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Can’t deal with plastics 🤮
EcoWatch EcoWatch
"#Louisiana violated the #CleanAirAct" @Earthjustice @CenterForBioDiv @SierraClub launch climate lawsuit against Formosa Plastics on behalf of African American community in #CancerAlley. @labucketbrigade #StopFormosa @EndangeredOcean #climatejustice
Wayne Summers Wayne Summers
5 Exciting 2020 Medical Device Trends Genesis Plastics Welding
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DurhamPost.ca DurhamPost.ca
Have your say on use of single-use plastics
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๑Zhen Zhey๑ ๑Zhen Zhey๑
Elise Mason ☃️ Elise Mason ☃️
Dalo Jewels Dalo Jewels
Art from plastics and butts washed up from ocean #environment
benjamin a ameh benjamin a ameh
FG Plan Bill to Ban Production Of Plastics
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Amehnews Amehnews
FG Plan Bill to Ban Production Of Plastics
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NOW - No Waste NOW - No Waste
With a cost- effective process, we can now close the loop for plastics, starting with PET plastics. This award winning innovation transforms all types and colors of PET waste into valuable resources for ‘virgin- quality’ new PET.
Published By : @NOW - No Waste
Hiba Wehbi Hiba Wehbi
No to plastics👎
RHHS Saida RHHS Saida
RHHS ecoclub sharing their plan for this year ♻️
MMF principal scientist @simonpierce's photo of gannets nesting among discarded fishing nets and ropes highlights the problem with #plastic in our #ocean. It was 'highly commended' in the @UPYcontest 2020. Read the story behind the image:
Published By : @Marine Megafauna Foundation
💫 Angel Teale 💫 Angel Teale
Astonishing story about a woman who lost her mixtape while on holiday. It was found 26 years later at Plastics in the sea Art exhibition.
Namaiyana Namaiyana
Our oceans are dying. They are drowning in plastics. We need to #BanSingleUsePlastics #ProtectLakeVictoria #SaveCongoRainforest #GlobalJustice @parents4future @KaoHua3 @redmayne_robert @JamesWakibia @fftcnetwork @wretchedotearth
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Sahel Standard Sahel Standard
Nigeria Plans Law to Ban Plastics
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Timothy P. Adam Timothy P. Adam
A Cayman Islands government committee recommends ban of specified single-use plastics by Jan 2021 via @cayCompass
#BPA in most every day use plastics.
Esoteric Exposal Esoteric Exposal
BPA has been linked to estrogen mimicking compounds and has been widely reported as being a suspected disruptor of the body's hormones.
John Kramer John Kramer
Sign the petition to Congress: We are ingesting toxins and destroying marine life. Address the plastics crisis now.. Sign here:
Arsenal Arsenal
🤔 How many Per Mertesackers equal the height of 500,000 stacked cups? 😂 We asked @SokratisPapa5, @Bernd_Leno and @EmiMartinezz1 - and Papa took it very seriously... ♻️ Our reusable cup scheme with @CamdenBrewery has saved 500,000 single-use plastics going to landfill
Moldwel Products Ltd Moldwel Products Ltd
The main advantage of injection moulded plastics is the short time frame. Due to the mould being the same, you’re always guaranteed to get accurate results, incredibly fast. Find out more... #PlasticsUK #InjectionMoulding #InterplasUK @Interplasuk
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Mind Your Waste Mind Your Waste
Everytime you say NO to plastic, you say HELL YES to a cleaner world 🍃 #recycle #reuse #reduce #plastics #plasticwaste #plastic #zerowaste #mediterraneon #sea #mediterraneansea🌊
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Oliver Gerlach Oliver Gerlach
My @russ_charles CATS AND CATACOMBS miniatures arrived, and I genuinely had a moment of uncertainty about whether they were resin casts or not. They're RIDICULOUSLY crisp for single piece plastics!
Paco Rivera Paco Rivera
Sign the petition to Congress: We are ingesting toxins and destroying marine life. Address the plastics crisis now.. Sign here:
Надежда Надежда
UVA students build art installation with single-use plastics for Earth Day - WVIR
Bernard Vanheule Bernard Vanheule
"Costa Esmeralda is the very first cruise ship without #single-use #plastics" said Italian Minister for Transport @Cancelleri at the Christening ceremony.
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IB Chemistry HL Bot IB Chemistry HL Bot
10.3.5 Economic importance of alkene reaction 1.Hydrogenate Vegetable Oils (Magarine), 2.Hydrate of Ethene(Ethanol) 3.Polymerize(Plastics)
Katblue Katblue
I heard the virus can live on anything for 9 days! Coronavirus can live on money, cars, bedding, clothing, shoes, games & toys, electrical machinery, plastics etc., any products shipped to US from China! Potential scenario is a nightmare! @realDonaldTrump
GravelTRON GravelTRON
China set to quarantine used banknotes in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus, commentators say crypto could be the answer.
The latest The Entrepreneurship Daily! Thanks to @4SPE_Plastics @JMCarrion1 @michaelurmeneta
Just a thought, big (I mean really big) business relies on plastics to a huge extent. Imagine if they could get away with funding a family, with a child acting as a front, to lead a campaign about a bogus "climate emergency", thereby diverting attention from plastic pollution?
Tox on the day! 23 February 1944. Death of Leo Baekeland, "The Father of the Plastics Industry"; invented Bakelite: nonflammable & versatile plastic (formed from phenol & formaldehyde). Many plastics emit toxic gas emissions in fires. #eapcct #toxontheday
Marmax Products Ltd Marmax Products Ltd
Its great to see a local school sign the County Durham Single Use Plastics Pledge and get involved to help tackle #plasticpollution and raising awareness. #plasticpledge #ReduceReuseRecycle
There are many good alternatives to plastic tubing to protect young trees, we're pleased to see the issue being raised! #plastics #trees
Published By : @The Tree and Woodland Company
Plastic Soup Foundation Plastic Soup Foundation
Just a Tiny Fraction of America’s Plastic Can Actually Be Recycled Report found that only PET #1 & HDPE #2 plastic bottles & jugs are being recycled. Plastics #3 through #7, while collected but most often are “being sent to landfills or incinerated.”
Published By : @Plastic Soup Foundation
Epi Epi
The fact that China became the world’s top producer is horrible now! And Obama did it. Read up on his capitulation to them! Now, anything coming from China, flowers, plastics, cards, will be questioned and go untouched. Bc, I will NOT touch anything Chinese!
AFP London AFP London
Sea freight transport -- the lifeblood of trade and bellwether of the global economy -- has been blown off course by the new coronavirus, sparking general alarm. One gauge of traffic is at historic lows, @AFP's Benoit Pellegrin writes
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. Please @SpiceDianaUg #yaketmineralwater bottles are polluting help in the follow up just to raise your voice for nature. @WWFUganda @WWF_Africa @KCCAUG #EHkyu2 #EHkyu3 #EarthhourUg2020 #connect2earth @WWF_ROA. Help in raising your voice fro nature. Banning single use plastics.
Published By : @Solomon Anomet O'jay 256🇺🇬
Lang Rabbie Lang Rabbie
What fate befell the Todmorden Futuro house after Waterside Plastics went bust?
Angel Muñiz Angel Muñiz
Futuro house...being transported through the streets of Todmorden, Yorkshire... by Matti Suuronen 1933-2013 #architecture #arquitectura #Futuro #MattiSuuronen #Suuronen
Published By : @Lang Rabbie
Kris Haamer Kris Haamer
Circular Claims Fall Flat: Comprehensive U.S. Survey of Plastics Recyclability
Kris Haamer Kris Haamer
Greenpeace finds most 'recyclable' plastics are sent to landfills
Published By : @Kris Haamer
OneLiners OneLiners
Humanity will eventually solve its problem with waste by just dumping all the trash and plastics on different planet. . . . ndjdnd
irwinsl@utas.edu.au irwinsl@utas.edu.au
Garden orb rescue .. Interrupted the stupid neighbours attempting arachnicide.. Poor creature . Minding its own business.. but a ‘threat ‘ to the grandkids.! Jesus ..Climate change , micro plastics etc etc .. Quick relocation to my garden .. 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷
Living Sarcasm Living Sarcasm
Humanity will eventually solve its problem with waste by just dumping all the trash and plastics on different planet.
AltimirAmbitecnia AltimirAmbitecnia
🧐Molt interessant🧐 A més poder protegir els #aliments i allargar la seva vida útil, el projecte contribueix a l #economiacircular i redueix el consum de plàstics ♻️
Engineering Daily Engineering Daily
[Job] Process Engineer | Company: Drug Plastics & Glass Co. | Location: Valley City ND North Dakota United States | #Valley #City #Glass #Engineering #Jobs | More info at
I demand urgent government action to reduce manufacturers' and retailers' use of plastics. Join me and sign the @friends_earth petition:
City to Sea City to Sea
A solution to stop #singleuseplastic in schools? 👍 #ChooseToReuse with reusable bottles and more 👍 Join the #RefillRevolution by installing water fountains 👍 Switch to #PlasticFreePeriods with our #RethinkPeriods programme
Published By : @City to Sea
TheRealLazyCitizen TheRealLazyCitizen
Just stop buying plastics 🤦🏾‍♂️ save the environment
pamela pamela
How petty. @PicknPay have increased cost of plastic nags from 50c to 60c each. Do you want to tell me the biggest retailer in SA could not afford to stay on 50c, considering how they overcharge on food, with weekly increases?
juan gomez valdebeni juan gomez valdebeni
Sign the petition to Congress: We are ingesting toxins and destroying marine life. Address the plastics crisis now.. Sign here:
Along with cleanliness drive under #MuSafaiwala campaign, awareness also spread among the vendors, locals to use dustbins, not to use single-use plastics. Besides, plastics, polythenes are also seized from them & fine imposed. Let's #SayNoToPlastics for a #CleanBhubaneswar
Published By : @BMC Published By : @BMC Published By : @BMC Published By : @BMC
BullBull BullBull
All these plastics when the winning run ends
Delhi is slowly but surely turning "Red" #LFCDelhi #LFCIndia #YNWA

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