrument—Here are 5 Tips for Adult Beginners – via @StringsMagazine #yeg #yegarts #yegmusic #EMSAF #abculture #abed #ableg
CASA Foundation CASA Foundation
AD = Anti-Depressants can be very effective for SAD @SADnomore
CASA Foundation CASA Foundation
S = Scheduled. SAD is predictable and your treatment can be planned accordingly @SADnomore
Canadamania Canadamania
🇨🇦 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: What's going on here 👀. Via Instagram: winnipegofficial_2 #Winnipeg #snowmegeddon2020 #yeg #yyc #yvr #yqr #yxe #ywg #yyz #Canadamania
CASA Foundation CASA Foundation
Tony Seskus Tony Seskus
AER lays off dozens of employees, with more cuts on the way | CBC News #ableg #yyc #Yeg
Jonallica Jonallica
Got my baby back in black thank you @KentwoodFordYeg amazing service great deals definitely the best dealership in #Yeg for sure
Published By : @Jonallica
Alberta411 Alberta411
Goalie looking for team #yeg
David Boles David Boles
Little challenge for you: Who's behind Tuesday's #NewsroomJam? #YEG #radio #legendarysong
WHERE Edmonton WHERE Edmonton
Don't miss your chance to attend "Anne Frank—A History for Today" at @EPSB_McKay. This important travelling exhibition is open to the public on January 23 & 30: #EPSB #yeg #yegevents
Published By : @WHERE Edmonton
Iris Kirschner Iris Kirschner
Was surprised to see a python @AMATravel Go Solo presentation @VALLEYZOO #yeg
Published By : @Iris Kirschner
Chinatown Edmonton Chinatown Edmonton
Welcome the #YearoftheRat with us! New year, new resolutions! Visit our Wishing Trees and wish for what you hope to see in the new year. Celebrate Lunar New Year with the Chinese Community at Kingsway Mall this Sunday! #yegLNY #yeg
Published By : @Chinatown Edmonton Published By : @Chinatown Edmonton
CASA Foundation CASA Foundation
SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is more commonly diagnosed in women and it’s frequency is correlated with latitude - it’s more common the further away you are from the equator @SADnomore
Hey twitter friends! I'm a designated accountant in #yeg looking for a new role. I've been working in IT consulting with accounting software and before that I held various full cycle accounting roles.
Volunteer Alberta Volunteer Alberta
Gear up for 2020 with our latest blog, 2019 Member Spotlight Rewind: Tips from nonprofits for nonprofits. See what some of our #Members accomplished in 2019 and their helpful recommendations for #nonprofits! Learn more: #Alberta #yeg #yyc
CASA Foundation CASA Foundation
SAD is an atypical depression featuring low mood, weight gain, sleep disturbances, fatigue and loss of energy. -@SADnomore
CASA Foundation CASA Foundation
Depression is a neurological degenerative process. The brain is shriveling and loosing volume. - Dr. Jablonski
Giamariee Giamariee
Going to sit next to a rich middle aged man in the bar and scroll my nudes for the next 3 hours #businesswoman #yeg
Pit Bulls for Life Pit Bulls for Life
Hey #yeg looking for a fun date night activity for Valentines Day? Check out our paint night event, held at the Canadian Brewhouse in Spruce Grove, from 7-9. $50 tickets. 50/50 draw. Direct link for tickets below. #supportlocal #sprucegrove #yegbot
Published By : @Pit Bulls for Life

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