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Retweet to #win a #MetPolice caught out and silent T-Shirt in a size of your choice between S and XL. This t-shirt will be released on 27 Nov as long as there are at least 1000 retweets. #Edinburgh #Norwich #Peterborough #Newcastle #Brighton #Bournemouth #London
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Jyn🦋 Jyn🦋
Sorry I haven't been posting much content last few days, really going all out for AAA voting. LOONA deserves this win and I'm putting in my all to see that it happens 🙏 Pretty burnt out but only 2.5 days left! Here's a vivibot wallpaper in the meantime ❤
Published By : @Jyn🦋 Published By : @Jyn🦋
J. J.
And only one of them can win. Hmm..
Mary Kleyani Mary Kleyani
Soldiers: You fight where they told you to do! . People: You win where you should fight. . لبنان_ينتفض #مجلس_النواب #لبنان #بيروت_تنتفض @ مجلس النواب
Are all adults mature?😏 #indyref1 saw well informed, articulate 16-17 yr olds debating on both sides. Voting at 16 means Politics can be integrated into the curriculum in a real way that prepares for a more informed &politically engaged electorate than we have now. Win! Win!😊
Jeremy Vine On 5 Jeremy Vine On 5
Should 16-year-olds get the vote? The Welsh government is proposing to allow them to have their say in local elections, like in Scotland. If they can work and marry, shouldn't they have a say? Or are they just too immature to know what they're voting for? #JeremyVine
Published By : @Sally Baker #VoteTactically #GTTO #FBPE5000
You could WIN a defibrillator for your chosen organisation! Simply fill in the form linked and let us know why your organisation would benefit from a defibrillator:
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randall T randall T
Hahahahaha. I win 🎉
Taboola Taboola
Taboola Feed’s continuous scroll comes in for the win for @WallaNews! Check out their success story:
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Tina Tina
I entered this @Veioofficial #sweepstakes on #tunespeak. Follow the link to enter and help me win.
Chesterfield Life Chesterfield Life
Don't miss this month’s Win the Window competition over @VicarLane - up for grabs is a £20 voucher to spend @Qoozies! To enter, visit their winning window opposite F.Hinds at #VicarLane and follow the instructions. Good luck! #Chesterfield
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Ghana Guardian Ghana Guardian
VIDEO: Black Stars made quick return to Ghana after win against São Tomé and Principe "
ดูเสี่ยๆ รวยๆมั้กมากเรยฮะ
Football Daily Football Daily
Harry Redknapp on whether Tottenham Hotspur will sack Pochettino... 🗣"I don't see his job on the line, but he's got to win something"
COMING UP: @garthbrooks is taking over Times Square after his big win at the #CMAawards!
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99.1 PLR 99.1 PLR
KISS - End of the Road World Tour is coming to @XFINITYTheatre on Saturday, September 5th! Tickets on sale Friday at 10am at . Keep listening to @ChazandAJ for your chance to win tickets before they go on sale!
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Red Bull France Red Bull France
Le European Outdoor Film Tour débarque en France ! Check la folle séléction des films d'aventure du @eoft. 👇🏼
Big win on Sunday in our first game against Prospects FC. Well done to the team, showed good spirit to come back from behind. ⚽️❤️ #KitOutLondon #GrassRootsFootball #OfficialSplashSquad
Published By : @SplashSquadFC⚽️💦
Only in Italy 😂😂😂😂
The Battle against your spiritual father is a battle you can never win ~ Bishop Irabor Wisdom
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Angel Zamorano Angel Zamorano
I'm voting for #JoeRogan to win the #PodcastOfTheYear Award at the 2020 #iHeartPodcastAwards. Did you vote yet? Head over to to learn more about the nominees and to vote!
felix’s freckles felix’s freckles
I cant believe exo are gonna win and I just have to sit there and watch😭😭
Hender Hender
Enter for a chance to win a Alienware m15 and SMITE Skin Sweepstakes! @SMITEGame @alienwaregiveaway
Remind me to say something if we don't win AAA cuz this is important. It's something a kpop fan for 11 years want to say. And i can't promise but i think it might made ya'all feel better.
Love Hina Plots Love Hina Plots
To win Narusegawa's Narusegawa, Keitaro must swallow twelve sewing needles
OLA School Coventry OLA School Coventry
Our Lady’s traveled to Saint Thomas More for their first away game. With new players, the team showed resilience, hard work, good communication. Well done to @STMschCoventry for their 7-1 win. Teddy was voted player of the match for his fantastic defensive skills. Well done!
It's so disappointing that X-Baekhyun didn't win urgh
How can you expect SECONDus to win an election... you guys get the second so why complain
Time for Uche Secondus to bow out. Enough of the tactless Secondus and a purposeless leadership. PDP must call for a special convention!
Sandy Stimpson Sandy Stimpson
1. Improved public safety - 45 new officers! #win 2. More $ for neighborhood revitalization #win 3. Better quality of life for Mobile! #win
Jaysha Patel Jaysha Patel
HAPPENING TODAY: Mobile City Council will vote on the annexation plan which includes adding 3 neighborhoods into Mobile. Tune into @mynbc15 this morning to find out what this could mean for your family.
CtrL1 CtrL1
Faceit Squad Win med podded! Litt heldig med noen sirkler, men fornøyd med rotasjonene generelt sett :)
Bayley will win for the SmackDown brand
Some join the race just to compete, others joined not just to compete but to win...i am here not just to win but to set a new record. #InternationalMensDay #tuesdaythought
Hon. Charles Ole Kiriri Hon. Charles Ole Kiriri
Congratulations police for maintaining your position, but be advised that the speed at which Kenya Power is approaching might win it in the next round and we don't want to hear that "we lost because we lacked government support".
NationBreakingNews NationBreakingNews
KENYA POLICE, Kenya Power, NHIF and NYS ranked the most corrupt government agencies in latest EACC corruption perception survey.
ベネズエラ代表の監督さん、解任されないように注意してくださいね() 「27-0で勝ったチーム」が監督解任!その理由がすごい、監督の反論もすごい #スマートニュース #daihyo #日本代表 #ベネズエラ代表
harvey.33 harvey.33
has led their Aldershot side to a famous 5-1 win over Leyton Orient in the . #FM20Mobile
Wayne Ready Wayne Ready
I would bring Trevor and we would see Hamilton win the Grey Cup! @tdbucs2002
Grey Cup Festival Grey Cup Festival
Want to win a Grey Cup Festival Prize Package courtesy of @sentinelstorage? RT this post and comment who you would bring to the game to enter!
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Jon Brady Jon Brady
Today's @Evening_Tele and @tele_sport splashes: ⚖️ Anger as jail time cut for a child rapist who social workers say will be at "high risk" of reoffending on release 🙋‍♂️ @dundeeunitedfc is no one-man team after 3-0 win at the weekend minus Lawrence Shankland #scotpapers
Published By : @Jon Brady Published By : @Jon Brady
ram ram
saint seiya better win!!!!!
Movie Menfess Movie Menfess
/mvs/ CHILDHOOD CARTOON SEASON 2!! Pilih satu judul kartun u/ kamu ELIMINASI YAA ELIMINASIII.. Vote min 30 okeh buat ke ronde selanjutnya.. SIAP?? Carcaptor Sakura 🧚🏻‍♀️ Chibi Maruko Chan 👧🏻 Digimon 🦚 Dragon Ball Z 👨🏻‍🦰 Hachi 🐝 Ninja Hatori 🦸‍♂️ P-Man 🦹🏻‍♂️ Saint Seiya 🧝🏻‍♂️ Yu-Gi-Oh 🀄
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마양 마양
I really wanted ĖXØ BAËKHYUN to win 😩 #CASE04 #OBSESSION #EXODEUX #EXOonearewe #weareoneEXO #EXO
Published By : @마양
Margaret Miles Margaret Miles
6 Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep Better
Published By : @Margaret Miles
Nicole26lapuz Nicole26lapuz
In case of favoritism, I never win. I'm not even in the choice
Cathy Cathy
Day 12 of the #Christmas #Bonanza and I'd like to #win these leather JJ #Suspenders with @raisingtherings #braces
James James
It says a lot that the only season since 2008 in which Angel Di Maria failed to win anything was at United But Ed will tell you “wE sIGnEd gALacTiCos aNd LoOk HoW tHat WorKEd oUT” The most arrogant and big headed lot on the planet
Paula Davis Paula Davis
I entered for a chance to win a Holiday Grand Prize Package. Plus, I could WIN a $25, $50 or $100 Carhartt Gift Card. #CarharttSweepstakes
リオウ🌗 リオウ🌗
I’ll admit that everything that has been happening affected my sleeping & it’s hard to fall asleep but soon monbebes we will be able to rest after fighting so hard for so long !! WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT #ChallengeTheSystemForMX7 #우리얘길_새로써 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent
Hey, I found this giveaway and think you might want a chance to win too. Enter here:
BlackSNOW Official BlackSNOW Official
I am just six years old.Trying hard to grow my two front teeth even though i laid with nature to win favour. I gave birth to my grandfather but my father gave birth to me.I sat and smiled as i watched my father teach me what i taught his father to teach him. Art: @BlacksnowO
Published By : @BlackSNOW Official
702 702
If you are turning 40 this month, you could win a 2-night stay for two at @SunCityResortSA. Visit to enter and tune into #702Breakfast with @bonglez this week to find out if you're a winner #TheBig40
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Ticket Arena Ticket Arena
Last couple of days to enter our competition to catch @DJSTINGRAY313, @djbone313 and more @MintWarehouse x @RedBullUK Pres. Signals 🤞 Here's how it went down last time...😏
Inspired Us Inspired Us
I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have. Abraham Lincoln

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